Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nostalgic Weekend - Naomi and The Boys


Naomi Suriya endears her fans as the girl who always has to “say goodbye to her baby.” Her brother, Robert, composed several memorable hits for her with this undertone of tears all through.


The first lineup of The Boys consisted of Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Richards (organ), Moses Tay (rhythm), Henry Richards (bass), Jose Ahmad (drums). Naomi & The Boys released their first record with Philips in early 1965. An original composition, “It’s all over” quickly became No. 1 on the Singapore and Malaysia charts. The Boys then went through some changes. A new lineup emerged with Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Thomas (rhythm), Moses Tay (bass) and Alphonso Soosay (drums) which lasted until the end. With Naomi, their next record also produced another No. 1 hit with a cover version of “Happy happy birthday, baby!” Another original composition on the EP, “I know“, was also a smash hit. Robert’s song-writing machine continued to produce many more hits for Naomi & The Boys. They distinguished themselves as a local band with the confidence in themselves to sing and play their own original compositions. Naomi & The Boys were also credited with the first local Christmas EP.

It's all over

Happy Happy Birthday Baby [Live performance]!v=mpa7jfxUnsE&feature=related

As life goes one!v=-UFCsiEvH6Y&feature=related

Interview with Peter Thomas [Rhythm guitarist of The Boys]

The cartoons of Najib and Rosmah that got Zanur locked up

Cartoonist Zunar or Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque has been taken to the Sepanggar court for remand.

"It looks like the police want to keep him for a few days. I don't why but they seem to be really making fools of themselves," PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Zunar was arrested on Friday afternoon under Section 4 (1) of the Sedition Act, just hours to go before the launch of his third book CARTOON-O-PHOBIA.

Even so, the launch was a major success and former Perak Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin was given thunderous applause when he officiated the event held at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

A team from the Brickfields station led by ASP Arikrishna Apparau had raided Zunar's office and seized 66 copies of the book. They also took away a poster depicting Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

"Only in Malaysia, they said Anwar Ibrahim punched himself, Teoh Beng Hock strangled himself, DPM is powerless, cartoonist arrested for drawing," Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh said on Twitter.

CARTOON-O-PHOBIA will be sold at RM25. It can be purchased online via Gerakbudaya and Cartoon Kafe. Meanwhile, here are some of the cartoons that got Zunar locked up.

[Source: Malaysia Chronicle]

Police after Teo Nie Ching now

The police have started investigating the case of Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching's presence in a surau last month which sparked a controversy over her speech and the way she had dressed.

When contacted by Malaysiakini today, Teo said that the Kajang district police headquarters called her yesterday evening asking her to come in for questioning today.

teo nie ching uncensored 120908 01However, she declined, saying that she was too busy. No other dates have been set as yet, Teo said.

Teo (left) also said that, when asked, the police refused to tell her under which act she is being investigated for.

"They also didn't want to give me a copy of the police report lodged against me. In fact, they didn't even want to tell me who made that police report.

"I asked them and they didn't want to answer," she said.

However, she said that she is still mulling over whether or not to accede to the police request.

One sided yes, no, tug-of- war

Teo ignited a firestorm when Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysiafront-paged a photo of her speaking at a surau in Kajang Sentral on Aug 22, where the congregation had invited her into the prayer hall.

NONEApart from the photo which showed the first-term MP in a tight kebaya similar to the Singapore Airlines flight attendant's uniform with her head uncovered, the newspaper had also described her speech as tazkirah (religious advice).

In her own defence, Teo had said that she was explaining the Selangor government's policies and assistance programs in her speech.She also said that it was the surau committee which had invited her in.

The Selangor Islamic Council suspended the committee and issued Teo a caution for addressing the gathering at the surau.

Later,Teo had apologised to the Sultan of Selangor for the incident.

[Source: Mkini]

Friday, September 24, 2010

Naive, Dim-wit or Extreme? You tell me

When a young Malaysian rapper bashed racist principals with a vulgar but anti-racist video clip, he ended up in the police station for 8 hours while the 'non racist' principals were able to wander freely because 'investigation is under process'. Are they Naive, Dim-Wit, or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me!

