Monday, October 29, 2018

Najib bungled up big time on Al Jazeera interview

This is the first time I have heard of any world leader who threatened to walk out of a live interview when faced with hard probing questions.  Dr Mahathir was interviewed many times over many international news channels including the no holds barred programme, BBC Hardtalk, but you don't see him standing up and threatened to walk unless the interviewer switched to another subject matter.  The difference is Dr Mahathir always knew what he was talking about, Najib doesn't.  In order words, he was blur.

This is what Lim Hwa Beng has to say :

My belief
He is cornered. Checkmate!!
No verification of source of money when received
He said he did not verify, when the money was received, that it came from the Saudi King. He just assumed it was from him. Leaving aside the fact that it is totally unbelievable that anyone can be that lackadaisical or nonchalant with RM2.6b suddenly in his account, it would seem that it is in his narrative that he didn’t have any records, at that stage, of the source of the money.
Zahid’s meeting with ‘donors’ or their agent
It would seem that, later, Zahid met the donors but of course Zahid has now changed his story to say that he had met merely the agent of the donors. It would be interesting to know who the ‘agent’ he had met and his relationship with the King or the Prince, if any. It is doubtful that Zahid was telling the truth. We all know he is a liar like Najib.
Receipts etc which seemed fake
Some receipts, bank pay-in slips etc were divulged by Najib much later and those, as we have discussed many months ago, appeared to be obvious fakes. No doubt the prosecution will have that verified by the King and Prince and the bankers and if unverified, the forgery experts will
be engaged to perform the last rites.
Donation returned
Najib has repeatedly said he had returned a big chunk of the money to the donors. What did the King and Prince have to say to that? I am sure their Minister has told the truth of the ‘refund’ to Dr. M and/or Saifuddin and they are just keeping mum about it to let Najib guess whether they knew and in the meanwhile to make him run about telling falsehood after falsehood which will finally corner him and blow up in his face.
Najib should have just kept quiet
Najib should have just keep quiet and see what the prosecution has in their pockets as evidence before concocting or adjusting his story and his evidence to fit into those evidence which he cannot possibly dispute. He has to stop exhibiting and throwing his punches in the air without a clear view and sizing up of his opponent, his size, his height, his kungfu, his weapons, his macais etc.
My conclusion
Najib has lost in the chess game with Dr. M. Shafie has lost to TT.
Najib is a goner. Checkmate!! Shafie is a goner too and going to the slammer to sleep with Najib.
Najib need not fret that much. He will have many comrades to accompany him in jail. He will have enough companions to have his usual Wednesday Cabinet meetings away from the glare of the public.
The most dangerous bugger to Najib is undoubtably Zahid.
Zahid is facing more than 40 charges and therefore has his balls all wrapped with explosives controlled by a remote in the hand of Dr. M. He is not using Shafie and that speaks a lot about his intention of being camaraderie or gung-ho with Najib.
Well, we can’t blame Zahid if he wants to jump out of the last floating part of Najib’s sinking ship. And we can’t blame Dr. M and his cohort if they agree to have Zahid as crown witness to make sure that the last nail is driven nicely into Najib’s legal coffin.
Zahid was just a tool and clown for Najib and he was just following orders. Zahid was not one of the main culprits in the 1MDB scandal. He was corrupt, yes, but nowhere near Najib.
Zahid must be the most dangerous bugger to Najib. If Zahid can successfully plea bargain and save his arse, many others will follow suit and Najib will surely die.
Again, we need a popcorn maker each. It’s more economical that way because we will need a lot of popcorns to watch what will be unfolding