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OMG, is this true? Our second PM was in the Japanese army during WWII

Draw your own conclusion here ........

An interview with Tan Sri Rahim Noor on the Haadyai Peace Accord

This was the interview given by former IGP, Tan Sri Rahim Noor, on his views about the Haadyai Peace Accord, and his thoughts about Chin Peng, in 2009.  From the tone of it, I believe Tan Sri Rahim holds a great deal of respect for Chin Peng and that probably what prompted him to make the 'don't make us a laughing stock' statement when UMNO Baru plans to bar the ashes of Chin Peng from entering the country.

The true facts behind the Baling Talks in 1955

I had the honour of participating in the reading of the 1955 Baling Talks at the Singapore Arts Festival in 2011.

After reading the entire unedited script of those talks, I was left with the distinct feeling that the official account of that historical event must count as amongst the most dishonest.

Like so many others from that era, Chin Peng must be acknowledged as one severely maligned by the lies and untruths layed out by UMNO / BN and denied his place in the annals of this nation as one who fought for his beliefs and the freedom of the people.

A review of what happened at the meeting in December 1955 in Baling, Kedah between the Alliance represented by Tunku Abdul Rahman, David Marshall and Tan Cheng Lock and the MCP represented by Chin Peng, Rashid Mydin and Chen Tien, is crucial for proper apportionment of the blame for the continuation of the Communist Insurgency in Malaya post Independence.

First a quote from Khong Kim Hoong –
The Peace Talks in Baling in December 1955 between the Alliance leaders and the MCP broke down. The Alliance leaders went back on their amnesty proposal which they had campaigned for earlier in the (1955) elections and rejected the MCP demands that after the cessation of the guerilla warfare, there would be no reprisals against any individuals and that the MCP would be allowed to participate freely in politics. The stand taken by the Alliance leaders was important to the British government. They had proven themselves to be as uncompromising to the communists as the British government itself. Therefore the earlier fears of the British that the Alliance leaders might strike a compromise with the MCP that could adversely affect British interests in Malaya were eliminated. The talks in London opened in a more amiable atmosphere.    (Merdeka! British Rule and the Struggle for Independence in Malaya. P 198)

Khong’s description of the outcome of the Peace Talks is corroborated by Said Zahari in his book, “Dark Clouds at Dawn”, where he writes (P282) –

I asked Tunku if he was disappointed with the failure of the “peace talks”. Unhesitatingly, the Chief Minister replied: “No, I’m not. I never wanted it to be a success.” He then smiled broadly and walked away towards the conference room. Syed Jaafar Albar pulled me aside and said “Said, I think Tunku’s reply to your question should not be made public.” I was disappointed

According to these 2 accounts, Tunku Abdul Rahman had to renege on his offer of amnesty for the communists that was so loudly canvassed in the Federal Elections of July 1955 because that would have adversely affected his push for Independence within 2 years. Chin Peng and his colleagues thought so too, and they harboured hopes that once Malaya won its Independence the amnesty offer might be followed through (See “My side of History” by Chin Peng.) Amnesty was finally offered in 1989 on almost the same terms that the MCP had requested in Baling in 1955.

Why the inordinate delay? The MCP was ready to lay down arms in 1955 itself for they could see that the military campaign was not getting them anywhere. But they did not want the indignity of surrender and indefinite detention under the emergency regulation! The continuation of armed hostilities in the jungles of Malaya between Independence in 1957 and the Peace Accord in 1989 was largely because the Malayan/Malaysian government wanted to keep the communists out of the legitimate political process. They were afraid that the communists might be able to garner enough support to enter Parliament and offer resistance to the pro-capitalist policies of the Alliance government.

Don’t the UMNO leaders – Najib, Muhiyuddin, Hishamuddin, Nazri and several others – who have been loudly protesting the return of Chin Peng’s ashes to Sitiawan, know what actually happened at Baling in December 1955? Surely they cannot be so ignorant! Their main argument is that Chin Peng was responsible for the deaths and injuries suffered by Malayan /Malaysian soldiers, and that why many Malaysians are still angry with him. Yes, many Malaysian soldiers sustained their injuries fighting the communist insurgents. But surely Kong Kim Hoong’s and Said Zahari’s accounts of the Baling Talks suggest that the Alliance leaders do share the moral responsibility for all the injuries sustained by our soldiers as well as the communist fighters post Independence.

Intellectual honesty has never been the strong point of our UMNO leaders! The penchant to take an ethnic slant on issues is! Their hysterical reaction to the proposal to bring Chin Peng’s ashes to the land of his birth displays both of these features quite clearly!

Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj
PSM Central Committee member / MP Sg.Siput

Monday, September 23, 2013

Yet another PAS leader stands up for Chin Peng

Sepang MP, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin

Chin Peng continues to draw official condemnation days after his death, but a PAS Member of Parliament has today spoken up in defence of the late communist leader.

Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (pic above) took to task Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, saying he should not follow right-wing Malay group Perkasa when talking about the law.

The PAS lawyer was commenting on Khalid's statement that border checks would be stepped up to prevent any attempts at bringing back Chin Peng's remains into Malaysia.
"I urge them not to make statements like the Malay rights group Perkasa. Their statements must not be based on emotions but on history and legal facts," the first-term MP said in the Parliament during a debate on the Legal Profession (Ammendment) Act 2012.