When a 14-year old kid who sped off as police chased him ended up with bullets smashing into his head while the real murderers of a Mongolian model may still be walking on the streets, do we call this injustice? Or is it Naive, Dim-Wit, or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When 4 undergraduates who campaigned for the opposition during a by-election they were charged but the students who campaigned for the ruling party walked out with their heads held high (Siap berani update kat Twitter dan Facebook lagi! ) Do we call our judiciary corrupt? Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me

When Malaysians called for equality, 'some vocal leaders' jumped up and 'brilliantly' argued that these were 'ungrateful demanding people' who were also racists, while a 'genius' and 'non racist' columnist warned non-Malays to not challenge the status quo and even suggested that the Indians and Chinese 'migrate' to India and China'. Are they denying us our roots?
Or just Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a 'charismatic' leader delivered 'the most memorable speech': 'Shit Shit Shit' on Al Jazeera criticizing and insulting non- Malays, people who supposedly championed 1Malaysia kept mum. But when the mentor of a successful neighboring nation admonished Malaysia for its discriminating policies which marginalized people according to race, he was bashed by some Malaysians 'kononnya' he was trying to 'disrupt Malaysians' unity'. Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When Malaysians stood up and performed peaceful protest to seek justice for an innocent man who died one year ago in mysterious circumstances, they were dispersed brutally whereas some 'extremists' who behaved like morons in the name 'protest to seek justice' at the U.S. embassy (Bersihkanlah daki di bahu sendiri dulu) were graced and showered with praises (not forgetting the 'Jalur Gemilang' on their shoulder). Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When an outspoken lady spoke the truth about Malaysia in an interview with Indonesia, she was stamped as a 'traitor' while when '1Malaysian' twisted his policies and continued to keep mum while his team busied themselves bashing other races and spreading racial slurs, his component cronies shamelessly channeled their support to this '1Malaysian team'.
Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a '40 percent truths and 60 percent lies' news portal released documents proving corruption at the highest levels in the government, 'computer geniuses' blocked the website whereas when blogs like 'India membunuh Melayu' went unscathed after two Indian lawyers were arrested as suspects for Datuk Sosilawati's gruesome murder.
Are they Naive, Dim-Wit or Extremist? I do not know. You tell me.

When a lady MP went into a 'surau' to give some donations to renovate the surau, she was slammed in the media and labeled as 'dirty' and interestingly many Al Quran illiterates strongly warned the Non-Muslims that they should not enter Muslim's prayer spaces (Which Al Quran are they referring to? Their own version?). But when a group of 'extremists' protested the building of a temple next to a mosque by throwing cow-heads into the temple, a 'non extremist' defended them and claimed that it was not wrong as they only voicing up their rights. Are such people Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a group of constitutionally literate people were campaigning to educate people on our federal constitution, a group of 'well educated graduates' twisted the issue and blamed that this campaign was giving a wrong impression about constitution. Are they Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

Then there are the 'responsible and civilized Councilors' who put to sleep 9 'uncivilized and aggressive dogs' which purportedly belong to the 2 suspect lawyers in the Datuk Sosilawati murder case. Since, some of our basic human rights are not even recognized, it is ridiculous to expect the authorities to hear the 'voices of these innocent animals'. Why punish these animals? You can’t tell they belong to murderers and so should be killed. In any case, those lawyers are suspects. Isn’t it in Malaysia that, 'Seseorang tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan kesalahannya'.

Well, what else can we say about this nation and its ' idiotic dejavu' system where your own sperm could end up in your anus, a dead man can write a suicide note after strangling himself. Big jet engines can disappear but submarine cannot sink. What do we call these people? Naïve, Dim-Wit or Extremists? I do not know. You tell me.

Sudah malas mau cerita. Lu pikir la sendiri!!!!!!

