Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The unenviable position of the Americans

Uncle Sam is in an unenviable position as far as the Middle East conflict is concerned.

With the atrocities committed by ISIS, the US is now blamed for the loss of innocent Syrian and Iraqi lives by being the initial co-sponsor of this militant group. The aim was to topple President Bashar al-Assad who was responsible for the killing of his own people by the thousands using chemical bombs and ISIS was thought to be a good idea at that time to topple the regime.

On the other hand, the Americans could have laid back and said, "This is not our problem", human rights groups and other nations will step up the criticisms on American human rights stand. Some will even called it the American hypocrisy.


Will Najib do what President François Hollande did?

It's sad that an innocent person has lost his life to a bunch of religious fanatics. Now the BIG question, will Malaysia send in its fighter jets to bomb the daylights out of these b******s or will Bernard Then become just another statistic because he is Chinese. If France is bombing ISIS in Raqqa where the latter's headquarters is located, in retaliation for the killings of its citizens, I am sure Malaysia can do the same with Abu Sayyaf. What say you Najib? What say you Hishamuddin?

RIP Bernard Then

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