Saturday, April 16, 2011

For BN, a hollow victory

Despite Barisan Nasional’s victory in the 10th Sarawak state elections, allegations of electoral fraud and vote buying continue to haunt the ruling coalition. Instead of playing by the rules, it looks like BN has adopted cunning and fraudulent tactics to achieve this win.

Teo Nie Ching, MP for Serdang, tweeted that : “in SRJK Chung Hua, a polling station, EC tried to issue 2 ballot papers to 1 voter. Luckily our PACA spotted & stopped it.” Many similar accounts were reported through out the state, as EC stepped up a gear to cheat and deceive the people, while proving that it is indeed a government stooge and agent.

Besides that, Elizabeth Wong, PKR assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan, also testified that slips of ‘Undi BN’ were given to every voter by EC clerks. 1Malaysia and Barisan Nasional banners were also suspended under the ceilings of most polling centres, turning them into playgrounds and turfs of Barisan Nasional.

The Election Commission was also deemed as carrying out a ‘modus operandi’ for Barisan Nasional, as they manipulate rules and regulations to maximize gains for the coalition. Bernama reported that 800 polling centres were closed at 12pm, amidst voter turnout well below 50% at that point of time. This move was seen as one to restrict youths, who have tendencies of waking up late when compared to their elderly peers, from voting.

As Barisan Nasional acknowledges that youth nowadays are more politically inclined and tend to favour the opposition due to the anti-Taib sentiment, such Machiavellian and cunning tactics employed by the EC had certainly paid off handsomely. Youths who showed up at polling centres after 12pm were left in disappointment as they could not exercise their democratic right to vote. Complaints and reports were made for such exploitation and manipulation but to no avail.

Why they are called Taib's strongholds

As results were announced, a simple comparison in the number of voters between BN strongholds and opposition strongholds was shocking. Most of the seats won by the opposition saw more than 15,000 voters in one constituency, whereas most BN strongholds had significantly lesser voters. The seat of Pending, won by DAP, saw 21,274 Sarawakians voting. On top of that, Bukit Assek had 18,504 voters, Kota Sentosa at 20,559, Pelangan with 20,336 and 18,440 voters at Batu Lintang, all of which are seats won by the opposition. This is a startling contrast when compared to BN strongholds.

Only 8 out of 55 seats won by BN had voters ranging from 10,000 to 13,000. The others were at least 3 or 4 times less than those captured by Pakatan Rakyat, with the majority of them ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 voters. These stellar figures go against the fundamental theory of 'one vote-one count' adopted all over the world.

Most countries have a rule that the number of voters in the least-dense constituency must have at least 80% of the number of voters densest constituency. The EC, however, had not only ignored such democratic rules, in fact, they capitalized on and exploited the lack of such rules to advantage for Barisan Nasional. Gerrymandering skills were used to manipulate constituency borderlines as well as number of voters in a seat, in a bid to restrict and hinder the progress of the emerging opposition.

Barisan Nasional had also reaped dividends from their goodies-giving approach. Electronic appliances, devices as well as vehicles were distributed to Sarawakians, as well as free concerts and meals on a daily basis. The indigenous people in the rural areas were also receiving a tidy sum of money in exchange for a vote to the desperate regime. Reports from the locals that figures ranging from RM50 to RM1000 were offered, as Barisan Nasional and Najib Razak rely heavily on such illegitimate and illicit methods to cling onto power.

BN might have succeeded in exploiting and extorting those living in hardcore poverty, but had failed with such tactics in semi-urban and urban seats. A total reversal of fortunes was witnessed in major towns like Kuching, Sibu and Miri, as Barisan Nasional experienced a humiliating total whitewash. The urbanites handed Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) a hard lesson as heavyweights like George Chan and Tiong Thai King were defeated. In fact, the victories achieved by the opposition in these urban and semi-urban constituencies were capped with resounding majorities.

Barisan Nasional’s persistence of employing dirty tactics and approaches has brought our country to a new low in terms of democracy, transparency and fairness. The desperation of the coalition to sacrifice principles and ethics in exchange for votes is one which should be rejected and despised by the people.