[Source: Malaysian Chronicle]

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new release by Namewee - I Am Who I Am


Aku Tetap Aku
I am Who I am

我的名字 叫明志 這個自我介紹方式
Izinkan ku memperkenalkan diriku, nama saya ialah Namewee
My name is Namewee this is how I introduce myself

從小老師 就認為我是想要惹事
Sejak kecil lagi, cikgu ingatkan ku seorang yang suka buat hal
My teachers always thought I was looking for trouble

我熱愛文字 我討厭公式 我不想面對考試
Aku suka menulis, aku benci formula dan ujian sekolah
I love literature but I hate the school system and all its exams

Aku lagi tak suka jika sesiapa komen kat style rambut ku
I get annoyed when people comment on my hair style

我的思考方式 沒有人能夠抑制
Pemikiran style aku, tiada orang boleh Ubahi
I was born with a mind that is beyond the control of others

大人都固執的怪我固執 不懂事
Orang dewasa anggap aku ni degil dan tak matang
Adult always blamed me for being stubborn & naive

我明白 待人處事都有 它的模式
Aku tahu memang ada pelbagai caranya berurusan
I realized our society has its way of life

但不代表 全部人都要變成孔子
Tapi ia tak bermakna semua orang harus menjadi Konfusius
But that doesn’t mean all of us must become Confucius

十五歲 那年初我染上音樂的毒
Pada umur 15 tahun, aku discover muzik
Age of 15 I discovered the joy of music

我透過音符 來降低我內心的無助
Nota nota membantu ku lalui masa yang tak berdaya
Through its notes I find ways to express my thoughts

我學習美術 但依然無法省悟
Aku cuba belajari seni tetapi ia tak membantu
I tried picking up art but it could not hold my inner feelings

孤獨創造梵谷 還是梵谷創造孤獨
Adalah kesepian mencipta Van Gogh ataupun Van Gogh yang menciptakan kesepian?
Was loneliness created Van Gogh or Van Gogh created loneliness?

中學畢業後 華人得自求多福
Tamat sekolah menengah, kebanyakkan orang cina mencari rezeki di luar Negara
Upon finishing high school Chinese must find ways to further their studies

揮揮衣袖 我決定要到台灣留宿
Akhirnya, aku pun membuat keputusan untuk menginap di Taiwan
Faced with challenges I decided to pursue my education in Taiwan

爸爸媽媽不要擔心 我不會辜負
Ayah, mak jangan risau. Ku takkan buat kamu kecewa
Don’t worry mom and dad I promise not to fail you

等我讀完書 一定會回到歸屬
Habis belajar nanti, mesti saya balik ke Negara tercinta
I will return to my beloved home when I graduate

我會好好過 我必須好好過
Ku akan hidup dengan baik
I will be fine I must stay strong

想家的時候 我就打開電腦拼命創作
Apabila rindu kat keluarga, ku akan terus cipta lagu
When I lone for home I turn on my PC and started writing

牆壁上的大馬國旗 是我的寄託
Bendera Malaysia yang gantung kat dinding menjadi inspirasi ku
My Malaysian flag on the wall keeping my spirit alive

床頭的那張全家福 總是讓我振作
Gambar keluarga kat tepi katil tetap membuatkan ku lebih tabah
My family portrait beside my bed keeping my strong

一個人 在外國 要獨立生活
Seorang hidup di luar Negara, ku mesti lebih gagah
As a foreigner living in a strange country I learn to become independent

我做過很多工作 我面對很多數落
Aku buat banyak kerja sambilan, ku hadap banyak gagalan
I took up many jobs to pay my bills and tuition fees

無論再辛苦 還有音樂陪著我
Tak semestinya betapa susahnya, ku masih ditemani muzik
When times were tough at least I still had my music with me

我理想沒有變 因為我 還是我
Impian ku tidak berubah, kerana aku tetap aku
My dream did not change, I am still who I am

