Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What is the significance of religions?

Quick to follow in the foot steps of the London Bridge attack, the new target was Melbourne which happened yesterday, all carried out by ISIS followers.  Many leaders have tried to defray any accusation that the wanton act of this militants have anything to do with Islam.

Let's put matters into perspective.

Followers of any religion practice its teachings and doctrines. So when the followers promote peace and goodwill we credit that religion for guiding its followers to spread harmony and good relationships. Likewise when its followers kill others who disagree with their faith, should we look elsewhere to blame, or blame it on their beliefs, i.e. their religion?
Religion may be the saviour or destroyer of humanity. Most likely the destroyer. Unlike Islam which promote a self centred way to paradise, Christianity preaches an inclusive invitation to partake in a new life in eternity for all followers of Jesus Christ. That new life is not the state of the world we live in today certainly.
Can it be safely concluded that Islam promote destruction of other human beings who are not their sects or beliefs on the basis of what is happening now? Like in a bee colony, not all bees are soldiers but many are workers, yet their mission is the same - propagate and protect the queen. You can see the parallel.