Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The apparition of Virgin Mary also appeared in Cairo, Egypt

Following is an apparition of Virgin Mary as witnessed by many Egyptians in Cairo.  Similar apparitions have also appeared in Mexico and Bogota.  Whether one believes it or not, only the faithfuls could feel the wonder of such a phenomenon taking place, and it can be quite a moving experience.  So to all non-believers, please try to refrain from making uncalled for remarks as seen by the many postings in the various news portals.  A little respect is all we ask for.

"Maid on Sale", did it say what it meant?

Recently, our neighbour, Indonesia, has gone on the 'warpath' [so what else is new] over the claim that we are selling their workers in Malaysia to interested parties.  This awareness came about when the above leaflet was picked up and went to the press.  Gosh, if this is true, then Malaysia has really stooped very low to have gone into slave trading, which I sincerely hope not.  Rightfully, Indonesia deserves the right to be angry at the way we treat their citizens here, but then again, did the message say what it meant?  I have always told my kids, in the art of communication, mean what you say but never be mean in what you say, and this maxim hold true here too.  However, it will only hold good if the person who did the copywriting has a good command of English and knew what he was doing, but coming from Malaysia where the English language has gone to the dogs, did the the writer know what he was writing as he probably would have translated the text literally from Tamil, BM, Iban, Kadazan or Mandarin word for word.  So in hindsight, we should give the matter a benefit of a doubt. 

Below are some pictures of copywriting made, a'la Malaysia ....

Did the writer mean what he said?

I believe there is a repition of a word here.

Okay, I've got the message.  So, if I am not a VIP or VVIP, I go straight.  Some people are so lucky.
Okay, so I am allowed to spit, but not too loud.  Got it!
Hmmm, isn't it obvious?
OMG, remind me not to patronise this shop.
Directors having a special toilet to themselves, I can understand.  But do they need to monopolise a room meant for the invalids?  Not very caring, isn't it?
I hope this notice will not bring down the price of steel in the world market.
Look, there is an urgent need for me to answer the call of nature.  Someone please help me out with this one.
Okay guys, got the message?  So stay clear away from this property.
This one is almost similar to the "Maid for Sale" flyer, except this one is in BM.
So, will the Minister of Education, please bring back English as the medium of instruction otherwise we will end up as laughing stock to the world, and this is no laughing matter.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Humour

There’s a dreaded disease going around at the moment that evidently afflicts people who think they can lead us.

And because it is getting serious, there really is a need for them, especially since they hold some public office or position of responsibility or authority, to first engage their brain, no matter how small, to take deep breaths, to bite their tongues or, indeed, to do all of the above, before they open their rather big mouths to speak.

Top of this list of individuals, in terms of seniority but surely not of wisdom, has to be Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and his able sidekick, the Tourist, I mean Tourism, Minister, Ng Yen Yen.

We won’t belabour the fact that they seem to do this quite often, except to say that they’ve been proven wrong more than once before... although, like many of their counterparts, they evidently refuse to eat humble pie.

This time around, in response to the arrest last week of two Malaysians in Lebanon for alleged links to al-Qaeda, both ministers were reported to have assured us and, I’m sure, the wider world out there, that Malaysia is not a hotbed of terrorism and that everything’s under control.

NONEHishammuddin (left) “stressed that the country is not a recruitment ground or a target for international terrorist groups” but was only “a transit point”.

The Tourist, I mean Tourism, Minister, Ng Yen Yen, in turn, clearly concerned about the possible bad publicity for the country that could result from the arrest of these two Malaysian men, and, certainly, the impact on tourist arrivals, stressed: “The world knows Malaysia is not a centre of terrorism.”

Well, amen to that.

But, just as we were uneasily trying to feel safe and assured, out came Chua Soi Lek’s daily read, The Star, with a front-page headline that screamed: ‘Web of terror’.

It turned out in this ‘scoop’ that ‘al-Qaeda’s official website was being hosted at an address in Kuala Lumpur’. Right under the noses of the authorities evidently. Despite all the gadgets, technology and techies befitting a country that in 1996 had begun leapfrogging into the ‘digital age’ via the Multimedia Super Corridor.

Yes, despite all that, it, indeed, required The Star to alert the authorities that, reportedly ‘the largest terrorist portal in the world’ and al-Qaeda’s ‘main online library’ was being hosted in Kuala Lumpur.

How long the website had been hosted here, we have not been told. Indeed, the story seemed to have just died after last Thursday. Died of embarrassment perhaps.

