Thursday, June 23, 2016

The RM12m question.

What exactly happened to the $12 million ransom money raised by the family and relatives of the four kidnapped victims???  Why so many different stories and where does the truth lie???  Who are the liars-definitely not the ones who raised the money??? Readers' comments!!!

6th Generation Immigrant: How many sides are there to a Malaysian coin? Only God knows.

Family: We handed RM12 million to the Special Branch and the family did not keep even a single cent they collected. IGP: No ransom was ever paid to secure the release of the kidnapped victims.

DPM: The money was donated to Islamic organisations in the Philippines. IGP: I categorially deny the SB received any of the ransom.
What the DPM meant in his statement was that there was a third party (but Islamic organisations in the Philippines one must guess here) involvement as the police never agrees to deal with and in ransom.

Manila Times: Abu Sayaf only received RM8.8 million in ransom.
So which sides of the coin does our Malaysian leaders fit into. Now, and obviously, we know that ransom was indeed paid but some of the monies were siphoned or leaked in the transaction process.
The DPM and IGP surely must now come out with a joint, better and a more believable crafted, press release to redeem our Malaysian integrity.

Odin Tajué: The lack of forthrightness and of brilliance in many of those in authority in Malaysia have been amply demonstrated in this episode.
What the home minister and the IGP (inspector-general of police) have said is already well known. Perhaps less known is the fact that the deputy home minister has three days ago urged the public and families of the four Sarawakians abducted to douse the spotlight on the RM12 million raised for the release of the foursome.
His reason was that discussion on the money could invite more kidnapping. "When you reveal that such a sum can be raised," he explained, "about RM3 million for each hostage, then you are encouraging them to go and kidnap again."
But the foursome was released 11 days before he made that statement. Therefore, the Abu Sayyaf already knew how much was raised for the ransom. Enough said.

Doc: The Jews may be famed with being the best bankers and scientists in the world. The Germans may be famed with being masters of engineering. The Americans, famous for being innovators and leaders.
The Thais are famed for their food. Singaporeans are famed for constantly evolving. The Swiss are famed for being neutral. The Afghans for being fearless fighters after centuries of pretty much; fighting.
The Greeks gave us democracy. The Indians are known for thriving under chaos hence are the best in the fields of medicine and business.
The Chinese are known to learn fast and in getting good at pretty much everything. The Kenyans are known for endurance. The Brazilians are known for partying and football.
The Aussies are known for trying to be unique. Russians are proud. UAE and Qatar gave us opulence. Iraq was famous for being the cradle of civilisation.
Sadly, at the rate it is going, the Malaysians may be labelled as the most shameless people around, not thanks to those despicable few Malaysians in power.

Anonymous_4056: How could legitimate and religiously sanctioned organisations accepted such haram money in the holy month of Ramadan? y they are eternally cursed and condemned for causing tremendous sorrow and pain.