Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another good one from Art Harun

The contents of my stomach flew out of my mouth onto the floor after reading Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein’s apparent defense of the cow-head demonstrators yesterday. Before I had finished wiping it, I was hit by another nausea inducing curve ball in the form of Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir’s statement supporting Hishamuddin’s.

Apparently now an offence should not be prosecuted if such prosecution might cause “further unrest”. Yes folk. It is the fasting month. Quite obviously, to certain Muslims, when food and drink are not consumed, blood circulation would be affected thus preventing the supply of oxygen to the brain. The result is calamitous. And not to mention rambunctiously funny.

Mukhriz must remember that when his father, Tun Mahathir Mohamad charged Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for a cooked-up offence circa 1997-98, 100,000 people came out on the street. What do you call that? Peace and tranquillity?

People resting? Or was that “unrest”? So, please answer this. Since when has an offence not become prosecutable for fear of an unrest? No wonder that guy from Penang who called the Chinese and Indians

“pendatang” was not charged. That would have caused unrest too, huh? I think I should speed up my invention of a talk cock eater.

As events would have it, while I was spraying Febreeze on my carpet — to clean out yet another puke after that statement — my stomach churned again.

This time from Minister Hishamuddin’s statement that those responsible for the cow-head demonstration should be charged in Court. I then felt faint. Everything went black. My head was spinning. I blacked out. Apparently I suffer from U-turn phobia.

Speaking of U-turns, guys and gals, you all would remember Minister Rais Yatim’s internet filter debacle. One minute he wanted to filter the internet and was driving 200 mph in his Proton Perdana to Filterville.

The next minute he made a U-turn, Of course, to the delight of all and sundry. Not after the whole world had read about the earlier decision though. The World - 1, Malaysia - 0.

Then His Royal Excellent I-have-changed-my-mode Minister announced that the Black Eyed Peas concert in Malaysia was only allowed for non-Muslims. Again, Minister Ng Yen Yen of the Tourism Ministry was so thankful for the wholly free publicity that Malaysia was having world wide. It looked like Ambassador Todt would be out of job soon, if our Government continues at this rate. The World - 2, Malaysia - 0.

Of course, a couple of days later, when the anger caused by the first announcement had barely subsided, the decision on the BEP concert was reversed. Now Muslims can go. I thought the news page I was reading did not upload completely. Because I was dead sure there must be a catch right? Like Muslims can go but shall be confined to a male and female-only areas on the roof of the stage or something. And they shall not dance. And Fergie must wear only batik baju kurung with a slit of not more than 2 inches in length. But no, there weren’t such limitations. Phew.... Anyway, by this time, the World led by 3 to Malaysia 0.

Apparently this is getting to be some sort of a tradition. This U-turning aka flip-flopping like some penguins walking on ice while wearing diving foot wear. Flip, flip. Flop. Like that. Flip, flip, flip. Flop. You get what I mean.

Before this, of course when Teoh Beng Hock was found dead at MACC’s office, our DPM quickly said there will be no Royal Commission. About three days later, a Royal Commission was duly established. The World - 4, Malaysia - 0.

Before that there was the issue of teaching Maths and Science in Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Kebangsaan aka Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Baku and back to Bahasa Melayu. Flip and then flop. U-turn.

Ahah. Now His Excellent Minister Refined Rais is thinking of imposing conditions on ASTRO, contrary to the license being granted to Astro all these while. OSK has warned that this might have a negative impact on foreign direct investment.

Of course it will. Who in his or her right mind would want to come and invest in Malaysia if the parameters within which his or her business is to be carried out cannot be ascertained with certainty? The World - 5, Malaysia - 0.

But the one which stole the thunder form everything else was His Excellent former Minister -We-Have-Erections-Once-Every-Five-Years Zainuddin Mydin. Singapore was “sacked” from Malaysia because of Lee Kuan Yew’s Chinese-centric mantra. As if now, all Chinese Malaysians who are perceivably critical of the Government could be herded onto an island — ala the stray dogs in whatever pulau recently — and left to become cannibals out of hunger.

Of course, he had to leave the best for last. Yes. Singapore apparently has a third world democracy with a developed world mentality. Malaysia on the other hand has developed world democracy but a third world mentality. Mr Ex Minister, a democracy, unlike sex, does not have many positions or level. Either you have it or not. You do not have a doggie style democracy, a reverse cow gal democracy or whatever. Just plain democracy.

As for third world mentality, well, you can add Mad Cow disease to that as well. But it is not common among all Malaysians mind you. It only afflicts some people. They know who they are. The World 6, Malaysia 0.

