Friday, August 22, 2014

A family living in harmony. Need I say more?

I just do not know whether to laugh or to cry to see the state we are in.

By the time when someone gets to go into the university to continue with his tertiary studies, we can safely assume, the student to a larger extent have developed a sense of maturity in their intellectual outlook.

But strangely, this is the not the case here. A seminar on how to interact with non-Muslims? How did this come by? We have been together as a nation since 1957, and living together long even before that. So why should there be such a seminar to show participants how to interact with non-Muslims? Goodness, it makes me feel like an alien, something like coming out from the Dummies book, "How to interact with the Aliens". I guess my assumption is right as UMNO Baru and its NGOs have always feared that the country may be taken over by the non-Muslims, er ... meaning us the aliens.

Okay, I come from the planet Cheras and I certainly do not want you to take me to your leader.