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Orang Asli: We voted for BN but we are called 'penumpang'.

BarPC041010The Malaysian Bar Council has condemned the recent harassment by police and Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) on Orang Asli at Kampung Sebir in Negeri Sembilan.

According to Bar Council President Ragunath Kesavan (second from left), a police officer from the Seremban 2 police station had questioned Tok Batin of Kampung Sebir regarding their customary meeting, two days prior to the scheduled event on September 30.

Ragunath said that the police officer requested Tok Batin to provide a written notification of the meeting to the police in order to obtain approval from the police to formally hold the customary meeting.

He then added that on September 30 itself, JHEOA and the police again visited the village and harassed the villagers for not obtaining a permit to conduct their meeting.

"This is the first time in the history of Malaysia that the police have told villagers that they need a permit to hold their own village meeting," BarPC041010aRagunath told the media at a press conference today.

"We have been holding our customary meeting for so many centuries and so many generations. Why suddenly do we need to apply for a permit?" Network of Orang Asli Villages founder Tijah Yok Chopil (pic right) asked.

"Why are the Orang Asli treated like this? Where is Najib's 1Malaysia? We are also very unhappy about the proposed amendments to the Aboriginal Peoples Act 1954," she added.

BarPC041010b"There is also the issue of illegal quarry and illegal logging activities in our villages but the police are not doing anything about that. Instead, they come and harass us about a permit," Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Negeri Sembilan (JKOANS) committee member Zurdi Baharu (pic left) said in frustration.

According to Zurdi, the state Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan and also the state police chief Datuk Osman Salleh have yet to take any action against the illegal quarry activities that has been going on for 15 years.

"We also lodged 5 reports about the illegal logging activities but the police just ignored us."
Zurdi's family had the greatest scare of their lives when a large stone from the quarry landed on their house, nearly crushing his child in the process.

"We are sick of the trespassing, abuse and degradation by the government and the authorities. They only protect the corporate," he said in disgust.

BarPC041010dBar Council Orang Asli Committee Chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan had called the recent actions of the authorities an 'evidence of the paternalistic attitude' of the government towards the Orang Asli community.

"They (government) are nervous about the proposed amendments to the Orang Asli act. The government is giving away a few acres but taking away hundreds of acres from them. They know that Orang Asli are also against the amendments. Memos have been submitted to the government but there is still no response from the authorities," she added.
Ambiga opined that the harassment was to prevent the Orang Asli from meeting and discussing about how the government was fleecing them.

"Otherwise, why won't the government release a copy of the bill for debate? Are they going to table the amendments last minute and pass it as a legislation without considering feedback from all stakeholders?" asked Ambiga who also questioned the government's deafening silence on the matter.

"The Orang Asli community of 18 diverse tribes numbering 150,000 in Peninsular have been continually harassed and their rights denied. They are the 'one community' that has suffered the most under the Barisan Nasional government," Ragunath added.

Tijah then referred several other incidents that were clear signs of the government's bullying of the Orang Asli people.

"After 53 years of Merdeka, do you all know that the water supply to my village of 3,000 people is one small pipe not bigger than a finger (holding out her thumb) and the pipe runs across a pig sty?" she told a roomful of stunned reporters.

"Then there is this Orang Asli by the name of Panjang Tangkak who has been arrested 4 times for selling produce from his own palm oil estate!" she said.

"The government took away his estate comprising tens of acres and then gave him back only a few acres. Then they did not pay him back the dividends that were promised in the agreement. How is he going to survive if he doesn't sell the produce?

Then they arrest him for selling the produce, claiming it belongs to state property. How can the government say that they 'give him land' and then arrest him for selling product from his own land?" said Tijah who also questioned the logic for such arrests.

Meanwhile, Langkap Kessu from Kampung Belihoi, situated between Mantin and Seremban trunk roads, told K4M that the government wants to take away the ancestral land and then divide it into small pieces to give back to the Orang Asli.

"Is this just, under the law? asked Langkap when questioning the legality of the government's claim that all land belonged to the state.

"How can they (BN government) repay our votes with such treachery? We voted for them. Why didn't they protect us."

