Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mother and child reunion

Baby Freddie has been found at 12.20 pm today at Lake Titiwangsa, much to the relief of everyone, more so, his mother, Sarah Joseph.  Following are pix and video of the happy reunion between mother and child.

Sarah Joseph becomes emotional on receiving news that Baby Freddie has been found
A passer-by in Lake Titiwangsa comforting Baby Freddie in her arms, and feeding him with water and snacks
As Paul Simon would sing, "Mother and Child Reunion"
Baby Freddie back safely in the arms of mummy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

For the die hard Shadows and Ventures fans

Back in the good old days of the sixties, forming a 4-piece was a popular past time amongst us school boys. In my school alone, SMK Jalan Cochrane, I believe we had four bands. 
Now one of the interesting things is that to get a band going..., one of the first tune we must be able to play was "Apache" by The Shadows from the UK, or if you are unable to form a band but wished to join one, you be "auditioned" by members of the band, and again it is "Apache" irrespective whether you play the lead, rhythm or bass.  "Apache" became a staple piece for all the bands in the country.
The Shadows
Later, the American group, The Ventures released their own version, but still many of us preferred The Shadows version. However, some other groups held the view that The Ventures was a better version.
The Ventures
 Anyway for the many diehard Shadows and Ventures fans, I have a video clip here of the two bands playing the same tune alternating one after the other demonstrating their individual style and technique. Now we can make the comparison.