Hanipa then referred to a statement by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar that Putrajaya has no legal power to stop Chin Peng's ashes from being brought in, as well as the comments from former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor, that Malaysia will be a laughing stock for not allowing Chin Peng's ashes into the country.

"The former IGP had also suggested that Chin Peng's contribution to the country be studied again.

"Good thing it was Rahim Noor who had said that and not Mat Sabu. If it was Mat Sabu, there would have been thousands of police reports lodged against him by BN politicians," Hanipa remarked, referring to PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu.

Mohamad Sabu was at the centre of a storm last year for saying that history books deriding communist fighters should be revised.

Hanipa also defended Chin Peng as an independence fighter, a description that has not sat well with Umno leaders.

Hanipa is one of many PAS leaders who have openly come out in defence of Chin Peng, who died on September 16 in Bangkok.

Mohamad Sabu, in urging Putrajaya to reconsider its decision to bar Chin Peng's remains, pointed out that Islam never discriminated against its enemies.

Yesterday, a Kedah PAS leader, Fadzil Baharom, showed up at Chin Peng's wake at a temple in Bangkok, saying many Malaysians including PAS members have misunderstood the late leader.
"Malaysia's history has been changed. I am looking for the unvarnished version," said Fadzil.

[Source: The MI]

Monday Humour


A man walks into the doctor's office and says: "Doctor, my name is Mark, and I'd like to be castrated."

"What? Are you sure about this? Why?" asks the doctor, amazed.doctor

"It's something I've been considering a long time and I'd like to have it done" replies Mark.

"But have you thought it through? REALLY through?" asks the concerned doctor, "It's a very serious operation and once it's done, there's no going back. It will change your life forever!" 

"I'm aware of that and you're not going to change my mind, so please book me in to be castrated or I'll simply use another doctor." 

"Well, OK.", says the doctor, "But I'll have you know that it's against my better judgment!" 

So Mark has his operation, and the next day he is up and walking very slowly, legs apart, down the hospital corridor with his drip stand. Heading towards him is another patient, who is walking exactly the same way. 

"Hi there," says Mark,"It looks as if you've just had the same operation as me." 

"Yes, it seems like" said the patient, "as for me, I finally decided after 37 years of life that it was time for me to be circumcised." 

Mark stared at him in horror and screamed, "Dammit, THAT was the word!!!"


Sanders, please.”


 Sanders, this is Doctor Jones at Saint Agnes Laboratory. When your husband's doctor sent his biopsy to this lab last week, a biopsy from another Mr. Sanders arrived as well . We are now uncertain which one belongs to your husband. Frankly, either way, the results are not too good.”

do you mean?” Mrs. Sanders asks nervously.

 one of the specimens tested positive for Alzheimer's and the other one tested positive for HIV. We can't tell which is 
 dreadful! Can you do the test again?” questioned 
Mrs. Sanders.

 we can, but the NHS will only pay for these expensive tests once.”
“Well, what am I supposed to do now?”

“The NHS helpdesk recommend that you drop your husband off
 somewhere in the middle of town. If he finds his way home, don't sleep with him."
Some daughters-in-law are well trained and well mannered....
They don't come to change the family, they are here to ... 

The new wife was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional
manner. As expected she gave a speech;

'My dear family members, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home
and family. Firstly, my being here does not mean that I want to change
your way of life, your routine ..'No, I will never do that, never in a
million years.'

'What do you mean my child?' asked the father-in-law.
'What I mean dad is (looking at her in-laws);

Those who used to wash the dishes must carry on washing them.
Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it.
Those who cooked should not stop at my account, AND
Those who used to clean should continue cleaning!!!

'And what are you here for?' enquired the mother-in-law.






Fadzil Baharom of PAS was there

Fadzil Baharom (second from left) meets Chin Peng's brother-in-law
Kedah PAS leader Fadzil Baharom was a late visitor to Chin Peng's wake this evening, arriving at the Wat That Thong temple in Bangkok about 7 pm together with several friends to pay his respects to the former Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general.

When met at the wake, Fadzil stressed that he was not representing PAS or PKR but was there in a personal capacity.

Fadzil said he has known members of Chin Peng's family for about five years and felt it was appropriate to attend the wake.

"I will not be staying for Monday's cremation as I have to return to Kedah," Fadzil said, adding that he had long wanted to meet Chin Peng personally but did not have the opportunity.

He said despite the Malaysian government's portrayal of Chin Peng, he considered the latter to be a fighter.

"Malaysia's history has been changed; I am looking for the unvarnished version.

"Even within PAS, not everyone is really familiar with the facts of the nation's history and how events actually panned out," Fadzil said.

"Although my presence here today is nothing great, I am sure in five or 10 years it will be seen as a historical moment because I dared to attend Chin Peng's wake," Fadzil said jovially.

He also pointed out that following Chin Peng's death on Monday, many people had been circulating old stories and reports about the 88-year-old on the Internet.

He said that was good as it would help to educate the younger generation and give them a better understanding of history.

Asked whether other party members might frown on his presence at Chin Peng's wake, Fadzil shrugged and said he did not care as he did not feel there was a problem with his attendance.

He emphasised that paying his respects did not mean he was a communist or followed the ideology. He was merely interested in history, and Chin Peng was a part of the fabric of Malaysia's past.
Fadzil contested in GE13 for the Sungai Tiang state seat, but lost to Barisan Nasional's Suraya Yaacob.

(Source: The MI)