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Haris Ibrahim talks to the victims of the April 19 attack

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only in Malaysia

Now you know why I have no plans of leaving this country no matter what names the politicians may call us.  We are simply Malaysian first and Malaysian last.

Students in Dataran Merdeka attacked by mob

students in dataran merdeka attacked by thugs after the attackThe 100-odd students who are campaigning for the abolition of PTPTN (National Higher Education Loan Fund) were nevertheless appeared unfazed by the incident.

A group of unknown assailants attacked the students occupying Dataran Merdeka in the wee hours of the morning today, beating up several of them, resulting in one being taken to hospital.

thugs attacked student in dataran merdeka scene after the attack an injured studentThe assailants, many of whom clad in black shirts, destroyed all the tents that were erected since last Saturday at the iconic public square in the city centre.

Malaysian Youth and Students Movement (Dema) coordinator Heng Kiah Chun told Malaysiakini that the incident occurred at about 2.45am and lasted about 15 minutes.

thugs attacked student in dataran merdeka scene after the attackHe said between 50 to 70 thugs surrounded the students at the camp site, then proceeded to provoke and assault them.

They roughed up a number of students and dismantled all their 10 tents (right), which were set up as part of a protest for free education.

Cameras and mobile phones damaged

According to Heng, the students remained calm and refused to respond to provocation.

students in dataran merdeka attacked by thugs crowdHowever, attempts to document the attack through cameras, camcorders and handphones apparently angered their attackers, who subsequently destroyed some of the recording devices.

Heng added that there were about a dozen police officers in the area but they did not intervene until the students' leaders pleaded for their help.

The thugs left the area when the police arrived, and eyewitnesses said one or two of the perpetrators were arrested.
They held an impromtu meeting and voted to stay put at Dataran Merdeka.
"We will protect one another. We want action against the gangsterism," they said.
A police report will be lodged later today.
[Source: Mkini]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 : Tamrin Abdul Ghafar Baba speaks

A pre-Bersih 3.0 rally last night raised eyebrows when Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, son of former deputy prime minister Abdul Ghafar Baba, made his debut by urging the crowd to throw their support behind the April 28 sit-in protest to demand clean and fair elections.
NONETamrin (right) took to the stage and declared: “I have a clarification to make, I am still an Umno member.”

This invited laughter and some jeers from nearly 2,000 people who filled the muddy field in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

“But today, I have decided to come down to the ground with you because I can no longer bear to see the electoral system being manipulated for the sake of maintaining power,” he said.

Tamrin claimed that it was his first time speaking on stage since 1986. He was last spotted in 2010 with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim at a ceramah, but he was then a guest and made no speech.

Last night’s rally, marking the 10-day countdown to the massive protest expected at Dataran Merdeka on April 28, saw several participants wearing the trademark yellow Bersih T-shirt.
They sat on makeshift mats on wet grass to listen to speeches by some 31 activists, student leaders and politicians.

Tamrin contrasted premier Najib Abdul Razak’s administration with that of his father.
He said Abdul Razak had willingly surrendered power after assuming absolute authority as head of the National Operations Council following the May 13, 1969 riots.

“But today, I am saddened to see that our country can simply be sold to foreigners for the sake of winning (the general election),” he said.

Pointing to media reports that tens of thousands of foreigners were being granted instant citizenship in exchange for votes, Thamrin related that he too, had come across a Pakistani taxi driver, who was in fact a Malaysian citizen.

NONEHe also conveyed a message to the crowd from Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, popularly known as Ku Li.

“Ku Li has clearly said that he supports what Bersih is doing and he is also supportive of calls by Anwar and allies for PTPTN to be abolished in favour of free education. This is the best investment for our country,” he said.

'Don’t let them steal the election

Another surprise guest was former information minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir who urged the audience not to allow BN to “steal the election”.

“I was an Umno member for 56 years and it was a party owned by the members, the leaders were clean. But as time passed, it appeared that it had become their (selected few) fathers’ party.

NONE“They stole this and stole that, I could no longer tolerate it andquit as a minister at the peak of my career," he said.

“After I quit, I remained silent but the stealing became worse. Millions were no longer enough, its now in the billions, in the end I could no longer take it and quit the party."

He said elections cannot be called until the government provides fair access to the media and stops abusing government machinery, the police and the army to give it an upper hand in the polls.

“Don’t forget that 48 percent of people voted for Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 without media access, half of the country was being blacked out... this is not a democracy."

Abdul Kadir, who claimed that he had secretly supported the two Bersih rallies in 2007 and 2011, pledged to show up on April 28. He was then handed a Bersih T-shirt which he put on.