我有我自己的夢 自己會走
Aku akan berusaha mencapai impian ku sendiri
I have my own dream I will keep going

walaupun sunyi
Even it’s a lonely path

請原諒我的衝動 我會好好過
Maafkan impuls aku, aku akan hidup dengan baik-baik
Please forgive me for being impulsive, I will be fine

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

我不怕暴雨狂風 將我淹沒
Aku tak takut hujan lebat membanjiri ku
I’m not afraid the obstacles cos it will not drown me

Aku tetap akan berusaha
I will keep moving forward

就算旅途再癲頗 我不能回頭
Wakaupun jalan ini agak sukar tapi aku tak akan putus asa
Even if it is a journey of no return I will not give up

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

2007 年 那是個遲來的夏天
Tahun 2007, itu musim panas yang datang agak lewat
Summer came late in the year 2007

改編國歌事件 讓我人生從此改變
Mengubah lagu negaraku membuatkan hidupan ku berubah
My life was forever changed with my national anthem song

透過網際網絡 我闖了禍
Melalui internet, aku menghadapi masalah
I got into trouble through the cyber space

但我堅持沒有犯錯 有人 說我叛國
Aku disalah fahami dan ada orang kata aku ni pengkhidnat negara
I was misunderstood and got accused of betraying my country

有人 想幹掉我 有人 說不讓我回國
Ada yang tak bagi aku balik ke Negara, ada yang ingin bunuh aku
My life was threaten and I even was told I cannot come home

要我磕頭認錯 政客趁機出頭
Saya dipaksa mengaku salah, orang kuat semua keluar menunjuk muka
I was pushed into the limelight by influential people trying to gain fame

媒體還配合炒作 世界 各地的記者call我
Pihak media dari seluruh dunia tak berhenti call saya
Media got into the action and suddenly international reporters started calling me

Aku mesti tabah
I had to learn to stay calm

謠言越來越多 讓人陷入惶恐
Gosip angin semakin banyak, membuatkan ku makin risau
Rumours started flowing and my heart started pounding

甚至 還有人把偷渡路線圖 send給我
Saya juga terima peta haram tunjuk aku hilangkan diri
I even received maps with international escape routes

爸爸媽媽 對不起 不要難過
Ayah mak, ku minta maaf .. Janganlah kamu sedih
Sorry mom and dad please don’t be sad

牆壁上的國旗 我從來沒有拆過
Bendera Malaysia di dinding tidak pernah saya turunkan
I have not taken down the flag hanging in my bedroom

我破了千萬點閱 也上了各大版面
Youtube ku ditonton berjuta orang, gambarku juga dipampar dalam banyak surat khabar
My youtube video broke records and my face made newspaper covers

Ada orang suka dan ada orang benci. Aku mengahadapi ujian yang sukar ini
I got cheered and got booed I must learn to face the music now

我的故事 被文學家 寫進了書
Kisah aku dicatat oleh penulis buku
My story was documented into a book

我的臉 還被人畫成了 卡通人物
Muka aku dilukis sebagai kartoon
My face even got drawn into cartoon characters

再多褒與貶 都已經事過境遷
Banyak pujiaan dan hinaan ku alami, tapi ia bukan segalanya
I wished that all the fame and criticism would die down some day

畢業後的我 決定勇敢面對誤解
Lepas ku tamatkan pengajian, aku membuat keputusan menghadapi semua salah faham
Upon graduation I decided to return to my beloved country

我用陸路 交通跨越六個國度
Ku menggunakan jalan darat dan melepasi 6 Negara untuk balik ke Negara cinta
With only land routes I walked across 6 countries to come home

拍攝紀錄 沿途上的驚險 和領悟
Ku merakamkan sepanjang jalan yang meliputi ketakutaan dan kesedaran
I even shot a documentary on my challenging journey

一步步 很艱苦 終於回到大馬領土
Ia satu perjalanan yang sukar tetapi akhirnya ku berjaya balik ke Negara tercinta
Thought every step was tought I finally came home to Malaysia