According to Reh Binjan, another Tok Batin from Kampung Lumut, Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan, he was appalled at a speech by Lenggeng state assemblyman Mustafa Salim during a Hari Raya open house that the state owns all the land and that there was no ancestral land.

Mustafa was alleged to have said that the Orang Asli did not fight the war, therefore forfeiting their rights to lay claim to the 'ancestral land'.

Mustafa then allegedly labeled Orang Asli as 'penumpang' (squatters).

"Our ancestors were here even before Malaya was formed. This is even before Malaysia gaining independence. How can he call us penumpang? We are all very sick of the way the government is mistreating us."

[Source: Political Watch]

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here's wishing all my Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali!

Pakatan, will these losses be a lesson?

Now that the results are out, and despite what we may think of the way UMNO went around to win the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections, the two seats are gone, finito, sayonara, aufweidersen. It is no point blaming each other for these losses. In fact, I believe strongly it is a lesson to be learnt by the Pakatan leaders and the quicker they put their petty intra-party differences aside, the better chance they will have in taking on the BN in the next round, and it could be the big one, the 13GE. So, Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi, Guan Eng, Tian Chua, Karpal, Tok Guru and all the leaders in the opposition front, remember this, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!!! If UMNO follows the official time line, that is, the next GE which must be held no later than March 7 2013, we only have 27 months to go. So we would appreciate if you fellas start cracking straight away. It becomes even more dire should UMNO decide to pull the rug from under your feet by calling for the GE much earlier now that their confidence has been boosted with their two wins.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

After the two racist school principals, here we go again!

Angela Jabing (left) and PKR vice chairman Voon Shiank Ni
KUCHING - A 10-year-old boy from a mission school here was allegedly caned 10 times for bringing non-halal food to school.

Basil anak Beginda was asked to see the school's assistant principal, Iskandar bin Fadeli, and subsequently reprimanded for bringing 'fried rice cooked with pork sausages' to St. Thomas Primary School, one of Malaysia's historical school, on Oct 15.

It was alleged that the boy was caned 10 times on his palm.

The incident sparked off a wave of anger among the PKR women who held a press conference on Wednesday to condemn the act.

They had called for the Education Ministry to investigate the matter and take action against Iskandar.

The boy’s mother, Angela Jabing (pic) with the PKR State Women Chief, Ibi anak Uding, her deputy Nurhanim Hanna Mokhsen, vice chairman Voon Shiank Ni and other representatives wanted Iskandar to be transferred.

Jabing said her son was traumatized following the incident as he did not want to bring food to the school when she insisted that he is allowed to do so.

Jabing explained that she had went to the school seeking for clarification from the headmistress, Alice Chung, four days after the caning on Oct 19.

“Chung was with Iskandar when I met her and the latter denied that he caned my son. He then said he would call Basil to explain himself. When my son came to the office and saw Iskandar, there was fear in his eyes but I coaxed him to tell the truth,” said Angela.

According to Jabing, Basil told them what happened and had told Iskandar that his parents always advised him not to offer non-halal food to his Muslim friends which he had never done so.

Jabing and PKR women comittee representatives in press conference Wednesday
After Basil finished his explanation, Iskandar allegedly had said, “'Jangan besar-besarkan' hal kerana isu ini isu yang cukup sensitif di kalangan orang orang islam."

According to the headmistress, Iskandar had announced earlier February this year during the assembly that students are prohibited to bring any non-halal food products to school even for their own consumption as a noble act to respect the Muslim students.

“I am baffled by this explanation. What about the Buddhist and Hindu? Ask the children not to bring beef then. What about those who are Vegetarian? Ask the children not to bring any kind of meat then,” said Jabing.

Not satisfied with the explanation given on Oct 19th, Angela wrote a letter to the school asking for a written reply on the rules of bringing outside food into the school compound.

On Oct 28, she went to the school again with a legal advisor and was given a written reply from the headmistress the next day.

“Being a non-Muslim, I am concerned as my son was arbitrarily punished and is now in fear of the school,” she said demanding that the Education Department clarify the matter to avoid confusion and doubt.