But, of course, not before the authorities, like the two ministers, assured us all that “they were monitoring the situation closely to see if there was any website hosted in Malaysia linked to al-Qaeda”.

Mind you, this was after they had been informed of the al-Qaeda website.
I think we can rest assured that, again like our two senior ministers, they said that with straight faces while wiping off the egg from their collective mugs.

The inanity has not stopped

But - whether it was something in the air pre-superstorm Sandy, whether it was simply the beginning of silly season yet again - the silliness, the inanity has not stopped.

Indeed, there was this group of pro-establishment types, purportedly belonging to yet another ‘NGO’ (I doubt they know what the term means) who went on a street demonstration... to voice their objection to street demos.

Yeah, right. Where do these creatures crawl out from? From a 1Malaysia pub perhaps.
Or, equally likely, from Kota Belud.

I say Kota Belud because, if memory serves me, the Member of Parliament who comes from there quite often does say some ‘interesting’ things. One of his more-recent ‘newsworthy’ comment was in response to the auditor-general’s last report.

The part that caught his eye were the nice things the AG said about the financial accounts of a few Pakatan states. That they were well-managed and in the black, indeed showing a healthy balance.
NONEBut Kota Belud (I believe that's how they are addressed in parliament) was not impressed. In an opinion piece he wrote in Malaysiakini, he dismissed the healthy accounts as the products of ‘creative accounting’.

In one fell swoop, he managed not only to insult the intelligence and question the credibility of the country’s top auditor (and his team) but also raised the possibility that such chicanery was something with which he was very familiar. The possibility, that is, that he’d seen it being done before, perhaps by the administrators of a non-Pakatan state?

Strangely, after all that talk about creative accounting, neither he nor any of the usual goons badly in need of regular employment made even one of those ever-popular police reports

But, really, the grand prize winner for foot-in-mouth disease this past month - perhaps for this whole year even - surely must go to that Malaysian navy chap, an admiral, I think.

Yes, the one who, realising that, apart from Soros, the Jews, the Americans, the Christians, the LGBT community, we haven't blamed the Portuguese yet after 500 long years, decided to train his musket on this `olde enemy' and reveal a naval secret.

And what a major revelation it was.
The BN government, according to him, spent a couple of a billion tax payer ringgit (or was it US dollars?), with some loose change, to purchase the infamous Scorpene submarines to ward off another attack - after 500 long years - by the Portuguese.

Believing in his wisdom, I have since wondered why in heaven’s name a friendly way-distant neighbour like Portugal would want to invade (possibly) Malacca again, and via the Malacca Straits at that, possibly in the Portuguese version of perahu?
And the only feasible - or is it feeble? - explanation I have been able to come up with is that the envious Portuguese wish to gatecrash the next record-breaking wedding do of the chief minister of Malacca.

[The above article was written by ROM NAIN, a media analyst and academic who is weary of incompetent, unethical leaders and their apologists and spin doctors in the media who try to get away with murder while professing to rub shoulders with God’s angels.]

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Awestruck by Virgin Mary image

Hundreds of Catholics have gathered in prayer and worship outside a Malaysian hospital after seeing an image said to resemble the Virgin Mary on one of the windows.

Pictures of the image have gone viral among local Christians on Facebook and large crowds have gathered at the Sime Darby Medical Centre just outside Kuala Lumpur.

Those assembled today maintained they can now also see an image of an adult Jesus Christ just two windows away from his mother.

Nearly 100 Catholics were still at the hospital today, lighting candles, singing hymns and saying prayers. Several tourist buses added to the congestion.

Some have come from as far as Singapore, over 300km away, to see the image on a seventh-floor window which they describe as a miracle.

“We believe Mary, mother of God, has a message for us, as she is looking down on us and then at a Malaysian flag. We can also see Jesus and he is also moving, they are not static,” Eunice Fernandez, who lives nearby, told AFP.

The 54-year-old housewife dismissed claims the image could be a hoax.

Sime Darby, which is primarily a plantations conglomerate, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of Malaysian Catholic newsletter The Herald, told AFP the church would need to investigate and verify the authenticity of the images and “the experiences of the witnesses”.

“It could be private revelations. We have to make sure they are not imagined but real apparitions,” he said.

Catholics make up a sizeable minority in Muslim-dominated Malaysia.


This is the second apparition of Virgin Mary to appear in Malaysia, the first one was in June 2007 in Keningau, Sabah.

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