It is therefore a blessing in disguise for Pakatan Rakyat for their failure to deny the two-thirds majority held by Barisan Nasional, as Malaysians have witnessed the true colours of a fading evil regime and will certainly vent their anger come the next general elections.

[Source: MC]

The Sarawak State Election Results

PBB 35 35
SUPP 19 6
DAP 15 12
PKR 49 3
PAS 5 0
PCM 6 0
SNAP 26 0
IND 41 1

DAP's gains and losses

At 7.03 pm, the unofficial results .....

DAP 10,688
BN 3,059 Majority : 7,629

DAP 8,305
BN 4,347 Majority : 3,958

Kota Sentosa
DAP 12,594
BN 7,776 Majority : 7,818 [Despite postal votes of 3,000]

Batu Kawah
DAP 832
BN 1,398 Majority : -566

DAP 470
BN 448 Majority : 22

DAP 1,969
BN 1,170 Majority : 799

Bukit Assek
DAP 11,497
BN 3,884 Majority : 7,613

DAP 4,258
BN 4,878 Majority : -620

Bawang Assan
DAP 4,352
BN 5,944 Majority : -1,572

DAP 2,951
BN 1,767 Majority : 1,184

DAP 7,028
BN 3,159 Majority : 3,869

DAP 5,268
BN 4,162 Majority : 1,106

DAP 3,589
BN 2,242 Majority : 1,347

Bukit Kota
DAP 117
BN 1,402 Majority : -1,285

The DAP scores and out goes George Chan

6.30pm: Of the 15 seats contested by DAP, it is set to win 10, with three still up for grabs. It is defeated in two (Bawang Assan and Bukit Kota)

DAP is leading in Piasau, which is held by SUPP chief Dr George Chan.

DAP: 4,486
SUPP: 3,209
Majority: 1,277

Other DAP results as follows:

Kota Sentosa
SUPP: 3,408
DAP: 1,497

Majority 1,921
Postal votes has contributed to SUPP win.

DAP: 558
SUPP: 348

Majority: 210

DAP: 2,001
SUPP: 695

Majority: 1,306

For Pakatan, so far so good but not out of the woods yet

At 5.55 pm: Pakatan Rakyat extended its lead over BN in 20 seats, previously regarded as the BN 'fixed deposit' seats. These include include N08 Satok, N17 Tarat, N49 Nangka, N58 Jepak, N23 Lingga, N61 Bekenu, N01 Opar, N54 Pelagus, N02 Tasik Biru, N05 Demak, N18 Tebedu, N19 Kedup, N31 Layar, N34 Krian, N42 Meluan, N43 Ngemah, N50 Dalat, N52 Tamin, N53 Kakus, N57 Belaga, N58 Jepak, N70 Ba'kelalan.

(Scroll below to see Table of Results. Please note these are unofficial figures and counting has still a long way to go)


N01 OPARRanum MinaVSBoniface W. Tumek60

N02 TASIK BIRUPeter N. NgusieVSJohn Tenewi5263
N03 TANJUNG DATUAdenan SatemVSNani Sahori

