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The Selangor Times [April 29 - May 1] Check on the latest happenings in Selangor

Selangor Times April 29 - May 1, 2011 / Issue 22

The colour blind Ong Kim Koon

APRIL 25 — An incident took place amidst the “1Malayu, 1Bumi” movement and
“using Chinese to subdue Chinese” advocacy.

Two weeks ago, 52-year-old lorry driver Ong Kim Koon saw a road accident on
the MRR2 highway near the Tesco roundabout on his way home. A seriously
injured Malay couple were trapped inside their mangled car.

Ong stopped and quickly pulled out Zainal Mohammad.

When he was about to return to rescue Zainal’s wife, Rosamiah Hashim, after
placing Zainal on a road divider, he was hit by a MPV and dragged for a few
metres. The MPV driver then fled the scene.

Together with the Malay couple, Ong was rushed to a hospital.

The couple were in a stable condition while Ong was put in an induced coma
and had his right leg amputated.

The MPV driver who had sped off after hitting Ong was reported to be a

Ong had been struggling on the edge of death over the past two weeks and his
left leg had to be amputated too due to infection. However, the surgery was
postponed as his condition was too weak. His condition deteriorated and he
passed away on April 22, 2011.

It is a great story about an ordinary man. Perhaps, similar incidents have
taken place in car accidents, fire, flood and other disasters. They might
not necessarily make front page stories or attract great attention.

However, when some people are advocating the “1Malay, 1Bumi” movement while
some are talking about “using Chinese to subdue Chinese”, I am sad and angry
over the incident.

When Ong stopped to help the couple, he did not check whether they were
Chinese or Malays. What he saw were two lives waiting to be rescued.

When Ong was rescuing them, he did not consider whether they were Chinese or
Malay, he just wanted to pull them out of the car as quickly as he could.
Every single life is precious regardless of race. It is a glorious human
nature to view all lives as equally important.

I do not know whether the Utusan Malaysia covered the incident or not and I
am not sure either what Mingguan Malaysia columnist Awang Selamat and Utusan
Malaysia assistant editor-in-chief Datuk Zaini Hassan would feel when they
read the news report.

I just want to ask that under the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement, should Ong just
turn around and walk away when he found that the trapped couple were Malays?
When Awang Selamat said that the Chinese should not be taken care of, did
Ong consider not to rescue Zainal and his wife because they were Malays? No,
of course Ong did not do so as he was a humane Malaysian. He saw no skin
colour but life.

One day, if Awang and Zaini are in great need of help, would they ask those
who come to rescue them: “Are you Malay or Chinese?”

Similarly, if MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s theory of “using
Chinese to subdue Chinese” is justifiable, the Chinese MPV driver would have
immediately rushed Ong to a hospital and sincerely apologise instead of
speeding off when he found that they were having the same skin colour.

Foolish racial arguments have indeed disgraced the great spirit of Ong.

[Source: SinChew]

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Good news for our Hindu brethren in Selangor

The controversial Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya, Padang Jawa which was demolished in November 2007 is set to be rebuilt on 15,000 sq feet of land near the Keretapi Tanah Melayu quarters.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place today at the site in Padang Jawa and was attended by Selangor state excos, community leaders and the Indian settlers from the former Kampung Rimba Jaya.

The temple was ordered to be torn down by the authorities as it stood in the vicinity of the Rimba Jaya squatter settlement. Its controversial demolition by the state government in 2007 had led to many Indians turning their backs on BN.

The Hindu groundbreaking ceremony started at 9.00am with bricks coupled with religious paraphernalia arranged in a four foot-deep hole, which will sit right below the main altar of the soon to be built temple.

Land ceded by developer

According to the Selangor State Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Committee Chairman, Dr A Xavier Jayakumar, the land was donated by the developer, Ken Rimba Jaya.

xavier jayakumar pc 190110 02"The land was given to state government, and was ceded by the developer. Then we, the state government will decide, whom, and how much of the land will be given," said Xavier (left) when queried on how the land was allocated to this temple.

He also said that all the land for places of worship in Selangor is gazetted under the state secretary.

Xavier also announced that RM300,000 had been allocated by the Selangor state government for the building fund and the land will be managed by the temple association.

Xavier the temple saviour

The temple committee and community leaders in Padang Jawa honoured Xavier with garlands and gave him the title "temple saviour".

According to the temple committee chairperson, Madhu Manogaran, the Selangor state government and Xavier has worked tirelessly to help save temples in Selangor.

"We are very grateful to the state government, Tan Sri Khalid and Xavier for helping us to rebuild this temple, which means a lot to us," said Madhu during his speech.

Xavier also said that the state government had managed to help around 70 temples by giving them land.

"We are prepared to do more for the Indian community, last year we spent RM2.5 million for Hindu places of worship," said Xavier in his speech.

The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, along with the squatter settlement of Rimba Jaya, was demolished in 2007 by the then BN-led state government as part of its Zero Squatter programme.

The demolition of the temple led to a massive protest by Indian groups and helped trigger the historic Hindraf rally on Nov 25 that year.

[Source: Mkini]