Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG, after Anwar, now UMNO trains it's cross hair on Mohamad Sabu of PAS

It looks like UMNO leaders are now whipping up a sex scandal to hang onto newly-elected PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, with a CD entitled 'Skandal Seks Mat Sabu' (or Mat Sabu's Sex Scandal) being distributed in the mail, as Prime Minister Najib Razak's party goes on a last-ditch X-rated binge to discredit opposition politicians.

So far, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim - regarded as the BN government's No. 1 enemy - has borne the brunt of the UMNO attacks. Then came Mat Sabu, who a week ago won the endorsement of party members to beat incumbent Nasharudin Mat Isa and former vice president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man for the coveted PAS No. 2 post.

Like Anwar, Mat Sabu is a gifted orator able to appeal across racial lines. His colleagues have placed great expectations on him to drive their party foward and adopt a more progressive and moderate mould, which would alow it to compete directly against UMNO for the Malay middle ground and fence sitters.

That his arch enemies have chosen the same modus operandi to destroy his career as they have been trying to do to Anwar underscores how worried they are that he will succeed in shaking up PAS, and drag the Islamist party fully into the main stream of Malaysia's multiracial society.

"This looks like blunder No. 2 for UMNO. By using sex against Mat Sabu, it will only convince those PAS members who still had doubts about Anwar. Now they see with their own eyes the same thing happening to one of their own. I think it will enrage the party and the community. Anwar can now say 'I told you so'," Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin told Malaysia Chronicle.

A legacy of sex and smut

Apart from Zuraida, PKR vice president Tian Chua was also a victim of a recent sex email scam, with a chain letter distributed in his name carrying the message that he had watched the video closely and believed the man having sex with a prostitute was Anwar.

"Najib is leaving behind the worst legacy of all the prime ministers," Tian told Malaysia Chronicle.

Three UMNO members with links to the top leadership including Najib and former premier Mahathir Mohamad had 'discovered' the sex tape and screened it to a group of journalists. Select PKR leaders were also shown the tape in a bid to lure them to defect. Although it is a crime to publicly screen pornography, the police have not arrested or charged the men who called themselves the Datuk T trio despite their public confession.

Zuraida, who is also the PKR women's chief, received the Mat Sabu sex CD in her mail box. She lodged a police report on Friday.

According to her, she received the CD a day ago in her mailbox. Other neighbours were also victimized. The CD which carried the title 'Skandal Seks Mat Sabu' (Mat Sabu's Sex Scandal) came together with a letter printed on a forged PAS letterhead and a brochure containing pictures of Anwar.

“The video is clearly politically motivated and I suspect it is being done under the orders of or involve people who hold high positions. I would not be surprised that Umno or Barisan Nasional would be involved in this kind of politics as this is their culture. This will bring down society as they would resort to such dirty and despicable act," said Zuraida.

She has not viewed the Mat Sabu CD, complaining the police had not taken action although the spread of the video was rampant.

"There is no new development, or arrest made, with regard to the matter," was all that Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah had to say when quizzed by reporters.

UMNO twister spinning towards PAS

Sex and smut are being increasingly used as the political tools of the ruling government to retain power. Like the police, UMNO leaders including from the BN have maintained a deafening silence to the pornography pervading the nation, alarming large sections of the society.

As Zuraida pointed out, even UMNO minister for Women's affairs, Shahrizat Jalil, has refused to condemn the spread of sex and smut via government-controlled media including newspapers and prime-time TV in a bid to chop down Anwar.

The only times when BN leaders speak up on the matter is to bait or berate Anwar, providing fresh fodder for their media to continue generating sizzling and heavily sex-laced news.

However, Pakatan leaders including Mat Sabu have remained cool.

[Source: MC]

With such callous approach in defaming members of the Opposition, UMNO can now forget about PAS teaming up with them. It's all over. But then again, we have people who are really THICK-SKINNED who can't take NO for an answer.


Look who will be coming to town!

While Kedah Gerakan chief Cheah Soon Hai has dismissed next month's Bersih rally as a totally meaningless slapstick comedy, his counterpart in Penang will be joining the event with a group of lawyers.

The vocal Penang Gerakan human rights and legal bureau chief Baljit Singh said about 10 lawyers from the state would join the Bar Council in monitoring the July 9 rally in Kuala Lumpur.

NONEBaljit (right) said he was not joining the rally just because he supported Bersih and its demands but because the federal constitution provided for peaceful demonstrations.

The group, which will submit the names of the lawyers to the Bar Council soon, will also provide legal aid to participants in case arrests are made.

"Everybody should respect the federal constitution, which allows for peaceful demonstrations for the rakyat to voice their views," Baljit told Malaysiakini today.