N04 PANTAI DAMAIA.Rahman JunaidiVSWan Zainal Abidin

N05 DEMAK LAUTHazland HipniVSAli Hossen Abang25

N06 TUPONGDaud A.RahmanVSBaharuddin

N07 SAMARIANGSharifah HasidahVSZulrusdi Mohd Hol

N08 SATOKAmar ZohariVSAhmad N.Johari20

N09 PADUNGANSim Kiang ShiokVSWong King Wei

N10 PENDINGSim Kui HianVSViolet Yong

N11 BATU LINTANGSih Hua TongVSSee Chee How

N12 KOTA SENTOSAAlfred YapVSChong Chieng Jen

N13 BATU KAWAHTan Joo PhoiVSChristina Chiew WS

N14 ASA JAYAAbd Karim R.HamzahVSArip Ameran

N15 MUARA TUANGMohd Ali MahmudVSNoraini Hamzah

N16 BENGOHBelek SusilVSWillie Mongin

N17 TARATR.Sagah Wee InnVSPeter Ato Mayau80

N18 TEBEDUMichael ManyinVSChristopher Kiyui76

N19 KEDUPMaclaine BenVSLainus Andrew216

N20 SADONG JAYAAidil LariwooVSAbang Eddy

N21 SIMUNJANNaroden MajaisVSMashor Hossen

N22 SEBUYAUJulaihi NerawiVSAdam Ahid

N23 LINGGASimoi PeriVSAbg Ahmad Arabi369

N24 BETING MARORazaili GaporVSAbg Ahmad Kardee

N25 BALAI RINGINSnowdan LawanVSIbi Uding

N26 BKT BENGUNANMong DagangVSJimmy Donald

N27 SIMANGGANGFrancis HardenVSLeon Jimat

N28 ENGKILILIJohnical RayongVSMarudi

N29 BATANGAl MalcomVSNicholas Bawin

N30 SARIBASRicky@Mohd. RaziVSAbg Zulkifli

N31 LAYARAlfred JabuVSStanny Embat4874
Robert LawsonVS
Jerah Engkiong

N33 KALAKAAbdul WahabVSMohjd Yahya

N34 KRIANPeter NyarokVSAli Biju
Leading by majority of 3000 votes. As
at 2.30 pm, PKR
won 45 boxes lost

N35 BELAWAILen TalifVSAbdul Wahah

N36 SEMOPAbdullah Saidol
VSKiprawi Suhaili

N37 DAROMurni SuhailiVSJamaludin Ibrahim

N38 JEMORENGAbu Seman JahwieVS

N39 REPOKDavid TengVSWong Hua Seh

N40 MERADONGLing Lie King
VSTing Tze Fui

N41 PAKANWilliam MawanVS

N42 MELUANWong Ak JudatVSJohn Brian125

N43 NGEMAHAlexander VincentVSAris Alap3476. PCM 55
N44 MACHANGramong JunaVSChen Nguk Fa

N45 BUKIT ASSEKChieng Buong ToonVSWong Ho Leng

N46 DUDONGTiong Thai KingVSYap Hoi Liong

N47 BAWANG ASSANWong Soon KohVSAlice Lau

N48 PELAWANVincent GohVSDavid Wong

N49 NANGKAAnuar RapieeVSNorisham Mohd85

N50 DALATFatimah AbdullahVSSylvester Ajah19

N51 BALINGIANTaib MahmudVSSuriati Abdullah

N52 TAMINJoseph MauhVSMengga Mikui3893
N53 KAKUSJohn SikieVSPaul Anyie210394
N54 PELAGUSStanley UnjaVSEdward Sumbang17

N55 KATIBASAmbrose BlikauVSMunan Laja

N56 BALEHJames JemutVSBendindang Manjah

N57 BELAGALiwan LagangVSBasah Kesing82

N58 JEPAKTalip ZulpilipVSAbd Jalil Bujang130182
N59 KIDURONGHenry LingVSChiew Chiu Sing

N60 KEMENAStephen RundiVSBernard Binar

N61 BEKENURosey AidingVSIshak Mahwi52
98. SNAP 56

N62 LAMBIRRipin LamatVSZolhaidah Suboh

N63 PIASAUGeorge ChanVSLing Sie Kiong

N64 PUJUTAndy ChiaVSFong Pau Teck

N65 SENADINLee Kim ShinVSMichael Teo

N66 MARUDISylvester EntriVS

N67 TELANG USANDennis NgauVSHarrison Ngau

N68 BUKIT KOTAAbdul RahmanVSLeong Kwong Yaw

N69 BATU DANAUPalu GumbangVSLau Liak Koi

N70 BA'KELALANWillie LiauVSBaru Bian12701747
N71 BUKIT SARIAmar AwangVSJapar Suyut

Source: MC