Thursday, July 9, 2015

As though things can't get any worse ...

Najib knows he is in deep shit, even though he may not be guilty of any wrong doing as claimed by him, but the pressure on him is nonetheless telling.  How is he going to extricate himself from the mess is anyone's guess.  On the other hand, in their over-zealousness to protect their boss, some sycophants are making remarks that are deemed outright damaging to Najib's credibility.  And below is one example by the IGP that he intends to investigate on the source of the 'leaked' information.  If all that have been disclosed todate are false, why bother to investigate anyway?  Just go to court and sue the party involved for damages.  But, then, he felt he must have say on the matter, no matter what.

This also applies to the AG.  Come on now AG, please get real and stop diverting the issue. If the PM really have private accounts into which foreign funds worth some USD700 million REALLY went in, then an investigation should be made IRRESPECTIVE of where the information comes from. Hanky panky deals must not be covered up and those who leaked such information should be PRAISED instead of threatened. Wrongdoings ought to be prosecuted and not protected simply because the alleged wrongdoer is the PM, your boss. We have a very cock up police and attorney general office which protect selective individuals by threatening whistleblowers instead of upholding the laws. In another report, he clarified none of the 6 accounts frozen belong to the PM when all along the public was led into believing at least one is his. Can the taskforce please be truthful and not be ambiguous? Just give us the facts please. Whatever you said, or not say, only fuel more speculations. If the PM didn't have those private accounts PLEASE Ambank and BNM say so lah. Keeping quiet only make us believe he did. The manner the authorities react to the entire 1MDB scandal, Melbourne property purchase and now the WSJ expose is really sickening.

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