Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are our universities mission driven to excel?

Mission statements are important to organisation for they have a profound impact on the stakeholders to drive them to excel. Just like any other corporate entity, universities too have their mission statements to bring about change that can have an effect on the lives the staff and students. Below are some mission statements made by universities worldwide who made it to the top 400 in the recent released Times Higher Education (THE) magazine list. After reading these mission statements, compare with those of our local universities listed below and you will understand why we are not 'there'. The question is, are we mission driven enough to excel?

Ranking : 1

Ranking : 5
Ranking : 6

Ranking : 34

Ranking : 40
Ranking : 151

Ranking : 351-400
Note: The university has even emphasised on the teaching and learning of English in its mission statement.


"To advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and humanity.


"To inculcate innovation in UKM and promote the transfer of UKM technology, know-how and innovation for society's use and benefit while generating unresticted income to support research and education and create new enterprises from technology."


"To enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputras in all fields of study through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics."


"To be a leading centre of learning and research contributing not only towards human advancement and discovery of knowledge but also to the creation of wealth and nation building."

Monday, October 10, 2011

OC Phang does not understand the meaning of bonds

Former Port Klang Authority (PKA) general manager OC Phang told the High Court here today she had no clue what bonds were or how they worked.

“I don’t understand bonds. I remember asking my project accountant what is this bonds thing. He also didn’t know,” she told Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik’s cheating trial.

Okay, for the less informed on the investment market, bond is nothing more than an asset which is part of a derivative instrument. Other assets include stocks, commodities, currencies, interest rates and market indexes.

A derivative instrument is a contract between two parties that specifies conditions—in particular, dates and the resulting values of the underlying variables—under which payments, or payoffs, are to be made between the parties.

To simplify it so that lay people like us can understand, this is how it goes.

Michael Wee is the proprietor of a pub in Damansara.

He realizes that virtually all of his customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronize his bar.

To solve this problem, he comes up with a new marketing plan that allows his customers to drink now, but pay later.

Michael keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).

Word gets around about Michael's "drink now, pay later" marketing strategy and, as a result, increasing numbers of customers flood into Michael's pub. Soon he has the largest sales volume for any bar in the Klang Valley.

By providing his customers freedom from immediate payment demands, Michael gets no resistance when, at regular intervals, he substantially increases his prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages.

Consequently, Michael's gross sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic vice-president at the local bank recognizes that these customer debts constitute valuable future assets and increases Michael's borrowing limit.

He sees no reason for any undue concern because he has the debts of the unemployed alcoholics as collateral!

At the bank's corporate headquarters, expert traders figure a way to make huge commissions, and transform these customer loans into DRINKBONDS.

These "securities" then are bundled and traded on international securities markets.

Naive investors don't really understand that the securities being sold to them as "AAA Secured Bonds" really are debts of unemployed alcoholics. Nevertheless, the bond prices continuously climb - and the securities soon become the hottest-selling items for some of the nation's leading brokerage houses.

One day, even though the bond prices still are climbing, a risk manager at the original local bank decides that the time has come to demand payment on the debts incurred by the drinkers at Michael's pub. He so informs Michael.

Michael then demands payment from his alcoholic patrons. But, being unemployed alcoholics -- they cannot pay back their drinking debts.

Since Michael cannot fulfill her loan obligations he is forced into bankruptcy. The pub closes and Michael's 11 employees lose their jobs.

Overnight, DRINKBOND prices drop by 90%.

The collapsed bond asset value destroys the bank's liquidity and prevents it from issuing new loans, thus freezing credit and economic activity in the community.

The suppliers of Michael's pub had granted him generous payment extensions and had invested their firms' pension funds in the BOND securities.

They find they are now faced with having to write off his bad debt and with losing over 90% of the presumed value of the bonds.

His beer supplier also claims bankruptcy, closing the doors on a family business that had endured for three generations, his wine supplier is taken over by a competitor, who immediately closes the local plant and lays off 150 workers.

Fortunately though, the bank, the brokerage houses and their respective executives are saved and bailed out by a multibillion ringgit no-strings attached cash infusion from the government.

The funds required for this bailout are obtained by new taxes levied on employed, middle-class, nondrinkers who have never been in Michael's pub.

Now do you understand?

How does Nasi Lemak 2.0 stack up against the other local films?

The above figures were compiled from a report from NST. You can read the full write-up here.

It is also with deep regret to note that TGV and GSC cinemas have decided to stop screening Nasi Lemak 2.0 after five weeks in its running with reasons best known to them.

Nonetheless, Namewee and his team deserves high praise for their efforts for putting up with the odds stacked against them, especially the lack of financial support from the government, ridicules from Utusan and demonstration against the screening of the film.

