Saturday, February 18, 2012

No more, BN. We don't have much money left for ourselves

 After handing out one-off payments of RM500 to the poor, the government turns around and is now asking for a handout from the taxpayers, under the guise of paying for an improved healthcare system.

The people must now realise that this is a government that has neither the vision nor the will to move Malaysia forward in the global marketplace. After a lousy victory in 2008 general elections, the Barisan Nasional (BN) government has virtually been on a re-election campaign mode since, devising short-term populist agendas such as KR1M, BR1M, etc., none of which addresses the current malaise the country is facing — stagnant wages in the face of rising costs in the midst of a long-drawn out, slow global growth.
As it stretched out is left hand to hand out cash to poor households, its right hand is dipping into the pockets of ordinary Malaysians to fund its lavish spending and greedy cronies.
This is a government that, after half a century in power, actually praises itself as a “caring” government as it hands out a pittance to poor Malaysians, when it should be ashamed that for a country so blessed with natural resources and talent, we still have three-quarters of households with monthly incomes below RM3,000.
This is the same government that that forked out RM80 million to a foreign media outfit to boost its credentials, and the result was an embarrassing worldwide public relations disaster for Malaysia.
This is the same government that  sees no wrong doing in lending out RM250 million of the people’s hard-earned money to a Cabinet minister’s family, one with no experience or credentials, to run a national project in which the 31-year-old CEO-son duly demonstrated his superior “cow management” skills by purchasing luxury multi-million condominiums. At the same time, the government has to resort to sticking its crummy hands into our retirement funds in order to come up with an initial RM300 million to help fund homes for poor families.
This is the same government that does not blink an eye when its naval defence procurements overshot its budget by billions, as it prepares to fight its imaginary enemies in the high seas, when the real pirates are running wild inland, hand-in-hand with their BN masters, grabbing projects, concessions and sweet deals.
This is the same government whose ministers live in posh mansions in Damansara Heights, send their kids to private schools or foreign universities, and travel around in chauffeur-driven German cars. Meanwhile, the average Malaysian can barely afford his first terrace house, worries about declining education standards in his children’s schools’, and drives an overpriced local car on overpriced and congested tolled roads.
And now with 1 Care, Malaysians are now asked to fork out more of our incomes so that the government can provide us with a better healthcare system. Instead of looking hard at its books, coming up with ways to trim excess and wasteful spending, and re-prioritising spending towards health and education, the government took the rather lazy and predictable route — more tax on Malaysians.
This is from a government that has given Malaysia its biggest national debt in decades. This is from a government who claims to understand the average Malaysian’s daily tribulations in the face of the current economic uncertainty.
This is from a government that is surely disconnected from the realities that we are facing. When it has the audacity to ask the people to pay more tax to feed its out-of-control spending frenzy that yields no long-term benefit to the country, but are more likely to fatten the bank accounts of well-connected individuals.
To you, BN, I say: No more — not a penny more.
[Source: The MI]

Friday, February 17, 2012

Curtin, oh Curtin, see what you have done?

Alumnus of Curtin University are hopping mad, and understandably, comments made on Curtin's Facebook page came in fast and furious.  The University is doing all it can to contain the fall out, but I guess it is just too late.  There are now postings on the net showing viewers how to burn their Curtin degrees.  Well, Rosmah, are you happy now?  In any case, if you want a doctorate so badly, work for it, woman!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unbelievable - men in white converting Muslims to become Christians

1Malaysia or just Malaysia

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the move to compel manufacturers of controlled items to include the 1Malaysia logo on their packaging was not a political move.

"1Malaysia is not politics, it is about Malaysia," said Najib in a curt reply.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Deputy Minister Tan Lian Hoe announced on Feb 10 that three controlled items - flour, sugar and cooking oil - must have the 1Malaysia logo on its packaging to qualify for government subsidies.

The idea was to inform consumers that the products were subsidised by the government. This is supposed to be enforced from this month onwards.

[Source: Mkini]

Now let's see the illogical aspect of the above statements by our clever leaders.

First, Najib says to have the 1Malaysia logo on the three items' packaging is not political move but it is about Malaysia.  It that is the case why can't we have the following?