In what is planned to be a mega rally, the Bersih 2.0 movement, led by several prominent NGO personalities, aims to hand over a petition to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to intervene in instituting reforms in the electoral system.

In criticising the effort yesterday, Kedah Gerakan's Cheah said Pakatan victories in several polls since 2008 disproved the movement's claim that the electoral system was flawed.

He went on to describe the rally to press for free and fair elections as a "complete slapstick comedy which is totally meaningless".

Baljit said he agreed with Cheah that Pakatan had won several states in the March 2008 general election.

'Perception of people is important'

"But what is important here is the perception of people about the voting system. The system may be good, but it's not perfect," he said.

bersih rally istana negara tv 101107 large crowd"No matter how the EC draws the boundaries, the people are not going to be happy, so the easiest way is for the Election Commission to engage with the people, and with Bersih so that the problems can be addressed."

Baljit said various nagging problems related to the voting process would be defused only if a proper dialogue could take place between the two.

"We have to put politics aside. The rakyat is not confident about the system. There are many areas to fine tune, for example, postal posting," he said.

Baljit declined to criticise Cheah on his stand but said he understood what the party leader was trying to say in his statement.

However, what was more important now, he added, was the people's thoughts and opinions.

[Source: Mkini]

SELANGOR : Good news for our senior citizens

Selangor has allocated up to RM10 million to take senior citizens grocery shopping Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said today The Mentri Besar said senior citizens aged 60 years and above will be given a RM100 coupon each and ferried to selected supermarkets in the state under the Pakatan Rakyat government’s new “mesra rakyat” programme for the elderly which begins next month “The state has agreed to allocate between RM5 million and RM10 million for this programme and we will channel the funds to all Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen and our representatives in non-PR held state seats “Those who are interested will be brought to the supermarkets to go shopping and we will then send them home ” he told reporters after hosting a dialogue session with community leaders at the Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi multipurpose hall here this morning Khalid picture said three outlets — Tesco Giant and Ecosave — have so far expressed interest in participating in the programme “They will also prepare food and drink for the senior citizens ” he said Selangor presently offers another programme for senior citizens — Skim Usia Mas — whereby the families of those who have passed away are given a one-off compensation of RM2 500 “But many senior citizens have complained that they do not get to benefit from this money because they have to die first before their families get it ” Khalid joked to the audience earlier.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Which do you prefer, the fake 1Malaysia or the original Malaysia?

Everyone knows it is against the law to buy or sell fake goods, but as usual UMNO leaders have never been at the forefront of being exemplary where promoting genuine goods are concerned. Instead, they continue to ply their fake products around and would get extremely upset to the point of being vindictive if you don't buy them. This is what one blogger, Richard Loh, has to say.

We are warned and reminded about fake goods that look like it, feel like it but it is not the original branded goods. Many have been conned into believing that at a cheaper price you can still get the same original products that you wanted.

Being cheated of buying fake products may not cause us any harm in anyway except burning a hole in the pocket. A lesson to learn and you will be more careful when offered any branded goods at great discount the next time.

But what happen when you are conned into believing in a fake product that can caused great harm to you, your family and future generation?

Malaysia, in the 60's and 70's was the most memorable for its prosperity, harmony and peaceful living among all the races and there were hardly any religious issues. The Federal Constitution was closely followed in governing the nation without much fuss.

Then in the 80's and 90's came a great salesman with a doctor degree, force selling his great product of 'Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah' to the people and many bought it without realising that this hollow and fake product can cause so much damage in the later years. A certain group of people that consumed this product begin to have side effects. They got bolder and braver to challenge the Federal Constitution, got greedier, making more demands on special rights and turn the whole judiciary upside down. But credit must be given to him for his ability to sell his fake product for 22 years!

Before this old doctor salesman left, he put in place a less knowledgeable salesman, so he thought, that he could manipulate and control, but how wrong he was. This is the 21st century.

This 21st century salesman came out with his own products, 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang' and 'Islam Hadhari', claiming to be the best products that can combat greediness and create religious harmony among the different religions. These products were hot selling for a couple of years that won him a landslide victory in 2004. Soon after the great victory the effectiveness of the products begin to wear out showing clearly that they were fake. Instead of leaving graciously, this salesman was force out by his own assistant.

Now, this assistant is a total different breed. He has been scheming and plotting to take over the salesmanship for quite sometime and finally he made it in 2009. Without wasting much time, he immediately peddled his own products convincingly to the public. He had seen how his two predecessors failed in selling their fake products and he knows he has to be wiser.

So, more products were churned out starting with '1Malaysia' which he claimed to be his own idea, even though others had already used it. This salesman is smarter, engaging foreign PR at hefty cost to churn out more make believe statements, advertisements and creating '1' this and '1' that, all with public funds.

