Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Gay Question.

Written by FinanceTwitter

The Orlando mass shooting that left at least 50 people dead while injured another 53 can be used to provide an answer to a burning question. Nope, we’re not going into the debate of “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all Terrorists are Muslims”. After the Sunday terrorising by Omar Mateen (full name: Omar Mir Seddique Mateen), the answer is obvious.

For as long as one can remember, while all terrorists targeting non-Muslims’ interest and innocent lives somehow ended up as Muslims, the Muslimswouldn’t admit they support terrorism. But if they don’t support such violence, as they claim they are, one would expect them to condemn and protest the killing of innocent lives – in a massive way.

Orlando Florida Terrorism - People Mourning

Was there any huge demonstration by Muslims community around the world condemning the Orlando terrorism? Nil, Nada, Nothing, Zero, Zilch. Therefore, can we conclude that Muslims actually do celebrate the slaughtering of innocent lives, as long as those being butchered were non-Muslims? Are you already mad and foaming on the mouth with this fact?

Look no further for proof but Malaysia, a country whose prime minister was President Barack Hussein Obama’s golfing buddy. Not only did some Malaysian Muslims celebrate the Orlando killing, some actually wished those injured would not make it. These show there’re Muslims in Malaysia who are no difference from ISIS who treats human no better than animals.
Malaysian Muslims Protest Gays Lesbians

Like it or not, some Muslims do love reading mass killing of non-Muslims by their Muslim brothers. It was what the Muslims do, or don’t do, that add fuels to Islamophobia. When we called Omar Mateen a radicalized Islamic terrorist, some Malaysian Muslims retaliated and justified that those gays deserved to be slaughtered because homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.

Recently, a 15-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants on charges of homosexuality and he was thrown from the top of a building in central Deir ez-Zor, Syria. Amazingly, the man who raped him – a prominent ISIS officer Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi – was just demoted and sent to the front lines. Going by these Malaysian Muslims’ logic, is their Islamic teaching the same as those practiced by ISIS?

Tim Cook - Pose with Male

Some Malaysian Muslims might not realize it but the iPhone they used to send message celebrating the Orlando terrorism came from a company called Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook is “gay” (*grin*). Guess what; a former MP – Zahrain Mohd Hashim – whom Malaysian Muslims had helped voting into the parliament is also “gay”.

Heck, not only “homosexual” Mr Zahrain got elected, he was also later promoted as Malaysia’s Ambassador to Indonesia by Prime Minister Najib Razak, a Muslim. There’s more; to balance the “Yin” and “Yang”, Najib had also promoted a “lesbian” – Azalina Othman – as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Zahrain Mohd Hashim - Malaysia's Ambassador to Indonesia
Azalina Othman – Minister in the Prime Minsiter’s Department

What should these Malaysian Muslims do about the gay and lesbian in their own backyard? Ahh, it’s OK for Malaysian Muslims to be gays or lesbians, as long as they keep it quiet and deny about their sexual preference. Get real, there are tons of gay within Muslim men and it wasn’t their fault. One just needs to pay a visit to Kelantan, the Muslim’s holiest city in Malaysia, to see gay men.

While some Malaysian Muslims are cheering hero American-born Muslim Omar Mateen slaughtered non-Muslim gay Americans, turns out Mateen was a gay himself who had visited gay nightclub Pulse and frequented other gay clubs in the past. And he had used a dating apps – such as Grindr and Jack’d– on his phone to meet other men.

Orlando Florida Terrorism - Omar Mateen - Middle School Yearbook Photo - Driver License Photo - Gay

Mateen’s family said his acts of murder were committed due to his hatred of homosexuality. But his ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy, who was married to Mateen in 2009 for three months, claimed in an interview on Brazilian television station SBT Brazil that she believed he was homosexual. In fact, Mateen’s father had even referred to him as “gay” in front of her on at least one occasion.

According to a former classmate, he, Mateen and a few other friends went tofour gay clubs in the Treasure Coast and West Palm Beach in 2006 – Kashmir Night Club in West Palm Beach, Byrd Cage in Port St. Lucie, Cold Keg in Melbourne and Rebar in Port St. Lucie. So, was Mateen really a gay but chose to hide it because of anger or shame?

Sitora Yusufiy – Omar Mateen’s Ex-Wife

But if he was gay, why did he choose spraying bullets on gays? His father claims it was the kissing incident – he saw two men kissing in Miami – that had actually fueled his rage and subsequently the shootings. Does it make sense that Mateen couldn’t stand the sight of two men kissing but had enjoyed partying in gay nightclubs, where people did more than kissing?

Was Omar Mateen a Muslim gay or a radicalised Islamic terrorist? Perhaps both. Perhaps he wanted to be open about being gay, like other happy gay couples, but was stuck because of his religion. Perhaps the sight of two men kissing was his tipping point and he snapped because he couldn’t enjoy such delicious moment – openly.

Orlando Florida Terrorism - Omar Mateen

And since he was radicalised from his trips to Saudi Arabia, allegedly performing “umrah”, he saw it as an opportunity to end his miserable and shameful life using Islam as a tool to kill all the happy gays on that fateful Sunday. Will he still get 72 virgins (guys) in heaven? If only the God could Whatsapp a message, or at least update His Facebook. -