Friday, May 15, 2009

Police or uniformed thugs?

Recently, we observed the 40th anniversary of May 13 1969. Today's blog is the observance of nine days since the debacle at the Perak state assembly. Herebelow, you will see a video how the police acted high-handedly in arresting women, old men and even those who were in a coffee shop having a cup of tea. Now I can understand why Najib is so reluctant to hold a state election. With the anger of the rakyat at its apex, the fear of another loss of the state would probably be too much for him to stomaach. I believe he is totally at a loss. Come on, Najib. Don't start something if you can't finish it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a liar!!

She said that she waved a keychain. After photos of her showing that she was actually holding a pepper spray, she changed her story. She was asking Yew 'if it belonged to him'. In addition, the photo shows that her thumb was on top of the pepper spray knob, indicating that she was going to use it.

Is she trying to insult our intelligence? Is this the kind of liar, or someone who refuses to take responsibility for her actions, as an elected representative?

Nizar remains the man of the hour

PETALING JAYA, May 14 – Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is very much the man of the moment, judging from the rousing reception he got at a public forum here last night in remembrance of the tragic race riots that became a bloodbath 40 years ago.

While his position as the lawful mentri besar (MB) of Perak is locked in a bitter wrangle in the Court of Appeal, there is no doubt as to his popularity with the public.

The cheers, catcalls, whistles and applause sounded far louder and longer when he walked up to the podium than for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim earlier when the Opposition Leader was opening the event.

Thousands turned up to hear Nizar speak at the city council civic centre, squeezing their rear ends onto narrow chairs in the packed hall, which normally seats about 1,000 people. Those who arrived late had to suffer the ignominy of sitting on the scruffy concrete floor or stand squished to the walls. They did not appear to mind at all; not even the ones dressed to the nines in formal jackets and bling.

Nizar did not disappoint.

The third last speaker for the evening, he immediately launched into a scathing attack on the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, singling out Umno for the most blistering criticism.

The newly-elected MP for Bukit Gantang accused the dominant Malay party of creating a bogeyman out of the May 13 1969 incident.

“Umno is still using the May 13 incident as a tool to scare Malaysians,” he thundered.

Nizar claimed that the residual fear from the incident was based on fiction, created by the ruling parties to continue the colonial tactic of divide-and-conquer to exert control over the populace.

“Umno tells people: ‘Our closest enemies are the Chinese’,” he said, to demonstrate what he claimed was the party’s tactics in inciting hatred among the different races.

He alleged the other race-based components of the BN coalition adopted similar measures.

He acknowledged that even he had been duped by the colonialist scare tactics in the past “but no more”.

“The 13th May incident was sparked deliberately by Umno,” he said, pointing out that there was no such racial disturbances in PAS-dominated areas.

Fast-forwarding it to the present day, Nizar emphasised that the Islamist party’s administration is based on universal values such as justice for all and trust.

He further highlighted how peaceful Perak was during its brief 10-month tenure in governing the state, compared to the BN state administration in Terengganu, claiming there existed a deep-seated quarrel inside the party that continued to the present day as the BN politicians squabble over trivial pursuits.

Nizar called on the audience to shake off the metaphorical yoke keeping their heads constantly bowed.

“Are we going to let this continue?” he questioned.

“No!” the crowd thundered in reply.

Smiling broadly, he echoed Anwar’s calls for statewide elections in Perak to solve the current crisis.

This, he said, would bring about a promising new political landscape in Malaysia.
[Source: MalaysianInsider]

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I still remember ...

Today, is the 40th anniversary of the racial riots that took place in Kuala Lumpur.  This morning when I woke up, I told myself how lucky I was to be alive after all these years, and thank God for that too.  The memories of the evening of May 13 1969 still remains so vividly in my mind.

That evening, just after office hours at 5.00 pm, I took a bus from Lin Ho in Jalan Silang to attend my journalism class in old PJ town at the Commercial and Technical Institute.

At about 7.30 pm, the principal of the school rushed into our class to tell us that he was dismissing us and that we were to return home immediately.  We didn't know why as he quickly had to rush off to inform the other classes.  My classmates and I then went to the old PJ town bus depot to wait for a bus to take us to town.  Two Sri Jaya buses arrive one after the other and before we could board the buses, the drivers switched off the lights in the buses, and then both drivers and conductors  ran away into the dark.  In the distance, we could see the skyline orange red in colour and the first thought that came to my mind was that the communist party must have started another riot after the recent funeral held for their comrade who was killed by the police.

After waiting for another 15 minutes, I suggested to my course mates that it would be best that we walk to KL using the Old Klang Road.  As we were approaching the Puchong police station, there were shouts from both sides of the road and I could see Chinese youths with choppers, steel pipes and knives running towards us.  I shouted to them in Chinese that we were Chinese (although there were 1 sikh and 1 Malay amongst us), but they kept on coming.  In the nick of time, a police Land Rover approached us and one of the policemen told us to quickly board the vehicle.  There were two policemen with rifles at the back and in order to deter the crowd, they cocked their rifles and took aim.  Only then did the group dispersed back into the Chinese village.

As we were approaching the police station, suddenly we heard bottles thrown onto the road infront of us.  I guess those guys wanted to puncture the tyres so as to get to us.  The driver skilfully manouver the vehicle until we reached the police station.  We were told to stay put in the compound of the police station and not to wander around.  At about 10.15 pm, a Land Rover pulled up at the station and I heard the policeman at the back of the vehicle shouting to his colleagues for medical assistance.  I went over to the vehicle and there at the back was a Chinese lady in yellow cardigen cradling the head of her husband who has just been shot in the chest by a military personnel.  I guess he was not aware that a curfew was on.  He left his house on a bicycle to report for night duty at a nearby factory. Just as he was cycling a few yards away from the home, a shot rang out.