被拍照 被訪問 還被叫到警察總部
Pihak media tangkap gambar ku, ada temu duga dan aku juga dipanggil ke balai polis
I got called to police station and faced many media interviews

雖然 你們都把我 當成公眾人物
Walaupun banyak anggap ku sebagai orang famous
Even though most think of me as public personality

但我必須穩住 要保持個人創作元素
Tapi aku mesti tabah, aku mesti tetap dengan ciptaan lagu ku
But I stayed true to myself to retain my creative art

我有我自己的夢 自己會走
Aku akan berusaha mencapai impian ku sendiri
I have my own dream I will keep going

walaupun sunyi
Even it’s a lonely path

請原諒我的衝動 我會好好過
Maafkan impuls aku, aku akan hidup dengan baik-baik
Please forgive me for being impulsive, I will be fine

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

我不怕暴雨狂風 將我淹沒
Aku tak takut hujan lebat membanjiri ku
I’m not afraid the obstacles cos it will not drown me

Aku tetap akan berusaha
I will keep moving forward

就算旅途再癲頗 我不能回頭
Wakaupun jalan ini agak sukar tapi aku tak akan putus asa
Even if it is a journey of no return I will not give up

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

有人說 我的作品荼毒青年思想
Ada orang marah hasil lagu ku mencemarkan fikiran remaja
People criticized my songs for poisoning the younger generation

有人說 我的頭腦都在胡思亂想
Ada orang mengata otak ku memikirkan perkara yang bukan-bukan
Some said my mind is full of dirty thoughts

說我亂講 說我是社會毒瘤發癢
Mengatakan aku ni merosakan moral masyarakat
That I have bad morel in the civil society

還怪我 變成他兒子的偶像
Ada juga yang mengalahkan ku jadi idola kepada anaknya
Some just blamed me for becoming his son’s idol

面對攻擊 我早就已經習慣
Aku dah biasa menghadapi semua halangan ini
I am used to faced difficult situations

保持沉默微笑 是我最好的答案
Menjadi keheningan sambil senyum adalah jawapan yang ku bagi
Keeping silent is my best defense and response

裝模作樣 從來就 不是我的強項
Aku tak suka menjadi kikuk depan orang
Putting a fake face is never an option for me

但我出門逛逛 卻要偽偽裝裝
Sekarang aku keluar, susah sangat boleh menjadi diri sendiri lagi
I can no longer be myself when I go out

我的email 每天都有人來 訴苦
Tiap-tiap hari aku terima email dari orang lain tuk mengeluh
People write to me pleading for help everyday

但我愛莫能助因為我不是 政府
Tapi aku tak berupaya kerana aku bukan pihak kerajaan
I just cannot do much because I am not the government

你們來我facebook 鼓勵我 詆毀我
Ada yang mendorong ku di facebook dan ada juga yang menghina ku
Some come to my Facebook supporting and slandering me

Aku tak delete komen-komen kerana ini adalah kebebasan bicara semua
I didn’t delete because it is their freedom of speech

我想要讓你聽見 讓你看見
Aku nak bagi kau dengar, aku nak bagi kau Nampak
I want you to listen and I want you to see

我想說的話 我的電影 和我的音樂
Apa yang ingin ku ucapkan, filem ku, dan muzik ku
The messages I convey through my voice, my film and my music

徘徊尺度邊緣 自由自在的暢所欲言
Adalah kebebasan bicara
Walking the fine line in freedom of speech

那是主流媒體 永遠看不到的世界
Inilah tempat yang tidak boleh diperjuangkan oleh mainstream media
Which is something the mainstream media can never understand

我站在不 同的的角度我不會停下腳步
Aku memandang dunia dari pelbagai sudut dan tidak akan berhentikan langkahku
I stand from a different point and I will not stop

這條思路 是老天送給我的禮物
Jalan pemikiran saya adalah hadiah khas dari tuhan
This path is a gift from god

