Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yellow-livered chicken

Many reasons (er, excuses) were given as to why UMNO decided not to contest for the Penanti state seat.  Some of them were, it would be a waste of money, it was a ploy of the PR and it would be best to concentrate on improving the economy.  Now that the Manek Ura seat has fallen vacant to the death of a PAS ADUN, UMNO suddenly woke up and say, "Hey, why not taken on this one.  There is a possibility that we could win the seat."

Now I am moved to wonder over "waste of money", "a ploy by PR" and "to focus on improving the nation's economy well-being".  Don't these matter anymore?

My conclusion is that UMNO knew it would not be able to win the Penanti seat and preferred to sit it out.  Now that's what I called "cowardice" or better termed "yellow-livered chicken".  They have the police, the army, the msm and the entire government machinery to take PR on but the might of the people is one thing they feared, and feared most.

Another thing, if it was a ploy by PR to bring about a by-election, they could have easily made use of Elizabeth Wong's scandal by accepting her resignation and, voila, a by-election is created, but they didn't and coaxed her to stay instead.

So to Najib and gang, cluck cluck cluck cluck!!

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