Others who spoke at the rally included PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, PKR deputy presidents Nurul Izzah Anwar and Tian Chua, PSM secretary-general S Arulchelvan, former Perak menteri besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, Bersih steering committee members Maria Chin Abdullah and Hishammuddin Rais, Himpunan Hijau steering committee member Clement Chin and Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia chief Safwan Anang.

NONEAlso gracing the event was Anne Ooiwho shot to fame during the Bersih rally last July when she was photographed standing in front a phalanx of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers holding a yellow flower and drenched in acid- laced water.

The retired teacher, accompanied by Kota Raja state assemblyperson Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, cheekily told the crowd to give Najib “a headache”.

“Are afraid of the police? Are you afraid of Umno? Are you afraid of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)?” she asked, to which the crowd roared “No!”

Dataran Merdeka, the main venue for Bersih 3.0 rally which is expected to be simultaneously staged in more than 50 cities locally and globally, is under the jurisdiction of DBKL.

'Rally for justice, no more deaths

Azhar Mohd Kassim, the nephew of Baharuddin Baharuddin Ahmadwho had died amid the chaos of the police crackdown in the Bersih 2.0 rally, appealed to the crowd to fulfill his uncle’s last wish.

“When my uncle left for the protest, he said he was doing it for justice... I hope that you can join the rally to uphold justice,” he said.

However, Azhar said he hoped the rally this time would not face a similar police crackdown and result in injuries and deaths.

NONEAs Bersih co-chairperson A Samad Said, better known as Pak Samad took the stage, marking the final lap of the rally, the audience huddled closer to listen to the 77-year-old national laureatte.

“We have received hurtful answers from the Election Commission that constantly favour those in power... it is time for everyone to take responsibility if our democracy is tainted," he said.
“April 28 will be an important day to voice our dissatisfaction with what has happened in the last 54 years."
Pak Samad also commended the student activists who have taken a two-week head start to camp at Dataran Merdeka  in spite of harassment from DBKL.

“If they (authorities) insist on evicting you from Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square), then it is Dataran Penjajah (Colonialists Square); therefore anyone who prevents our right to gather at Dataran Merdeka is a colonialist,” he said.

Later, some 300 people visited the students, who entered the fifth day of camping there.

Police and DBKL officers have remained mum so far on whether Bersih will be allowed to hold its rally at Dataran Merdeka.
However, the organisers say they will go ahead with the rally with or without the authorities’ consent.

[Source: Mkini]

Just listen to what Nurul, Hannah and Eli have to say

These are very good speeches by Nurul, Hannah and Eli, especially Hannah. I never knew how much good work our Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid, and his team have done until I heard her speech. It is unbelievable when she described the behaviour of the BN ADUNs. Guess they are not used to be in the Opposition after have been the State government for 50 years. Happy viewing and let us hope more better things can be done to improve our Selangor state's economic and social well being and welfare. 

We Are Malaysian & No One, No Party, No Bigot Can Take That Away From Us

 In Selangor, BN Are Hopeless As Government, They Are Also Hopeless As

Opposition Too

Join Us In This Fight For Justice, Join Us To Be Part Of Change

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Monday Humour

This is simply adorable UNTIL ....


This is the story of the blonde flying in a two-seater airplane with just the pilot.

He has a heart attack and dies. She, frantic, calls out a May Day.

"May Day! May Day! Help me! Help me! My pilot had a heart attack and is dead.
And I don't know how to fly. Help me! Please help me!"

She hears a voice over the radio saying:

"This is Air Traffic Control and I have you loud and clear. I will talk you through this and
 get you back on the ground. I've had a lot of experience with this kind of problem.
'Now, just take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! Now give me your height and position." 
She says, 
"I'm 5'4" and I'm in the front seat."
"O.K." says the voice on the radio....
"Repeat after me: Our Father. . Who art in Heaven. . . …."

Mr Patel who had been called to testify at the Income Tax Department asked his accountant, Mr Shah, for advice on what to wear on the occasion.

"Wear your shabbiest clothing.  Let him think you are a pauper," the accountant replied.

Then he asked his lawyer, Mr Butch, the same question, but got the opposite advice.  "Don’t let them intimidate you. Wear your most elegant suit and tie."

Confused, Mr. Patel went to his priest, Pandit Joshi, told him of the conflicting advice, and requested some resolution on the dilemma.

"Let me tell you a story," replied Pandit Joshi.  "A woman, about to be married, asked her mother what to wear on her wedding night.  ‘Wear a heavy, Punjabi suit with a nice long dupatta.’  But when she asked her best friend, she got conflicting advice.  ‘Wear your most revealing negligee, a nice V-neck.’