Then, yesterday, TLDM received its first ever, ever, ever submarine.

The World 6. 1 Malaysia.


[Source: The MalaysianInsider]

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yet another by-election on the way

Barisan Nasional's Bagan Pinang state assemblyperson Azman Mohd Noor, 54, passed away today from blood infection.

He passed away at about 2.30pm at the Seremban Specialist Centre.

His death will pave way for the ninth by-election since the March 2008 general election.

The outcome of the by-election however will not jeopardise the BN's control in the state as the coalition controls 20 other seats out of 36 in all. Pakatan controls the remaining 15 - DAP (10), PKR (4) and PAS (one).

In March 2008, Azman defeated PAS' Ramli Ismail by 2,333-vote majority.

He was a first-term state representative.

The seat is one of the five state seats under the Teluk Kemang parliamentary seat in Negri Sembilan, currently held by PKR's Kamarul Baharin Abbas.

Of the five state seats in Teluk Kemang, two are held by Umno, two by PKR and one by DAP.

[Source: Malaysiakini]

Is this part of Najib's plan to take back Selangor?

Pictures don't lie and these are some of the photos taken during the recent protest by the Section 23 Malay residents over the re-location of a Hindu temple to that area. So, the question on everyone's lips is "Is this one of Najib's tactics in taking back Selangor into the BN fold?" As can be seen from the pictures, an UMNO leader is involved.

(Image courtesy of Penarik Beca)

The BROTHER of the Shah Alam Umno Division Chief , Ahmad Nawawi, was one of those carrying the cow’s head to protest relocating a Hindu temple, says Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad. He said Umno is trying to destabilise the state government by using race baiting tactics such as painting the Malay-Muslim community as under siege from non Malays. Khalid said that he had met the residents in June over the proposed temple relocation and thinks Umno has since then inflamed the sentiments of the residents. He cited the actions of Datuk Noh Omar, the Umno State deputy liaison chairman and Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, as the catalyst for the residents’ recent inflammatory protest.

Ahmad Nawawi
Head of UMNO Shah Alam Division

If one was to read Jacqueline Ann Surin's article in the NutGraph, normal right-thinking Malay/Muslims do not behave in such an atrocious manner unless they were led by the horn (pardon the pun) to believe something is going to be terribly wrong should the temple be re-located.

Blogger "Malaysian Unplugged" posed the following to Hishammuddin Hussein which I find beg answers.

On why police allowed the 50 demonstrators to proceed without interruption:

Hishammuddin told reporters that the police allowed the demonstrators to proceed because the numbers of protestors were small.

Put is simply, this is what Hishamuddin has to say:
1. Pleading ignorance will get you out of trouble with the government and police. And the ISA is dead.

2. Any gatherings with head counts numbering 50 and below will be allowed from now onwards. No permit or permission required to be applied from the authorities. Again, the ISA is dead.

I did not come up with the above. Hishammuddin Hussein did.
  1. In the future, should any group of less than 50 people gather outside a church and burn the bible at its footstep, no action can be taken by the police and government authorities.Those who gather can simply plead ignorance of the intention of someone to burn the bible and they will be let off scot free.

    Hishamuddin, are YOU going to be responsible for any repercussions?
  2. In the future, should any group of less than 50 people gather outside the Kuan Yin temple and bring along, yet another, cow’s head, step and spit at it, no action can be taken by the police and government authorities. Those who gathered can simply plead ignorance of the intention of someone to bring the cow’s head and they will be let off scot free.
    Hishamuddin, are you going to be responsible for any repercussions?
  3. In the future, should any group of less than 50 people gather outside a mosque and bring along a pig’s head, step and spit at it, no action can be taken by the police and government authorities.Those who gathered can simply plead ignorance of the intention of someone to bring the pig’s head and they will be let off scot free.

    Hishammuddin, are you going to be responsible for any repercussions?
  4. In the future, should any group of less than 50 people gather at Wisma MCA and bring along a keris, wave it, kiss it and call for the keris to be soaked in Chinese blood, no action can be taken by the police and government authorities. Those who gathered can simply plead ignorance of the intention of someone to bring the keris and they will be let off scot free.

    Hishamuddin, are you going to be responsible for any repercussions?