Congratulations are therefore in order for his successful debut into the celluloid

Statement by HRH Sultan of Selangor re: DUMC case

We, the Head of the Religion of Islam in the State of Selangor, take great concern over the actions by the Enforcement Division of the Selangor Department of the Religion of Islam (Jais) which carried out a search at the Thanksgiving Dinner event which was held at Hall 3, Dream Centre Complex, Section 13, Petaling Jaya on Aug 3, 2011.

We hope that the people of Selangor, regardless of race and religion, do not misconstrue and dispute the actions of Jais before knowing exactly the true facts of the actions taken.

As the State Department responsible for the enforcement of Islamic Laws in the State, Jais has the heavy task of ensuring that the Religion of Islam in Selangor is always protected and given prestige, in line with its position as the Religion of the State of Selangor under Article XLVII of the Laws of the Constitution of Selangor, 1959, as well as the religion of the Federation under Clause (1) Article 3 of the Federal Constitution.

Jais has submitted to Us the full report of the search carried out at the Dream Centre Complex, Section 13, Petaling Jaya as well as the subsequent actions taken by Jais. We have thoroughly read in detail the said report and We are satisfied that the actions of Jais were correct and did not breach any laws enforceable in Selangor.

The actions of Jais are in line with the jurisdiction provided under Syariah Criminal Procedure (State of Selangor) Enactment, 2003, Syariah Criminal (State of Selangor) Enactment, 1995 and Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, 1988.

The Religion of Islam as practiced in Selangor is one of tolerance. Muslims are always encouraged to respect the believers of other religions. However, persons or parties cannot take the opportunity to spread other religions to Muslims. This is in line with Clause (1) and (4) Article 11 of the Federal Constitution and Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, 1988, which prohibits the spread of other religions to Muslims.

Article XLVII of the Laws of the Constitution of Selangor 1959, Clause (1) Article 3 and Clause (1) Article 11 of the Federal Constitution have given the freedom to believers of other religions to practice their beliefs in peace and harmony. This freedom has been practised in harmony in this State. We wish that this harmony, which has existed for a long time, will continue to exist. Protect your rights and religion and do not attempt to subvert the belief and faith of Muslims.

Based on the investigations by Jais, there is evidence that there were attempts to subvert the faith and belief of Muslims but that the evidence obtained would be insufficient for further legal actions to be taken. Therefore, after carefully deliberating the report by Jais and after obtaining advice from religious authorities and legal experts, We are in agreement that there would be no prosecution against any parties.

Even so, We command that Jais provide counselling to Muslims who were involved in the said dinner, to restore their belief and faith in the Religion of Islam. We also command Jais to carry out preaching to Muslims in a more regular and organised manner so that their belief and faith towards Islam is protected and enhanced.

We hope that after this, any and all activities being carried out or which are going to be carried out for the purposes of spreading other religions to Muslims in Selangor must be ceased immediately and no further activities or anything similar to them are carried out in the future.

We, the Head of the Religion of Islam in the State of Selangor, are gravely concerned and extremely offended by the attempts of certain parties to weaken the faith and belief of Muslims in the State of Selangor. We command that Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) and Jais always conduct thorough observations and to take necessary actions without hesitation in line with the jurisdiction allowed under the law.

We also wish to take this opportunity to thank all parties who were concerned with this issue and to those who have given their cooperation and undivided support to Jais.

H.R.H. Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj

The Sultan of Selangor

Monday Humour

Bill Gates on the drink again????


A woman was enjoying a Happy Hours after work drink with her girlfriends when Steven, a tall, exceptionally handsome, extremely sexy, middle-aged man entered the room. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him.

This seasoned yet playful heartthrob noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her. (As any man would.) Before she could offer her apologies for staring so rudely, he leaned over and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00...

on one condition..."

Flabbergasted but intrigued, the woman asked what the condition was. The ma
n replied, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words."

The woman considered his proposition for a moment, and then slowly removed $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed into the man's hand along with her address. She looked deeply and passionately into his eyes, barely concealing her anticipation and excitement, and slowly and meaningfully said....

"Clean my house."


A Catholic, a Protestant, a Muslim and a Jew were in a discussion during a dinner.

Catholic: “I have a large fortune....I am going to buy Citibank!”

Protestant: “I am very wealthy and will buy General Motors!”

Muslim: “I am a fabulously rich prince.... I intend to purchase Microsoft!”

They then all wait for the Jew to speak....

The Jew stirs his coffee, places the spoon neatly on the table, takes a sip of his coffee, looks at them and casually says:

“I'm not selling!!!...”


Mathematician: How do you write 4 in between 5?

Response from :

Korean: Is this a joke?

Japanese : Impossible!

American : The question is all wrong!

British : It's not found on the internet.

Then an Indian replied : [Taa ...... Daaa]


This is the reason Indians are everywhere in the world: in finance, business, medicine, engineering ..... anything to do with using both sides of the brain.

Welcome to the future - the world of GLASS

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Okay, so now it was a 'search' and not a 'raid'

Selangor Islamic affairs exco member Hasan Ali today rapped the media for using the word 'raid' in describing the Aug 3 incident at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

Instead, he said, the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) had in fact just 'searched' the premises during the controversial incident.