你說我糊塗 你甚至想要把我說服
Kau mengatakan aku bingung, malah kau ingin menyakinkan ku dengan ayatmu
You claimed that I am lost and want to brainwash me

對不起我 還是我那就是我的態度
Minta maaf, aku tetap aku. Inilah sikap ku
Sorry, I am still who I am, and this is my attitude
在Kuala Lumpur 開始了新的生活
Aku memulakan kehidupan baru di Kuala Lumpur
I am starting new life in Kuala Lumpur

這裡人潮洶湧 馬路坑坑洞洞
Terdapat ramai orang telah terkorban di jalan raya yang berlubang-lubang
It is crowded here and the roads are full of potholes

一不小心 我可能會在這裡失控
Saya rasa ku juga mungkin akan hilang control di sini
If I’m not careful things may just get out of control

這條路 很難走 但我已經 沒有回頭
Jalan ini agak sukar untuk berjalan, tetapi aku sudah tiada pilihan lain
The path is not easy but I do not have a choice anymore

(我還是我 我還是我)
(Aku tetap aku aku masih aku)
Because I am still who I am

我有我自己的夢 自己會走
Aku akan berusaha mencapai impian ku sendiri
I have my own dream and I will go for it

walaupun sunyi
Even it is a lone path

請原諒我的衝動 我會好好過
Maafkan impuls aku, aku akan hidup dengan baik-baik
Please forgive me for being impulsive, I will be fine

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

我不怕暴雨狂風 將我淹沒
Aku tak takut hujan lebat membanjiri ku
I’m not afraid the obstacles cos it will not drown me

Aku tetap akan berusaha
I will keep moving forward

就算旅途再癲頗 我不能回頭
Wakaupun jalan ini agak sukar tapi aku tak akan putus asa
Even if it is a journey of no return I will not give up

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's "suicide" note

The credibility of the interpretation of the note said to be deceased DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock's final testament was put into question today when the court interpreter said she had relied on Google Translate to do the job.

This was admitted by Ting Chin Kin, 23, who said that she did not use any professional translation references when cross-examined by Gobind Singh Deo, the lawyer for Teoh's family.

teoh beng hock note 200910 01The note, which was tendered as evidence today, was only made known to the family and Selangor government attorneys last month, although it was found by the investigating officer on Oct 7 last year.

The note, which reads like an apology addressed to Teoh's boss and state exco member Ean Yong, was found in Teoh's bag which found at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's office on level 14 of Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam, where he was interrogated the night before being found dead on the fifth floor landing on July 16.

The note handed to Ting, who has “almost one year's experience” in the field, on Sept 4, reads:

teoh beng hock note 200910 02Ean Yong, Dalam keadaan tak menyalin file dalam komputer saya mereka telah ambil komputer. Mereka asyik menyalahkan kamu. Minta maaf. Tidak mengerti tapi pura-pura mengerti, akhirnya menyusahkan kamu.

Saya kata 'mendapat kelulusan YB'. Mereka berdegil menaip menjadi 'mengikut arahan YB'. Saya tak dapat membantu kamu, maaf. Minta maaf. Saya amat penat. Selamat tinggal.

(Ean Yong, Without copying the file in my computer, they have taken the computer. I'm sorry. They are fond of blaming you. Don't understand but pretend to understand, in the end, this has inconvenienced you.

(I said 'obtained the YB's approval' but they insist on typing 'on the YB's instructions'. I can't help you, sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very tired. Goodbye.)

Grilled over interpretation

Gobind grilled Ting on the interpretation of the words zai jian, which she took to mean 'goodbye', asking her to read from two Chinese-English dictionaries which translated the words to 'see you again'.

She admitted that both meanings were inter-exchangeable. She also agreed with Gobind that the word used to mean berdegil (insist) could also mean berkeras (force), which the attorney said suggested that physical force was used.

Under re-examination by MACC lawyer Abdul Razak Musa, however, Ting said she read it to mean berkeras untuk menaip (insist to type).

