Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nizar back at work

Uncle Lim (Kit Siang) reports on Datuk Seri Nizar and his exco first day back at work on May 12 2009, albeit it was only for a mere six hours.

12/05/09 11:47

“Sukan Perak this year cancelled - allocation chanelled towards districts sports level. We’ll redeem the 3 month wasted during Perak crisis.

12/05/09 11:46
“Industries in Perak given a boost with Invest Perak to be more active in attracting investments.

12/05/09 11:45
“Parking fees to be reduced to 30 sen ASAP. Premier University to launch in July ‘09 with groudbreaking ceremony - intake of 2K students.

12/05/09 11:43
“Ipoh Central Bus project to proceed as planned. Sultan Azland Shah Airport to resume flights ASAP. Airasia keen to fly from Ipoh Airport.

12/05/09 11:42
“Also 817 village chiefs have been issued letters to carry out their duties. Land Office also instructed to issue freehold titles.

12/05/09 11:42
“All Exco has started working w’out wasting time. 14 local councils to swear in councillors latest by tmr in order to function properly.

12/05/09 11:40
PC starts with senior Exco Ngeh Koo Ham announcing that MB is still at the Istana. Exco will meet tomorrow at 10am.

12/05/09 11:19
Finally, MB press conference is going to begin any moment after the press are allowed in.

12/05/09 11:18
The letters of suspension State Secretary/State Legal Adviser now posted on all notice boards in and around SUK building

12/05/09 11:12
In Ipoh SUK, press barred from entering to attend the MB press conference.

12/05/09 10:59
From Thomas - Zambry’s application for stay is fixed for today.

12/05/09 10:59
From Thomas - All Excos gathering at MB’s office for the PC. Some members and supporters are here too.

12/05/09 10:28
From Kula - At 11 am press conference on latest at SUK MB office. Security at SUK entrance is relaxed now.

12/05/09 09:49
Nizar is at Istana Kuala Kangsar to attend investiture ceremony. Audience with Sultan to seek dissolution still be be fixed.

12/05/09 09:45
Exco Tai Sin Ng (PKR) also cannot get into his room as usurper Exco Hamidah has not vacated it yet. Stuck in the reception area.

MB Nizar at his desk - Uploaded by Exco Thomas Su - 9.26am

12/05/09 09:26
All the MB’s secretary room is empty except chairs and tables. All files also missing.

12/05/09 09:24
State Excos getting into their rooms, except Thomas Su Keong Siong and Seah Leong Peng - rooms locked and PAs not around

12/05/09 09:14
From Thomas Su - informed letters of suspension on State Secretary and State Legal Adviser served at about 8.15 am

12/05/09 09:11
State Exco (Local Government) Nga Kor Ming instructed Zakuan (Ketua Penolong SUK) to appoint all 342 local councillors immediate effect

12/05/09 08:30
May 7 - Police lockdown of Ipoh. May 11- SUK Exco offices locked down?

12/05/09 08:21
excos still locked out of their offices - all waiting in mb office

12/05/09 08:10
exco thomas su goes 2 his office - locked. Pa also not in

12/05/09 08:01
MB Nizar has left for Istana Kuala Kangsar for its first official function - to attend investiture ceremony 8.30 am

12/05/09 07:51
Process to serve suspension letters on State Secretary and State Legal Adviser underway - at their respective offices in SUK.

12/05/09 07:49
Excos still waiting for keys. With them, Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar and MP Ipoh Barat Kulasegaran

12/05/09 07:45
Excos now waiting at the MB’s office - waiting for keys to their respective offices.

12/05/09 07:42
MB’s office empty except some stationery.

12/05/09 07:38
entering mb office now

12/05/09 07:37
greeted by civil servants

12/05/09 07:36
mb excos allowed into offices

12/05/09 07:35
stopped by police - instruction of suspended state secretary

12/05/09 07:32
nizar arrived. Walking with excos to suk

12/05/09 07:29
in ipoh now pakatan rakyat excos gathering near democract tree to return to their rightful offices at state secretariat. Wait 4 nizar

12/05/09 07:27
a great fine day. Hope we see democracy in perak + malaysia upheld

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