NONE"The term 'search' has been changed to become 'raid'. Who raided (the place)? A raid involves acts of ransacking, kicking in doors, and throwing things around...

"(But the meaning of) 'search' is different... did the media see in the incident or really understand what took place?" he asked about 180 people, including media practitioners.

In his opening speech at a Jais-sponsored seminar entitled "The Implementation of Policy and Strategy: The Role of Media in Facing Threats to Faith", Hasan added that the word 'raid' implied that force was used by Jais.

"When Jais is reported to have conducted a raid, it means that Jais had acted roughly, did not follow investigation norms, that they were trying to cover up something and going against moral and religious teachings," he said.

Sympathise with Jais call

Defending Jais further, Hasan, who stressed he had no "conflict of interest" in the issue, also invited the audience to "show sympathy" to the embattled department.

"When I defend Jais in its involvement in the incident, I am not thinking as a PAS member or a politician (but) as someone who has been entrusted by God.

"My words are sincere, I speak of faith and syariah... I do not use the language of politics," he said.

Hasan, who is also Gombak Setia assemblyperson, said that in fact there are "a lot of things" that he wanted to say in relation to the incident, but was barred by the gag order issued by the menteri besar on all exco members.

He added that he had adhered to the gag order so that his statements could not be "manipulated" by the media.

pkr taman ehsan selayang ceramah 020810 hasan aliSpeaking to reporters later, he said that he "did not see" any errors in media reports of the controversial incident, but problems in the way the reports were slanted.

"This issue involves Muslims and non-Muslims, involving two religions, so it is very sensitive," Hasan (right) said, reminding reporters that the gag order was still in force.

Asked to elaborate on his call for sympathy for Jais, Hasan said this meant that the media should "report in the context in which Jais would want".

"I'm not asking you to support Jais, no, no, no. I want to see the media understand what Jais wants, its idealism and intentions," he said.

On when the Sultan of Selangor is expected to reveal the Jais report on the church incident, Hasan said that "it is not in his jurisdiction".

"That is between the MB (Abdul Khalid Ibrahim) and the sultan... it's best we wait for the palace to decide," he said.

On a separate matter, Hasan said he was still waiting for the sultan to make time to discuss the issue pertaining to accreditation for politicians to speak on religious matters.

He said that he was also looking to meet with the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (Mais) and Jais to discuss the matter.

“We will see when the sultan is available, and when Jais and Mais are free... but we will follow the palace’s schedule,” he said.

He added that Jais’ decision not to give accreditation to politicians had caused “slight confusion and unhappiness” among preachers who were also politicians.

Among those who have failed to obtain the mandatory accreditation is PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who has also been vocal against the Jais search of DUMC.

[Source: Mkini]


So, now it is a 'search' and not a 'raid'. I guess Hasan Ali must be taking us for a fool. If it was a 'search', then where was the search warrant? About 30 JAIS officers and police personnel entered a private premise where a private charity dinner is being hosted, UNINVITED, going from table to table asking the guests to produce their MyKad and then checking the place over for evidences that may implicate the organisers and Muslim guests of possible proselytisation, is not only trespassing in effect but the activities conducted was undoubtedly a 'raid'.

Maybe I am not so conversant with the various religious enactments passed by our state legislators but if it is true that JAIS and the police can conduct a search without a warrant and can enter a private premise without prior consent of the owner, then there is something very wrong with the law. It makes it appear as though we are living under the tyranny of the Nazis where the Gestapos could come knocking at your door in the middle of the night, enter the place as they like, make a search and then followed by arrests. If it is true, then who are the parties involved, besides UMNO, in passing this Act. The Act could not have come into effect during Pakatan's administration as such activities were carried out even before 2008. One possible answer ..... MCA and MIC! Even if they had protested against the raid, it was definitely a weak protest because they were a party to the passing of such an Act.

What JAIS could have done insofar as the DUMC is concerned :

1. Upon arriving at the church, have all the officers wait outside the premises of the building or outside the church gate. Some due respect must be given as this is a church not a drug den.

2. The leader of the party will then enter the premise and ask for the organiser.

3. Once the organiser is made known, the leader of the raid party identifies himself and state his purpose of the visit.

4. The organiser will then arrange a private room for the necessary interview between the JAIS officers and the Muslim guests.

5. The organiser can then go quietly from table to table to inform Muslim guests of JAIS presence and their purpose of wanting to interview them.

6. Once everything is ready, the leader than signal his men to enter the premises, quietly directing his men what to do. Long before the raid, JAIS officers should also be briefed of the DOs and DON'Ts when entering Christian churches or Hindu/Buddhist temples. Their job is not to alarm the guests and at the same traumatising them with their sudden appearance.

Respect begets respect. If you don't respect the religion of other faiths, how could you possibly expect others to respect you? It is so simple, and yet it is not adhered to.