PKR vice chairman Voon, who was not satisfied with the school's letter of explanation, said she wanted to know why Basil was caned and whose instruction was that to disallow pupils to bring non-halal food.

"Is it instruction from the Education (Ministry) or the school? Children must all sit and eat

together, not segregated. This is what unity is about. They must start young to learn to appreciate each other,” said Voon.

PKR deputy state woman chief Nurhanim said as a Muslim living in Sarawak, she is baffled with the incidence.

“This is certainly not the spirit of 1Malaysia. We are the best in the nation in terms of living harmoniously in a multi-racial state.

"If the school has no such regulation and wanted it as such, then put it in black and white. How can a teacher from here tell the pupils not to bring non-halal food during assembly and caned him 10 times for doing so. What wrong has the boy really done?”

Nurhanim asked for a probe and said Basil is only ten years old and should not have underwent such unnecessary treatment.

She added that the school should know that Sarawak is a multi-racial state where everyone lives together and therefore should not force the people apart through actions like Iskandar.

Nurhanim has also urged for action to be taken against the teacher concerned.

When contacted by MM, headmistress Chung said she was not allowed to make any comments as there is a directive from the Education Ministry.

Initially she denied being aware of the incident, but when told that she had written a reply to the student's mother, Chung said she did not want to comment.

When asked to give advice to parents about bringing outside food to school, Chung said there is no directive which states children are not allowed to bring non-halal food.

Chung further went to say that children are allowed to bring their own food.

[Source: MM]

If you were to ask me, I wonder what has happened to the brain that God has given this people. Dummkopf!!!!

My all time favourite TV show is back - HAWAII FIVE-O

After 30 years, I am finally able to watch my favourite TV show again, Hawaii Five-O. Unfortunately, all the actors in the old series have since passed on - Jack Lord, Kam Fong and the latest, James MacArthur. The famous line, "Book him Danno!", will always be remembered by the fans, especially when it comes from Steve McGarrett.

Currently, AXN [Astro] is having a re-run of the old series on weekdays, and from November 14, a re-make of the series will take over, apparently with new cast.

Opening credits and theme music from the old series (1968 - 1980):

Opening credits and theme music from the new series:

The only recognisable actor in the new series is Daniel Dae Kim who last played the role of "Jin-Soon Kwon" in the TV series "Lost". He has also been seen in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a treasury agent as well as episodes of Angel, 24, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Crusade, Charmed, The Shield, Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, ER, and The Andromeda Strain. His film credits include a small part in Spider-Man 2 as a scientist working in Doctor Octavius' laboratory.

"You jealous, ah?" so says our DPM

I just can't help but felt bemused when I read the following report from the Malaysia Chronicle. I do not know what we Malaysians have to feel jealous about when the PM announced that UMNO planned to build a 100-storey building. Basically, we Malaysians are protesting about is the RM5b that UMNO via PNB, is going to spend which could be used on some worthwhile causes such as improving the transportation system, health care, building more low cost homes for the poor, improving the quality of education, etc. At least, these will provide tangible benefits to the rakyat. With 100 storeys, say at 10 office lots per storey, you will have a total of 1,000 addiional office lots (more or less)in the city to rent, and with the property glut in the market, I wonder who will be occupying these lots.

Putting aside the 'wisdom' of UMNO going into this hare-brain project, let's talk about the 'jealous' part of the DPM's comment.

Did he mean we are jealous because many of us will be working from some run down office lots while UMNO corporate bigwigs are enjoying the luxury of high tech office amenities? Jealous because we the ordinary rakyat will be operating our business in some backyard while the same UMNO corporate bigwigs are enjoying the panoramic view on the 100th floor? Did he also mean we are jealous that we would not be getting a cut from the RM5b, especially the 200,000+ who protested in FaceBook? Jealous because parts of the project will not be given to us because it is not based on open tender bid?

You know, for a DPM, he sure talk like a small kid, "You jealous, ah?"

