Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Section 23 Protest

Came across this article by blogger Dr Rafick with regard to the recent protest by the residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam.

1. Upon reaching home today at 530 pm, I open up my computer as usual
and browsed my favorite online newspaper. I was shocked to see that all of them carried the story of a group of Malay-Muslim protesters claiming to be residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam carrying the severed head of a cow to the Selangor State Secretariat building.

2. The people who claims to be Muslims has shown how ignorant they are about Islam and how their action has brought shame to the religion of Islam and to other Muslims. They did not defend Islam but had portrayed Muslims as fools. I am so angry with Mahyuddin Manaf and the
residents there for their action.

3. I questioned their motives and agenda. I questioned their action of carrying a severed head of a cow which is a sacred animal to the Hindus. If their action is not considered seditious and a threat to the nation, I don't know what else is needed to qualify. The government must ensure that all might of the law must be taken against this group of 50 people especially their leaders. PR and BN must agree
on this matter.

4. I grew up all over Malaysia and in the 70's after the sudden demise of my father; the whole family went back to a small town, north of Ipoh, called Chemor. As far back as I could remember, directly behind
the Chemor mosque there is a Chinese temple and within a walking distance from there lies an Indian temple. As far as I know, all communities lives harmoniously and tolerate each other "ding, bang, tong and screams" There had not been any problems.

5. I cannot comprehend the argument that was raised by the Residents Association Deputy Chairman that claims with a temple on their residential area where they have 90% Muslim; they cannot function properly as Muslims. They claims that with the temple will disrupt their daily activities like prayers in the Surau. This is the most
ridiculous argument that I have ever heard.

6. I would like to suggest that the Section 23 residents take a study trip to Kota Bharu. Just drive outskirt of Kota Bharu and you will find plenty of Buddhist temples. Some of the biggest Buddha statues are located outskirt of Kota Bharu. We are talking about a state of
99% Muslims. Do you hear problems among the Kelantanese? These are people who have very strong opinion about Islam and yet they behave in a level minded manner.

7. I believe people who has been to Hong Kong knows what I meant. In an area called Tsim Sha Tsui, there is a big mosque located a walking distance from the MRT station. The mosque called for Azan five times a
day. The Muslims are minority but yet they can continue to practice their religion in the middle of millions of non Muslims within a commercial district. There hasn't been problems.

8. About three months ago the new mosque of Bukit Antarabangsa was opened. The mosque is located 50 meters from my house. For the record,
I live in a Taman where the majority of the residents are non Muslims. My Taman is unique in the sense that it is sandwiched between two long
hills. In the first few weeks the mosque loud speakers volume and direction was not adjusted, hence the Azan which was
supposed to sound nice and melodious sounds more like a very unpleasant noise. It is
like sitting in a car and blasting the sentimental music at full

9. I was very uncomfortable. I thought I was the only one but a casual chat with other Muslims neighbors in my area led to the same conclusion. One Muslim neighbor said that he was so distressed that he
would closed all his doors and windows during the Azan. If we the Muslim felt so distressed, how would the non Muslims felt? We decided to do something about it.

10. Among us the Muslims, without any pressure from the Non Muslim, we analyzed the issue and look for a solution. Azan is meant to be a sign
for the calling of prayers. There were two loud speakers directed at our Taman and the bouncing sound against the hills cause such a ding!
On behalf of us, we asked our Resident Association Chairman to talk to the Mosque Chairman who is a respected and known to be a reasonable person.

11. We put forward our points on the basis of the purpose of the Azan and the location of various other Surau nearby and physics. The very nature of the surrounding hills around our Taman and Mosque is turning
the Azan into a loud and unpleasant noise. I must say Alhamdulillah as he sees that we make sense.

12. Immediately, the mosque committee decided to reduce the volume until they repositioned the loudspeakers again. We are now enjoying
the sound of Azan and prayers in its melodious tone until they get someone to repositioned the loud speakers.

13. While this was going on, there were one or two people who make immature remarks during the mosque meeting that if the sound of Azan
is too loud, the people who cannot tolerate it should move out. I know who these persons are and I know where they lives. I think they does not understand what we meant and it cross our mind that we should sponsor a loud speaker and place it right in front of their house so that he can hear the Azan "loud and clear" five times a day. It occurred to me whether the same argument should be put forward the
residents of section 23 Shah Alam.

14. The actions taken by 50 odd residents of Section 23 have brought shame to all Muslims in Malaysia. They have shown their ugly side of their conduct. They have been disrespectful. They have defamed Islam.
They hide behind the veil of the religion for their ugly, uncivilized and barbaric act. To all my Hindu friends, I apologize for their ignorance. To the PM and the MB of Selangor, please take the full
might of the law on this people who had defamed Islam. To the other Muslim residents of Section 23 Shah Alam, please talk some sense to this 50 people! To the Hindus, please forgive them for their ignorance!

[Photo: Malaysiakini]

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