  5. In the future, should any group of less than 50 people gather outside UMNO’s HQ, PWTC, and bring along a full size roasted pig, chop it and feast on it at the doorstep of PWTC, no action can be taken by the police and government authorities. Those who gathered can simply plead ignorance of the intention of someone to bring the pig and they will be let off scot free.
    ishamuddin, are you going to be responsible for any repercussions?
Geronimo's Take: I guess BERSIH, HINDRAF and the ANTI-ISA MOVEMENT, can now go ahead with any protest without a police permit so long as it is 50 and below people participating. If you have a large group of 10,000 please make sure they are broken up into 50 per group and have them scattered all over the state or country to make a point.

A Malay Singaporean speaks

Khartini Khalid, a Malay Singaporean wrote : I am a Malay Singaporean and I am proud of it — though the label “Malay Singaporean” often seems to make little sense to people outside of South-east Asia.

In my travels to other countries and in my current place of residence in the United States, I am often quizzed as to the meaning of this label. “You mean, you are Malaysian?” I am asked. Or: “I thought Malays are Malaysians?”

My answer, each time, is “no”. Regardless of how often I have to repeat myself, I try, each time, to explain the differences between Malay Singaporeans and Malay Malaysians. I say that history had united us and then separated us. Political leaderships and national policies have made us very distinct from one another.

This was not always the case. For many years after Separation, the racial and religious identities of Malay Muslims in Malaysia and Singapore took precedence over their national identities.

However, things have changed drastically over the past few decades and much of that has to do with how politics shaped the two communities.

I first realised how different I am from Malay Malaysians when I stayed in a kampung in Negri Sembilan for a week. I was there for a mini research project with some students — a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian Singaporeans, plus a few foreigners. We stayed with host families in a Malay village.

After the first four days in the village, I felt something was amiss. I could not put a finger on what it was. It was only when I was hanging out at a roadside stall and saw a Chinese man that it dawned on me what I was missing: I had not seen a single non-Malay person (outside of my student group) for four whole days!

The Chinese in the area lived in a separate village across the street while the Indians lived in yet another village near some plantations. In Seremban, I saw a building for a Chinese leisure club and another for Malay games or social activities.

Singapore was once like that. But over the decades, it changed. Every day now, when we step out of our flats, we see our Chinese, Indian and perhaps Eurasian neighbours. We share the same lifts, corridors, void decks, community parks and common spaces. We go to the same schools and workplaces. Our parliamentary representatives are multiracial. Malay Singaporeans are as much a part of the everyday realities of Chinese, Indian and Eurasian Singaporeans as they are of ours. This cannot be said of Malay and non-Malay Malaysians. In short, Malay Malaysians and Malay Singaporeans live in different political and social realities.

In a recent column published in Utusan Malaysia, former Malaysian information minister Zainuddin Maidin said that Malaysia’s current racial controversies mirror the issues that surfaced in the country during the May 1969 riots. He also said that Malaysia was right to remove Singapore as it had been a thorn in Malaysia’s flesh. The “poison...spilled by Kuan Yew more than 40 years ago,” he suggested, is the reason race relations remain fraught in Malaysia.

I wonder how wanting a system that promises equality for all, as compared to one that is biased and discriminating, can be “poison”. Well, perhaps one man’s meat is another man’s “poison”. Thanks to the “meat”, Singapore has become a city state where different races co-exist peacefully and all benefit from a meritocratic system.

Should Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew have ruled Singapore using the Malaysian “model”, with discriminatory policies favouring one racial group over others, people like me might have failed to enter university though our grades are good while people of another race are admitted though their grades are poor. We would then, understandably, have felt aggrieved and over time this would have manifested itself in unpleasant social tensions.

This brings me to Datuk Seri Zainuddin’s comment that “Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy”.

I accept his point that Singapore has a developed world mentality and do not deny that Singapore’s democracy is not like that of other First World countries’. Whether we will be better off having such a democracy is another debate altogether. However, I think Singapore has greater political, economic and social democracy than Malaysia. There is no money politics here, and our system of equity based on merit pervades almost all sectors of our society.

Singapore has changed phenomenally since its separation from Malaysia. There are still challenges to overcome in the different communities, including among Malay Singaporeans, but we are at least at peace with one another.

History teaches great lessons – but only to those who want to learn from it. — The Straits Times

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More proof that Utusan is just a piece of crap!

Ex-Chief Editor of Utusan Malaysia and ex-Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin gave the country an “interesting” piece of his mind in Utusan Malaysia On September 1, the day after Merdeka.

The article was certainly in poor taste for a Merdeka season message as it not only fails in building up a sense of Malaysian patriotism, the good Datuk also chooses to antagonise our closest neighbour and ex-member of Malaysia. His story that Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia for questioning the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu practically paints them as an “enemy of the state”.