Muhyiddin: Critics of 100-stories tower "jealous", ignore and build

KUALA LUMPUR - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has told Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) to ignore critics of the RM5bil Warisan Merdeka development project and concentrate on implementing it.

The Deputy Prime Minister said those criticising the project just wanted to see it fail.

“They are probably jealous that PNB has the capability to embark on such a big project that will benefit the country.

“I see them as having an agenda because they continued spinning stories, including that it (the project) is a waste of Government’s money,” he told newsmen after opening the Malaysian Biotech 2010 Conference and Exhibition here yesterday.

Muhyiddin said the critics had ignored the fact that the project was not funded by the Government.

“PNB has been a successful trust manager and its funds have grown over the years.

“Don’t belittle its ability because millions of unit trust investors have benefited from it and surely it knew how to expand its investments,” he said in response to those who were still against the development despite several explanations by PNB. -

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rosmah acting against diplomatic convention?

rosmah-julia-hilary-najib Malaysian Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s illness with chicken pox on the eve of the visit of two foreign dignitaries – Australian Prime minister Julia Gillard and US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is unfortunate but not as awkward as how events have unfolded whilst he is recuperating.

Najib first showed symptoms of illness at the 17th Asean Summit Meeting in Hanoi and according to his wife, Rosmah Mansor, has been asked to rest by his doctors.

Whilst at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where she paid a visit to the accident victims of the Genting bus crash, Rosmah was reported to be in ‘high spirits standing in for Najib at functions’.

Rosmah appears to be taking her role a bit too seriously.

Is she not overstretching her responsibilities when she says she will stand in for the PM by ‘officiating on Najib’s behalf’ at the ‘1Malaysia Deepavali Carnival’ at Little India in Brickfields a few days ago?

Yesterday, she repeated this prime-ministerial role at Sri Perdana for Julia Gillard.

Malaysians are confused for they would tend to believe that when the Prime minister is incapacitated or on holiday, it is his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin who takes over.

People will start to make comparisons and say, when Barack Obama is ill, Michelle does not stand in for him. When Julia Gillard is ill, her partner Tim Mathieson does not take over. When the British monarch falls sick, Prince Philip her consort, does not take over, but Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, assumes her role.

There is speculation that Najib is not really ill but wants to avoid the two dignitaries, who are probably the two most powerful women in the world.

Does Najib not want to be pressured into concessions with both Clinton and Gillard? Or is his ‘sickie’ just him ‘playing hard to get’?

Clinton will meet civil society groups and also leaders of the opposition. Is Najib ‘upset’ and so snubs her because of this?

One of the major topics to be discussed by Gillard is about human-trafficking. Recently, seven Malaysian immigration officials were arrested for the part they played in people-smuggling.

Australia is the final destination for asylum seekers, principally from war-torn Afghanistan who fly into Malaysia before taking a boat to Indonesia and thence, to Timor Leste and Australia.

This year alone, over 5,500 refugees have ended up in Australia.

Is Najib reluctant to support Australia in setting up a processing centre for asylum seekers in Timor Leste, because he does not want to risk upsetting his counterparts in Timor Leste and Indonesia? Is he afraid to say ‘no’?

Is he also fearful of telling Gillard that human-trafficking is a rampant problem and that with high levels of corruption in the country, which his government appears not to deal with effectively, it is therefore impossible for him to tackle the issue?

Did he send his wife out to ‘soften’ both these women so that they would accept his views? He realises that Clinton and Gillard are both professionals in what they do but if Rosmah engaged them in small talk, he effectively employs delaying tactics to important issues present on their busy schedules, which only a decision from the Malaysian Prime minister would suffice.

Whatever the true reasons, Rosmah should never have assumed the PM’s role in public. It is highly unprecedented.

The image projected worldwide must be one of confusion. Does protocol not mean anything in Malaysia? Even if Rosmah was not in any formal discussion but was merely present in an ‘entertainment’ capacity like in a banquet or similar, it is awkward for the main players involved.

The mixed messages to the public, when Rosmah takes centre stage standing in for PM are confusing and damaging.

For the visiting dignitaries, they are not accorded the due respect which should be reserved for people of their seniority and importance.

