Friday, January 8, 2010

Please speak up, for heaven's sake!

Till today, none of the Christian ministers in the cabinet have spoken up on the current "Allah" issue. The silence is definitely most deafening! Will the following please speak up for your community. If not, how about resigning en bloc in protest? Remember what the Scripture says: "For what does it profit a man when he gained the whole world but loses his soul." [Matthew 16:26]

1. Peter Chin [Minister - Energy, Water & Green Technology]
2. Lajim Ukin [Deputy Minister -Housing & Local Government]
3. Jacob Dungau [Deputy Minister -International Trade & Industry]
4. Joseph Salang [Deputy Minister - Information, Communication, Culture & Arts]
5. Maximus Ongkili [Minister - Science, Technology & Innovation]
6. Bernard Dompok [Minister - Plantation Industries & Commodities]
7. Douglas Unggah Embas [Minister - Natural Resources & Environment]
8. Joseph Kurup [Deputy Minister - Natural Resources & Environment]
9. Idris Jala [Prime Minister's Dept]
10. Jospeph Pairin Kitingan

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