Confused, Mr Patel asked, "What does all this have to do with my problem with the Income Tax Department?"

"Simple," replied Joshi Maharaj.

"It doesn’t matter what you wear, you’re still going to get screwed."

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Are we that gullible?

Every day, any one of us could be receiving emails from Nigeria or Nigerians staying in the country, stating that he or she has inherited a fortune [in the millions of US$] but due to strict government monetary policy, they would need to operate an off shore account, riding 'piggy back' on your account.  They would then ask you to participate in the scheme and promised that the fortune would be shared once the 'transaction' is completed.  Yet, behind this shady request, many still fall victims to such a scam without prior vetting on the identity of the caller.  Here is a video that will help to highlight the scammers at work, and then caught, in Kuala Lumpur.  In this case, the victims were just lonely people, and the Nigerians took advantage of their vulnerability.

Our Sunday Girl - MICHELLE

Paul McCartney performing at The White House Concert [2010] in the presence of President Barak Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle, my belle.
These are words that go together well,
My Michelle.

Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble.

I love you, I love you, I love you.
That's all I want to say.
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand. 

Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble.

I need to, I need to, I need to.
I need to make you see,
Oh, what you mean to me.
Until I do I'm hoping you will
Know what I mean.

Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble.

I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand, my Michelle.

I love you...

I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand, my Michelle.

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Round 3: Government vs People

In the end it was an exercise in futility. A return match is looming: the government versus the people. All the discussions about cleaning up the electoral roll were wisps of smoke that disappeared under a cloud of distrust and resentment. The final report was bulldozed through in Parliament without even a squeak of a debate. In an unkind cut, the Speaker chose to ignore the legitimate voice of the elected representatives. It was unparliamentary behaviour. It lends credence to the strong belief that the Speaker acted on the orders of his political masters.
The realisation has dawned that the only way to bring the recalcitrant government to its senses is to fire up again a mass movement. When people march on the streets or sit down, the message cannot go unnoticed. The heat generated is enough to cause sweat to break out on the faces of strongmen and sent them reeling in fear. In many countries the hated governments were sent tumbling down on the strength of street protests. Malaysia too had witnessed a surge of popular protests but harsh crackdown had snuffed out the light of hope. The emboldened rulers continued to grow more imperious with the passage of time.
The return bout is set to take place in a popular, historic arena. It was here, more than 50 years ago, that the clock struck for independence, bringing the curtain down on colonial rule. Today, another historic event is in the making as thousands will gather on the same spot to shout their lungs out for freedom: freedom from corruption, freedom from dirty politics, freedom from deceit. It is a sad commentary on the country that the cry for liberty – and justice – is still deafeningly ringing half a century later.
Bersih 2.0 was a powerful wake-up call to the establishment that had long paid little heed to the loud murmurrings of discontent. Brute force was used to crush the “uprising” but it failed to suppress the spirit. In what appeared to be a conciliatory gesture, the government bowed down to the will of the people. It duly set up a committee to look into the demands of the electoral watchdog and won some plaudits for its apparent sincerity. But when the panel had completed its mission and submitted its recommendations, it became clear that the government is not too keen to go the whole hog.
A sneaking suspicion has crept up that all the recommendations may not see the light of day. Doubts were cast on the sincerity of the Election Commission to implement the reforms before the general election is announced. Arrogrance has flowed back into the bloodstream of the government which is bouyed by its own readings that it is riding high on the popularity ratings. The boorish conduct of the Speaker in refusing to allow the opposition MPs to have the floor has buttressed the conviction that the government is spoiling for a fight. The public response is Bersih 3.0.
The confrontation may turn ugly as one minister in knight armour has sounded a warning that the venue for the gathering is off-limit to the public. He seems to think that a public space is only meant for 1Malaysia flag-waving crowds or public servants marching to patriotic music. He is wrong. A popular public site is where the heartbeat of the country often lies: it is where all the emotion and passion come into play as people bare their anger at the injustice of those who have abused their power. A public square symbolises the determination and courage of the people to stand up to the might of the state. It symbolises people power.
The government will certainly roll out its “big guns” to stem the tide of humanity coursing down the historic Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square), come April 28. The eyes of the world will be watching the outcome of the face-off. A violent crackdown on the innocent citizens will arouse the ire of the global village and rouse the people to action. If Bersih 3.0 is crushed, the final fight will shift to a bigger arena where the fate of the rulers will be decided. The only weapon the government has this time is fraud: it will cheat at the ballot box to cling on to its tattered pants. But the price of liberty is eternal vigilance – and the people are unlikely to let down their guard. They may yet deliver a knock-out punch.
[Source: FMT]