It was uncomfortable for all of us especially since the police station was crowded with other members of the public who were caught stranded.  However, the police were friendly and tried to make us as comfortable as possible.  Seeing a car parked by the roadside infront of the police station, I sought permission from one of the officers to allow me to sleep in the car.

Around 6.30 am, I was awakened by sounds of heavy vehicles.  I looked out from the car window and I saw 2  army trucks pulled beside the road and a group of Malay youths disembarked, proceeded to the police station to have breakfast.  One of the youths with a scarf over his head and holding a sharpened steel pipe came up to the car where I was sleeping and peeped in.  For a moment I thought I was history.  He looked at me for quite a while with a look like he was on drugs.  He then turned to join his friends for breakfast.

At about 10.30 am, one of the police officers announced that one of their vehicles were going to Pudu Police Station and if anyone staying in that area, these person/s could be given transportation and escort.  I was one of those who decided to make use of this opportunity to go home as I was staying in Jalan Peel.

Along the way, I saw two soldiers kicking an old Chinese man at a road side at 3rd mile Jalan Klang,  infront of the shop that sells Roman columns.

When I arrived at the Pudu Police Station, the scene was chaotic and it was twice as crowded as the one in Puchong.  I waited for quite a while hoping that I could see a neighbour of mind who has a car to take me back home.  At 12.15 pm, there was a stranger who told me he was staying in Jalan Cochrane.  He could leave me there but I had to run all the way home, crossing three roads and three lanes.

By the time I arrived home, it was almost 1.10 pm, much to the relief of my parents.

Nizar back at work

Uncle Lim (Kit Siang) reports on Datuk Seri Nizar and his exco first day back at work on May 12 2009, albeit it was only for a mere six hours.

12/05/09 11:47

“Sukan Perak this year cancelled - allocation chanelled towards districts sports level. We’ll redeem the 3 month wasted during Perak crisis.

12/05/09 11:46
“Industries in Perak given a boost with Invest Perak to be more active in attracting investments.

12/05/09 11:45
“Parking fees to be reduced to 30 sen ASAP. Premier University to launch in July ‘09 with groudbreaking ceremony - intake of 2K students.

12/05/09 11:43
“Ipoh Central Bus project to proceed as planned. Sultan Azland Shah Airport to resume flights ASAP. Airasia keen to fly from Ipoh Airport.

12/05/09 11:42
“Also 817 village chiefs have been issued letters to carry out their duties. Land Office also instructed to issue freehold titles.

12/05/09 11:42
“All Exco has started working w’out wasting time. 14 local councils to swear in councillors latest by tmr in order to function properly.

12/05/09 11:40
PC starts with senior Exco Ngeh Koo Ham announcing that MB is still at the Istana. Exco will meet tomorrow at 10am.

12/05/09 11:19
Finally, MB press conference is going to begin any moment after the press are allowed in.

12/05/09 11:18
The letters of suspension State Secretary/State Legal Adviser now posted on all notice boards in and around SUK building

12/05/09 11:12
In Ipoh SUK, press barred from entering to attend the MB press conference.

12/05/09 10:59
From Thomas - Zambry’s application for stay is fixed for today.

12/05/09 10:59
From Thomas - All Excos gathering at MB’s office for the PC. Some members and supporters are here too.

12/05/09 10:28
From Kula - At 11 am press conference on latest at SUK MB office. Security at SUK entrance is relaxed now.

12/05/09 09:49
Nizar is at Istana Kuala Kangsar to attend investiture ceremony. Audience with Sultan to seek dissolution still be be fixed.

12/05/09 09:45
Exco Tai Sin Ng (PKR) also cannot get into his room as usurper Exco Hamidah has not vacated it yet. Stuck in the reception area.

MB Nizar at his desk - Uploaded by Exco Thomas Su - 9.26am

12/05/09 09:26
All the MB’s secretary room is empty except chairs and tables. All files also missing.

12/05/09 09:24
State Excos getting into their rooms, except Thomas Su Keong Siong and Seah Leong Peng - rooms locked and PAs not around

12/05/09 09:14
From Thomas Su - informed letters of suspension on State Secretary and State Legal Adviser served at about 8.15 am

12/05/09 09:11
State Exco (Local Government) Nga Kor Ming instructed Zakuan (Ketua Penolong SUK) to appoint all 342 local councillors immediate effect

12/05/09 08:30
May 7 - Police lockdown of Ipoh. May 11- SUK Exco offices locked down?

12/05/09 08:21
excos still locked out of their offices - all waiting in mb office

12/05/09 08:10
exco thomas su goes 2 his office - locked. Pa also not in

12/05/09 08:01
MB Nizar has left for Istana Kuala Kangsar for its first official function - to attend investiture ceremony 8.30 am

12/05/09 07:51
Process to serve suspension letters on State Secretary and State Legal Adviser underway - at their respective offices in SUK.

12/05/09 07:49
Excos still waiting for keys. With them, Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar and MP Ipoh Barat Kulasegaran

12/05/09 07:45
Excos now waiting at the MB’s office - waiting for keys to their respective offices.

12/05/09 07:42
MB’s office empty except some stationery.

12/05/09 07:38
entering mb office now

12/05/09 07:37
greeted by civil servants

12/05/09 07:36
mb excos allowed into offices

12/05/09 07:35
stopped by police - instruction of suspended state secretary

12/05/09 07:32
nizar arrived. Walking with excos to suk

12/05/09 07:29
in ipoh now pakatan rakyat excos gathering near democract tree to return to their rightful offices at state secretariat. Wait 4 nizar

12/05/09 07:27
a great fine day. Hope we see democracy in perak + malaysia upheld