Wednesday, March 8, 2017

That moment has arrived ....

Two months ago, was the 20th anniversary when I first took the plunge to leave the security of the bank to venture into my own business that is related to the human development industry. I still could remember the Saturday before I left, my CEO had a long meeting with me, coaxing me to stay on. I told him I wish I could but I must make the necessary move as I have already arrived at the cross road of my life and if I didn't make a move then, I would never move at all.

Twenty years on, the painful decision that I dread most has finally arrived a month ago, i.e. whether to finally hang up my laser pointer for good as I felt I have done all I could partaking in the industry growth more so, seeing to the skill improvement of my charges.

During this time, I met many interesting people, from all walks of life and stations. But most of all, I enjoyed fully the many intellectual discourses that we had during and after each training session.  What is even amazing is that some of the participants who attended my sessions many years ago, are still in touch with me today via FaceBook and WhatsApp.

I wonder how many of you are now at that cross road of your life having to make that choice.