It is so reminiscent of the third rate propaganda shovelled out to be consumed by the citizens of countries such as USSR, North Korea, Burma and other propaganda heavy governments. Scare the citizens with stories of the foreign devils and they will run back to the arms of the ruling junta!

Please…that’s so last century!

That line of propaganda only works if the majority of the population is kept ignorant of the world at large, so that they can be easily scared with such stories.

But in case our ex-chief editor and ex-Information Minister has forgotten,
we are living in the INFORMATION AGE. Information is freely available at the click of a mouse button.

There are plenty of websites offering information on Singapore’s secession from Malaysia. Or one could do it the old fashioned way – go to a library and look it up. It’s not too difficult to verify whether the supposed political bogeyman exists or not!

But what takes the cake surely must be this line he penned:

“Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality, while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy.”

When I read this, the first image that jumped to my mind was one of an
onion – it smells, it stings the eyes and it’s has so many layers (of stupid).

Just what is a “Third World democracy” as opposed to a “developed world democracy”? Was that meant to be an insult to our neighbours who have one of the cleanest governments in the world? Or is it meant to be a compliment to Malaysia – the country where thugs can be brought into a state assembly to throw the sitting Speaker out?

And just what is a “developed world mentality” as opposed to a “Third World mentality”?

Self development guru, Stephen Covey says that everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in the real world. Lawyers have to plan a case before it is argues in court. Architects have to draw plans before the building is constructed. The skill and quality of the planning directly affects the quality of the final results. Anyone with half a brain would know this!

Now wouldn’t it make sense that a “developed world mentality” can build a “developed world democracy” while a “Third World mentality” will develop a “Third World democracy”?

By proclaiming that Malaysia has a “Third World mentality” Datuk Zainuddin has shot himself in the foot and embarassed Malaysia once again. Already, we are in the world news for all the wrong reasons. The political manoeuvrings, the Teoh Beng Hock death, banning of Muslims from the Black Eyed Peas concert (and subsequent flip-flop on the ban), and the latest the cow head

Now THIS?!

Already the Singapore papers have picked up on this and I can just imagine our neighbours down south snickering at the top politicians’ “Minister-level intellect”.

All these news only shows the world that the BN under Najib’s administration has no idea how to manage the country. Once not too long ago we were one of the 5 tigers of Asia. Now, Malaysia is now rapidly losing credibility in the eyes of the world. Our world rankings in education, human rights, corruption, journalism, FDI and others are slipping year to year.

The international news and opinions about our country have been humiliating enough and we certainly do not need the likes of Datuk Zainuddin creating even more “news” for us, even if he’s been allowed to be loose in the editorial rooms of Utusan!

[Source: Eyes Wide Open]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be ready, be very ready. ASTRO may go the way of TV3, RTM1, RTM2, NTV7, etc

In what could be a major policy U-turn, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim is reviewing Astro’s exclusive 20 year operating licence as his ministry battles with the pay-TV company to include more government-friendly and 1 Malaysia programming.

The review carries grave implications on the government’s investment policies and guarantees at a time when foreign direct investment is falling in Malaysia apart from revenues for Astro, which is partly owned by state asset manager Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

It could also affect main shareholder T. Ananda Krishnan’s plans to re-list mobile operator Maxis Bhd, a RM2 billion exercise that would lead to liquidity in the local bourse after a request from prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

It is not known if the Cabinet is aware of the licence review. Astro began operations in 1996 after completing its state-of-the-art All-Asia Broadcast Centre in Bukit Jalil, Selangor and was listed on the Bursa Saham in 2003. Astro’s share price closed RM3.45, down 3 sen, yesterday.

Rais’s Information, Communications and Culture ministry had earlier tried to gauge the feasibility of an Internet Filter, ostensibly to censor pornography although critics said it was to silence online dissent. Najib has reiterated he will not allow internet censorship.

“There has been some communication on the review. Astro of course is refusing any changes,” a government source told The Malaysian Insider, adding it would involve contractual changes and reimbursement of losses due to the exclusivity now enjoyed by Astro.

He added no decision has been made at this point due to the delicate nature of talks.

Astro All Asia Network plc’s (Astro) subsidiary, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems, now has an exclusive licence till 2017 for satellite direct-to-home (DTH) transmission in Malaysia.

It is understood former Information Minister Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat allowed the exclusivity due to the small Malaysian market for pay-TV operations. Astro also provides the service to Brunei.

