Saturday, December 17, 2016

We meet again, 40 years later ....

December 12 2016 was and will be a special day to remember for all ex-Merliners as we gathered for the second re-union at the Royale Chulan Mutiara Hotel. As for me, I knew many of them back then in the 70s when I was working with the hotel group (Faber Merlin) as one its managers. Although I left three years later to pursue my other careers, the rest stayed on making a name for themselves in the hospitality industry. Today, many of them, are managing international hotels overseas and some local.

For the event, ex-Merliners flew in from the Philippines, Melbourne and Bhutan to join in the occasion, and what tales we had to tell as we walked down memory lane of the time when the KL Merlin stood tall in the heart of the Golden Triangle.
To grace the event, we had the presence of the three children of the late Dato Lim Foo Yoong, Mr OB Lim, Mr OK Lim and Belinda Lim.

Everyone contributed something to make the evening a memorable one. As for me, I did my part with music.

The imposing and towering sight of the once popular Kuala Lumpur Merlin.
Remembering their roots and it all began at the KL Merlin.

Eddie Yeo (L), former GM of the Pulau Tioman Merlin with Julian Blaydes, GM of the Royale Chulan Mutiara Hotel. Julian Blaydes was once a staff of the KL Merlin.

The ladies were former secretaries and managers with the hotel.
Andre Sibert, former GM of the Pulau Tioman Merlin, and me doing a number.
It was also the moment for us to celebrate the 80th birthday of George Loong, former GM of Kuantan Merlin.
Annette Yeo (L) was the former industrial nurse based at the KL Merlin.
Belinda Lim (daughter of the late Datuk Lim Foo Yoong) with Julian Blaydes on her right and Eddie Yeo standing behind her.
The blogger entertaining the crowd.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

In Memoriam of those who perished 23 years ago.

Today, is the 23rd anniversary of the Highland Towers tragedy that took 48 lives.
Let's remember those who have lost their lives.