Gillard and Clinton are important world players. Has Najib an ulterior motive for staying away and is using the chicken pox as a convenient excuse?

For Muhyiddin, people will wonder why he is perceived to be of lesser importance and not worthy of his deputy premiership. Has Rosmah usurped him?

For Rosmah, the people will think that she has delusions of grandeur. They will ask why she is ‘standing in’ when she is not even an elected person. She is only the PM’s wife.

They may well say she is not even the wife of an elected PM; nor is she a civil servant.

They might even suggest that if she fancies herself as PM that she should offer her candidacy at the next General Election.

Maybe these conjectures are all wrong and that she is truly the power behind the throne.

[Writer: Mariam Mokhtar]

Monday, November 1, 2010

Woe be unto you, MCA!

Remember this face. Heng Saie Kie of MCA

I came across the following from KT's blog and thought I'll re-produce it here, which is written in his usual no hold bar style.

Malaysiakini - MCA action 'barbaric' say Malaysians for Beng Hock and Teoh Beng Hock's sister arrested in Galas

MCA Senator Heng Saie Kie went to campaign in the Galas by-election. Teoh Lee Lan, the sister of Teoh Beng Hock and her hubby Sor Cher Hai also went there to seek MCA’s help in calling for a Royal Commission to investigate into Teoh Ben Hock’s unexplained death while in MACC custody. Lee Lan and party had to use the Galas opportunity because they could never get hold of MCA politicians under normal circumstances.

While attempting to present a petition to the senator, her minders rough-housed Sor, shoving him aside but with such force he fell down and hurt his knee.

As if Sor’s bleeding bruised knee caused by the MCA people wasn’t enough, Teoh Lee Lan has now been detained by our remarkable police for ‘campaigning’ in Galas. Our remarkable police had acted swiftly on such a complaint – guess from whom?

Our remarkable police is all the more remarkable because they claimed to have acted on the complaint that Lee Lan’s group was campaigning despite the well publicised announcement by Teoh Lee Lan and party much much earlier that she intended to seek MCA and other BN politicians at Gua Musang for help in calling for a Royal Commission into Teoh Beng Hock’s unexplained death. How could this be considered as campaigning for either the UMNO or PAS candidate?

And the stench of the police double standards reeks to high heaven when we consider that Sor hah earlier lodged a police report for the assault on him, but of course thus far merited no police action, whereas a report by ‘someone’ sees Lee Lan being detained within 24 hours of that report.

Senator Heng is of course one of those BN back-door senatorial unrepresentative & unelected swill, appointed deputy minister for whatever on the good grace of her Tuan. She doesn’t care whether the Chinese disapprove of her deliberate snub of Lee Lan, or her minders behaving like thugs, because she owes her position not to voters but her UMNO Tuan.

She now has the gall to issue a bullsh*t willingness to see Lee Lan in KL but not in Gua Musang. The claimed preference of a different location is nothing more than an excuse, because Lee Lan could never get hold of any MCA leaders in KL.

And Heng's rotten excuse is all the more pathetic and implausible when the opportunity was there in Gua Musang for her to shine and show her concerns for a member of the constituency her party claims to represent? It merely demonstrates MCA’s far greater concerns for UMNO's feelings than that of Chinese Malaysians.

She and her MCA colleagues most deservedly earn the most shameful label of chao kow (running dogs).

If MCA leaders think March 2008 had been a tsunami, we'll show then they are wrong, because comes GE 13, we'll teach MCA kau kau and eliminate the party for good like Gerakan - sorry to those MCA mates of mine but we'll have to punish you as collateral damage for Senator Heng's cruel cowardly and callous treatment of the family of Teoh Beng Hock, an unforgiveable act.

Hey Big Spender!!

This bloke wants to spend RM5b on a 100-storey building, and said it will benefit the rakyat. Hmmm ....

She travelled the length and breadth of the world, visiting 26 countries and 61 cities, incurring a staggering sum of RM3.25m. She should not be called Minister for Tourism. Instead her new portfolio should be Minister for Touring. She must be enjoying collecting her air travel mileage.