A rival terrestrial operation — MegaTV — run by the Finance Ministry and private station Syarikat Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (STMB) which runs TV3 ran aground after a few years while another service operated by tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan called MiTV failed to make headway.

Astro has had several run-ins with the ministry over its programming with government officials grumbling that opposition politicians get better airplay in several channels. The satellite TV operator says it gives equal airplay to politicians from both sides of the divide.

To please the government, Astro recently launched a month-long series of 150 programmes, carrying the themed ‘NegaraKU, The Best of 1Malaysia’ to celebrate Merdeka and 1 Malaysia.

Rohana Rozhan, Astro’s chief executive officer, had said the premiere titles will showcase Malaysia’s rich diversity, achievements, personalities, beauty, cultures and nature to the world from Aug 15 to Sept 15.

“Our strong partnerships with global media networks like Discovery, National Geographic, CNBC, Asian Food Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel and many more, have enabled us to promote our country and our people to the world via our international partners.

“We also hope to inspire pride in Malaysians through our showcase of the greatest episodes highlighting the best of 1 Malaysia,” Rohana said.

1 Malaysia is Najib’s slogan after taking over as prime minister last April and Rais, who has been in government for 35 years, has taken great pains to get private television operators to showcase the theme.

His officials have taken special umbrage over talkshows in Astro’s own Awani channel and Al-Jazeera, privately blaming them for the wave of dissent against the Barisan Nasional government, particularly by ethnic Indians in a rare November 2007 protest.

A recent promotional trailer by Discovery Channel highlighting its series Enigmatic Malaysia also caused some trouble with giant neighbour Indonesia for accidentally promoting the Balinese Tari Pendet as Malaysian. Discovery has apologised for the error.

Astro’s main shareholder Ananda was earlier set to restructure the satellite television operator in a RM9 billion transaction that will rank as the region’s largest corporate exercise so far this year.

Under the proposed corporate deal, Astro’s two main shareholders — the Ananda-controlled private investment company Usaha Tegas and Khazanah — will acquire the satellite television company’s fledgling and still unprofitable international business interests.

Under the transaction, Khazanah was to receive close to RM340 million from the dividend payout, bankers with knowledge of the deal said. Khazanah was also to retain its 22 per cent interest in the listed Malaysian entity and control a roughly 33 per cent stake in the private vehicle that will house Astro international business.

Ananda’s Usaha Tegas and its other affiliates will control the remainder in the yet-to-be-named private entity, the bankers said. But the deal was called off.

Over the past decade, the 71-year-old Ananda — who is ranked as one of South-east Asia’s wealthiest tycoons — has emerged as a powerful force in the region’s multimedia sector, with Astro and Maxis forming the cornerstones of his new-media empire.

Astro, which has invested over RM1 billion to develop its own content for the region’s large Malay-language speaking population, beams its services to more than three million households currently with 116 channels.

But results from its overseas investments have been mixed. Its foray into Indonesia, under a joint venture project with the powerful Lippo Group controlled by the Riady family, has been a disaster.

Astro is now caught in a messy legal wrangle with Lippo and has been forced to make provision for losses of just over RM1 billion for its investment in the Indonesian venture.

The company has moved into the entertainment and media markets in India, China and other parts of South-east Asia, and bankers estimate that Astro will require investment of over RM1 billion in the next three years to develop these markets.

Revenues from the profitable Malaysian venture is key for its growth and any change in the contract could have adverse effects, analysts say.

[The Malaysian Insider]

Geronimo's Take: If this fella Rais Yatim is so much to touch ASTRO, I will give up my subscription. We don't need to be bombarded with more UMNO propaganda via this medium. After the poor services rendered to me by ASTRO, this could probably be the last straw.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The prayer that shocked the world


When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the
Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good", but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.
We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.
We have killed our unborn and called it choice.
We have shot anti-abortionists and called it justifiable.
We have neglected to discipline our children and called it
building self esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics.
We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.
We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.
We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!"

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively.

The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea.

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio program, "The Rest of
the Story," and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and whole-heartedly become our desire so that we again can be called: "one nation under God."

If possible, please pass this prayer on to your friends.
"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Section 23 Protest

Came across this article by blogger Dr Rafick with regard to the recent protest by the residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam.

1. Upon reaching home today at 530 pm, I open up my computer as usual
and browsed my favorite online newspaper. I was shocked to see that all of them carried the story of a group of Malay-Muslim protesters claiming to be residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam carrying the severed head of a cow to the Selangor State Secretariat building.