To prop up his '1Malaysia', by products were introduced such as 'People First Performance Now' with a list of acronyms such as GTP (Government Transformation Programme), ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) and NKRAs (National Key Result Areas).

After two years of hard selling, never mind the millions wasted, what are the results, nothing, zilch, zero. Consuming these fake products, the people are getting more agitated, racial divide getting wider, religious intolerance are at its peak and the so call transformation had indeed transformed into something that can tear this nation apart.

Malaysia was once such a nice and peaceful nation but because of leaders peddling fake ideologies for their own gains and benefits are about to destroy it and the people must do something to correct it.

To bring back the original Malaysia, love by all Malaysians and to get rid of all these fake '1Malaysia' thingy et al, you have to make the correct choice comes the 13th GE.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UMNO, the sour grapes while PAS, the sweetener

It is really incredible that a mosquito party (a common description of PAS, once upon a time) has been getting so much attention in the mainstream media and from Umno@Perkasa. Of course, most of the attention is negative and derogatory.

According to The Malaysian Insider, Nazri Aziz has called PAS a pseudo-Umno party, lashing it for abandoning its Islamic principles.

Should we take his comments seriously since it is being made by a pseudo democrat, pseudo liberal, pseudo intelligent politician. These men and women have ruled Malaysia for more than half a century but yet they are so insecure by the so-called rise and moving to the centre of the mosquito party.

They have the police in their pocket, have friends in the Election Commission, control the mainstream media and have tonnes of money (can someone explain to me how exactly 1MDB, the provider of endless scholarships, is making money) and yet the Umno government is quaking because someone they ridiculed as a public orator and jester, Mat Sabu, is deputy president of PAS.

It seems like Umno politicians have many names and labels for PAS. So let me add to the discourse by stating what PAS isn’t.


* A party packed with corrupt, rent-seeking politicians who are occupying public office as a means of enriching themselves.

* A party of politicians with Machiavellian ideas of staying in power, and this includes pitting the different races against each other and tearing the country apart with race politics.

* A party of Jekyl and Hyde politicians. They perform umrah ever so often, put on a face of piety but then are quite happy to break all the laws of God behind closed doors.

* A party of politicians who have lost their moral compass and ability to lead this country.

* A party of politicians who have milked the resources of this country through cronyism and nepotism.

* A party of politicians who have allowed the rakyat — the ultimate stakeholders in Malaysia — to bear the brunt of lopsided privatisation deals.

* A party of politicians who have used the ISA, destroyed institutions and subverted the rule of law to hold power.

My point is that PAS is many things (conservative, backward, pseudo Islamic) but it is not Umno. And that is surely its best attribute.

[Source: The MI]

Sunday, June 5, 2011

UMNO and PERKASA clowns

While the rest of the country is reeling in anger with spiraling price hikes in our bread and butter issues and Najib's 1Malaysia bullshit, elsewhere a very small bunch of morons from Perkasa and Khairy's boys (UMNO youth wing with Mahathir's blessing !) were seen waging war against anything Christian and non-Malay and non-Muslim in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur, near the Utusan office on the 24th. May and as usual after Friday prayers !!

Surely these images below were never published or this story ever mentioned in the main stream media. You tell me.....I don't subscribe to the hard copy !!
You'd think Najib does not know anything about this 1Perkasa rally ? Think again !

......strategising the who's actually "killing" the Malays ? UMNO or Perkasa ? UMNO IS Perkasa and Perkasa IS UMNO, period !!

.....and the "hate" march begins......

...more media coverage......more theatrics by "wannabes".......but unfortunately they were "played down" ?

hmmm....just curious, but I can swear the 2 guys in the left of pic were from the
Penang branch MIC fighting for Indian rights !....1Perkasa ?

...."a sea of protesters"......for as far as you eyes can see.....

...same SOP, but this top-cop can do nothing when meeting with the "MIC rep from Penang" in the same rally. Why ?......because Perkasa is watching !

...a clear show of BN in cahoots with Perkasa as seen with the logo on shirt of the guy with clenched fist in the air at right of pic. Najib will deny any BN or UMNO involvement....keep lying to the rakyat Mr. Prime Minister...keep lying... !

....and this is the guy (above) who's sworn give his life for Malay Rights but was shit scared of a certain "yellow powder" that came in his mail (read here) !

and our "tax-ringgit paid" boys-in-blue and in riot-gear too but who did nothing as this was an "approved" BN "semuanya" okay !

...bored and well-fed "mamas" to the fore !

....nobody complains of "business disruption and wages lost" in this neighborhood here, huh ?? Why ? Because Perkasa has the divine right "in the guise" of representing the country's entire Malay population and their rights, to block entire roads and without a police permit too !

...and is this fellow in t-shirt and in the centre holding the "Hidup Utusan" banner from the same Penang branch MIC member too ??