She also agreed with Razak that the writer made no mention of being physically harmed.

Asked by Malaysiakini if he is satisfied with the intepreter's testimony, Gobind curtly asked, “Are you?”

He added that he will have to take Ting's version to the family appointed interpreter before they can decide whether or not to call the latter to testify.

teoh beng hock note 200910 04Speaking to reporters later, Teoh's sister Lee Lan (left in pic) slammed the court for allowing such an inexperienced interpreter to handle a significant piece of evidence.

“If she uses Google Translate to do the interpretation, then why do we need her? It means that any Malaysian can do the work.

“I cannot believe that the Malaysian judiciary has slipped to this level,” she said.

She added that in her opinion the words used to meanmenyusahkan kamu (inconvenience you) should have been interpreted to mean ditujukan pada kamu (meant for you).

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas adjourned the inquest until Oct 14.

[Source: Mkini]

If "zai jian" means "commit suicide", there will not be many Chinese left on this planet earth, wouldn't it?

The re-building of the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu temple

The Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu temple in Section 16 Shah Alam will soon be rebuilt.

Its controversial demolition by the state government in 2007 had led to the Indians turning their backs on BN.

seri maha mariamman temple replacement land pronouncement 210910 01The Selangor exco in charge of non-Muslim houses of worship, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, officially pronounced the 15,000 square feet of land which is located near the original site, gazetted as temple land in perpetuity.

"Tomorrow, the state exco meeting will also approve an allocation of RM300,000 to go to the construction of the temple," added Dr Xavier.

The state exco announced this to the 30-odd crowd at the temple construction site in a press conference after unveiling the project signboard.

He also explained that the land was ceded by the developer to be gazetted as temple land after a marathon session of 17 meetings with all parties concerned.

This gesture by the Pakatan state government shall soon see this house of worship returned to the Hindu devotees who have been resettled in a nearby high-rise residential project.

The temple's Hindu devotee association secretary M Muniandy who gave the welcome address at the beginning of the event expressed the resident's gratitude to the Pakatan-led state government for their efforts in securing new land for their house of worship.

"We are touched by the the state government's efforts and the excos who have worked to solve our woes," said Muniandy.

The event was preceded by a prayer recited by the temple's priest.

Also present during the even were fellow excos, Pandamaran assemblyperson Ronnie Liu and Batu Tiga assemblyperson Rodziah Ismail as well as representatives from Hindu Sanggam, Klang municipal councillors and local residents.

The temple, along with the squatter settlement of Rimba Jaya, was demolished in 2007 by the then BN-led state government as part of its Zero Squatter programme.

It resulted in intense protests by Indian groups and was said to be a trigger for the historic Hindraf rally on Nov 25 that year.

[Source: Mkini]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Malaysia/Singapore undersea tunnel

An undersea tunnel between Malaysia and Singapore is an option being considered by both countries, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said today.

He said the tunnel was considered to realise the rapid transit system (RTS) between Johore Baru and Woodlands in Singapore as agreed upon by the two countries at their meeting in May.

An undersea tunnel involved a high cost but it was an option which was more environment friendly, he said.

"We have some options but still have to sit down seriously to discuss with the Singapore side to come up with an agreement on how to jointly develop this," he told reporters after an Aidilfitri reception at the ministry here.

Kong [picture above] said one option was to build another causeway, which he added, did not involve a high cost but was not environment-friendly.

Constructing a bridge was yet another option but the type of bridge will have to be determined because merchant vessels continued to use the Straits of Johor separating Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, he said.

"I think for the future development of the connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore, we cannot depend on the Causeway alone. Trains may make only two or three trips a day ... but for the continual flow of people between Singapore and Johore Baru, we need a more permanent and efficient transportation, besides taxis or buses," he said.

Under the agreement reached in May, Johore Baru and Singapore are to be linked by a rapid transit system by 2018.

[Source: Bernama]

But what has Mr Robert Selvanayagam to say about the cost of "digging" the tunnel?