Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where did Najib get his 1Malaysia idea?

Did he get it from Chow Kit?

Or did he get it from Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's ' Malaysian Malaysia' ?

Whatever his source of inspiration for 1 Malaysia was, the question which all Malaysians would ask is this: Is 1 Malaysia consonant with UMNO-Pas unity? You cannot have the cake and eat it. It is eitehr -or choice!

If it is UMNO-Pas unity, then all the other BN component Parties are out! They do not count in the scheme ! Then, there are two options for them: eitherleave en bloc or be just a n appendage of UMNO-Pas Alliance!

Whichever way you look at it, this UMNO-Pas unity, if pursued, is the beginning
of the demise of BN ! It is also the beginning of the end of Pakatan Rakyat. PKR and DAP will then have new partners from MCA, Gerakan, Supp, etc who are spurned by UMNO. A new coalition will merge--- one, a truly multi-racial Party and an Islamic-inclined Party.

Rather than discourage this UMNO-Pas unity talk, PKR and DAP, plus MCA, Gerakan, MIC, etc should encourage it! After all, the other BN components are on the decline; they might as well recoup their standing by joining forces with PKR-DAP plus some 10 MPs from Pas members!

MCA recently had a poll taken, and 78 % respondents had opted for leaving BN! Would the MCA leaders listen to the voices of the grassroots or would they hang on to BN because of the Cabinet posts; and later get 'hanged ' in the next election ?
The ball is in MCA's court as well as in the courts of MIC, PPP, SUPP, etc .

Make your choice before it is too late! Of course, dropping the Ministerial posts is a big decision!

As Muslims, you are also not encouraged to be corrupt, to murder, to detain people indefinitely without trials, to manipulate the courts & justice, to create racial tension, to charge usury (read: toll, IPP), to beat up suspects in jail, to appont judges who are political cronies, to rob people of their choice government, and to be hypocrites.

As we all known mca, gerakan, mic and sabah sarawak bn-parties are just decoration parties for UMNO. Can they really share the power with umno? This is what a joke for 1-Malaysia Boleh!!!

Malaysians are all waiting eagerly to know what the hell the MCA, MIC, PPP, GERAKAN, PBS, SNAP and all others going to do about this blatant betrayal of UMNO in BN. UMNO only care about its own survival as the power house of ruling government.

If UMNO is sincere then form a Party called OneMalaysia Party but I doubt very much these PIRATES will share any interest with any others PIRATES from so called windows dressing components party.

FORGIVE..!!! our DPM said..!!! Ask altantuya's father to forgive the person who killed her. Ask Kugan's parent to forgive those who beat him to death. Sometime MR DPM... can you forgive Chin Peng..??? So dont come and talk bull stories with the rakyat.

You just want to manipulate everything around to suit you. You are playing a game in which you and pinky lips think you are going to win. For all the sins you and all the corrupted scumbags had done. Ask GOD to forgive you ... Forgive all the rapist, mat rempits, snatch thieves.

Be realistic bonehead....!!! people say to forgive is divine.. I say if I can forgive I will not forget. And if I can forget, I will not forgive..!!! Scumbags.!

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