Cooking Oil



Secondly, if the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Deputy Minister. Tan Lian Hoe, wants to show that this is a government effort, then why can't we use the official government logo instead, like the one shown below?

Thirdly, why must 'threats' be used if the people truly believe in the '1Malaysia' thingy.  They would have already embraced the concept long time ago and would have done the necessaries without even being told to do so by the government.  By enforcing such a move, I believe the BN already know the answer.

Black customer who received ‘N-word’ receipts settles with restaurant

A California restaurant has settled a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by a black customer who received receipts using an offensive racial slur. The settlement is the latest bit of cultural controversy to hit the restaurant industry in recent months.
The Orange County Weekly reports that Mark McHenry had been a regular at the Landmark Steakhouse in Corona del Mar for several years. McHenry says employees at the restaurant had made uncomfortable comments to him previously, such as, "black is the new white," but that he nonetheless continued to patronize the establishment.
However, on Dec. 5, 2010, McHenry visited Landmark twice in the same day. He received three receipts, all containing racist language. Written on the receipts were the derogatory names, "McStinkyN*gger," "McNigS*it," and "McCottonwood."

The incident is the most recent in a string of racial incidents in the food industry over the past few months. In January, Papa John's Pizza apologized after an employee gave a receipt to an Asian customer which read, "lady chinky eyes." A month before that, Chick-fil-A, better known for filing its own lawsuitsfired a cashier who put the racial insults "Ching" and "Chong" on the receipts of two Asian customers at one of its California restaurants.
Now let's take a review on the recent incident at the KFC outlet in I-City.  The staff concerned shouted at the customer and called him, "Babi!".  Any lawyer out there care to comment on this?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bi-Anne's dad won custody

Now this is one smile that could warm anyone's heart.  Mr Low Swee Siong has finally been granted full custody of Low Bi-Anne, after a 4-year court battle with his former wife, Tan Siew Siew, who is now residing in Britain.

This is what Bi-Anne, 13,  had to say after hearing the good news, "I'm happy.  I will celebrate Valentine's Day dinner with my father."

Do we see any vice here?  This, my dear pervert-minded friends, is a pure love between a father and daughter, something which you will never understand, except the evil in others.

1Care, Liow and the indefensible

So our Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai says the rakyat is not taxed the mandatory 10% each month, but 3%, as the 10% will be shared by employers, employees and the government.  Read here.  He was upset claiming that the critics were manipulating the issue and thus confusing us simpletons.  The interesting thing is, this 1Care scheme had already been in the air for weeks, and only now did he make an effort to explain the tripartite involvement.  I presume this must be some kind of damage control on his part again, like the Tung Shin Hospital case, and similar to that incident, this is another indefensible case.

Assuming that a person is earning RM2,000.  His 3% deduction will amount to RM60 per month.  Multiple this figure by 12 months and this will give you RM720.  The entitlement is only 6 clinical visits a year which means the per visit cost is RM120.  This is still excessive, even for someone who is being treated for common cold, plus shots.

Good try, Liow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

As another Valentine's Day celebration draws to a close, perhaps our Muslim relgious leaders can take a cue from this beautiful Burt Bacharach song.

Happy Valentine's Day

Sharing this day of peace and love .....

I wouldn't trade you for the world [The Bachelors]

Monday, February 13, 2012

MCA, the "Running Dog" confirmed

If a fellow BN member, read UMNO, can label MCA "anjing", what dignity is there left for the party?  The people rest the case.

Monday Humour

A parody on the popular gameshow except that all contestants must be bankrupt, crony or proxy millionaires.



A tour bus driver is driving with a bus load of seniors down a highway when he is tapped on his shoulder by a little old lady. She offers him a handful of peanuts,which he gratefully munches up.

After about 15 minutes, she taps him on his shoulder again and she hands him another handful of peanuts.

She repeats this gesture about five more times...

When she is about to hand him another batch again ....he asks the little old lady, 'Why don't you eat the peanuts yourself?'.

'We can't chew them because we've got no teeth', she replied.

The puzzled driver asks, 'Why do you buy them then?'

The old lady replied, 'We just love the chocolate around them.'