Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where are you fellas In Pakatan??????

It was so frustrating to learn that the Supply Bill [2010] was passed with a slim majority of 66:63 in Parliament yesterday. If the remaining 21 PR MPs had turned up, the bill would have been defeated and according to the Westminster model, it basically means a motion of no confidence in the government and thus pave the way to the formation of a new government. Even though the turnout of the PR MPs constituted 78% to BN's 50%, it still did not explain the absence of the 21 MPs from PR.

By the way, this is Najib's first budget since becoming prime minister early this year. BN was lucky this time as the earlier count was at 63:63 but was saved by Tapah MP, Saravan, who appeared at the last minute to make it 64.

DSAI, being the party whip, had better review the attendance of his men as such block voting does not come often! We would also like a list of those PR MPs who failed to turn up for this crucial vote.

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