2. The people who claims to be Muslims has shown how ignorant they are about Islam and how their action has brought shame to the religion of Islam and to other Muslims. They did not defend Islam but had portrayed Muslims as fools. I am so angry with Mahyuddin Manaf and the
residents there for their action.

3. I questioned their motives and agenda. I questioned their action of carrying a severed head of a cow which is a sacred animal to the Hindus. If their action is not considered seditious and a threat to the nation, I don't know what else is needed to qualify. The government must ensure that all might of the law must be taken against this group of 50 people especially their leaders. PR and BN must agree
on this matter.

4. I grew up all over Malaysia and in the 70's after the sudden demise of my father; the whole family went back to a small town, north of Ipoh, called Chemor. As far back as I could remember, directly behind
the Chemor mosque there is a Chinese temple and within a walking distance from there lies an Indian temple. As far as I know, all communities lives harmoniously and tolerate each other "ding, bang, tong and screams" There had not been any problems.

5. I cannot comprehend the argument that was raised by the Residents Association Deputy Chairman that claims with a temple on their residential area where they have 90% Muslim; they cannot function properly as Muslims. They claims that with the temple will disrupt their daily activities like prayers in the Surau. This is the most
ridiculous argument that I have ever heard.

6. I would like to suggest that the Section 23 residents take a study trip to Kota Bharu. Just drive outskirt of Kota Bharu and you will find plenty of Buddhist temples. Some of the biggest Buddha statues are located outskirt of Kota Bharu. We are talking about a state of
99% Muslims. Do you hear problems among the Kelantanese? These are people who have very strong opinion about Islam and yet they behave in a level minded manner.

7. I believe people who has been to Hong Kong knows what I meant. In an area called Tsim Sha Tsui, there is a big mosque located a walking distance from the MRT station. The mosque called for Azan five times a
day. The Muslims are minority but yet they can continue to practice their religion in the middle of millions of non Muslims within a commercial district. There hasn't been problems.

8. About three months ago the new mosque of Bukit Antarabangsa was opened. The mosque is located 50 meters from my house. For the record,
I live in a Taman where the majority of the residents are non Muslims. My Taman is unique in the sense that it is sandwiched between two long
hills. In the first few weeks the mosque loud speakers volume and direction was not adjusted, hence the Azan which was
supposed to sound nice and melodious sounds more like a very unpleasant noise. It is
like sitting in a car and blasting the sentimental music at full

9. I was very uncomfortable. I thought I was the only one but a casual chat with other Muslims neighbors in my area led to the same conclusion. One Muslim neighbor said that he was so distressed that he
would closed all his doors and windows during the Azan. If we the Muslim felt so distressed, how would the non Muslims felt? We decided to do something about it.

10. Among us the Muslims, without any pressure from the Non Muslim, we analyzed the issue and look for a solution. Azan is meant to be a sign
for the calling of prayers. There were two loud speakers directed at our Taman and the bouncing sound against the hills cause such a ding!
On behalf of us, we asked our Resident Association Chairman to talk to the Mosque Chairman who is a respected and known to be a reasonable person.

11. We put forward our points on the basis of the purpose of the Azan and the location of various other Surau nearby and physics. The very nature of the surrounding hills around our Taman and Mosque is turning
the Azan into a loud and unpleasant noise. I must say Alhamdulillah as he sees that we make sense.

12. Immediately, the mosque committee decided to reduce the volume until they repositioned the loudspeakers again. We are now enjoying
the sound of Azan and prayers in its melodious tone until they get someone to repositioned the loud speakers.

13. While this was going on, there were one or two people who make immature remarks during the mosque meeting that if the sound of Azan
is too loud, the people who cannot tolerate it should move out. I know who these persons are and I know where they lives. I think they does not understand what we meant and it cross our mind that we should sponsor a loud speaker and place it right in front of their house so that he can hear the Azan "loud and clear" five times a day. It occurred to me whether the same argument should be put forward the
residents of section 23 Shah Alam.

14. The actions taken by 50 odd residents of Section 23 have brought shame to all Muslims in Malaysia. They have shown their ugly side of their conduct. They have been disrespectful. They have defamed Islam.
They hide behind the veil of the religion for their ugly, uncivilized and barbaric act. To all my Hindu friends, I apologize for their ignorance. To the PM and the MB of Selangor, please take the full
might of the law on this people who had defamed Islam. To the other Muslim residents of Section 23 Shah Alam, please talk some sense to this 50 people! To the Hindus, please forgive them for their ignorance!

[Photo: Malaysiakini]