Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad dies

When I was browsing through the internet this morning, I was shocked to learn from The Malaysian Insider that Yasmin Ahmad has passed away. There was that seconds of sadness to know that we have finally lost one of our best film-makers this country ever had. All of us knew she was in a critical stage from a stroke and many prayers were made with the hope that she would recover soon. Alas, that was not to be.

Her second major film "Sepet" was the only one "Malay" film I have watched after P Ramlee's. The film drove home the message that it was okay for a young couple of different races to falll in love. It really warmed the cockles of the Malaysian hearts to know that such thing is possible, and wonderful too.

Her PETRONAS commercials were something I looked forward to each year as we come close to Merdeka Day. My pick - the one about the three kids of different races who played together and to later meet up again many years on, this time much older and recollecting old times together. It just told us that it could happen to all of us if we allow that opportunity to happen.

Rest in Peace, Yasmin. You will never be forgotten. Thanks for letting us know that we have a sepet in all of us.

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