Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Call To All Malaysians

I am a 23 year old Malaysian and I lead a team of dreamers who are working hard to make this country a better place. We are not trying to start a revolution nor are we trying to disrupt the peace. We are merely trying to put back that true sense of peace and unity which we lost when we left primary school. We want to tell the youth of our nation that indeed there is still hope for our nation, that we are not alone. We want all to know that there is indeed a longing for POSITIVE action brewing within all of us in the midst of today’s issues whether we speak of it or not.

Perhaps we have not acted on our troubled conscience because we have long thought we have lost the power to make a difference. If that is so, then you are not alone. That is because I am the same; I too have lost that belief that ‘one can make a difference’. However I believe when 2 or 3 are gathered, incredible things can happen. Therefore, I am willing to try and will leave this in your hands, so that I and more like me can be proven wrong. What we are going to do is give you a matchstick each. How you use it is up to you, but I believe none of you are fools, so please start that fire. The more that joins in, the bigger it will be.

So this is what’s happening; we have taken up the challenge to register 1,000,000 voters by the end of 2010. Even though we do have a SUPERB plan, that’s right, its 6 ZEROS! Impossible? I think so, unless everyone rises up and helps out. Only then can we reach that INSANELY EPIC target. For your information, we are not in this for personal glory, nor are we part of a business gimmick, and definitely not controlled by political parties. Anyways, if we wanted glory and money I think we wouldn’t have set ourselves up for EPIC failure like that.

Have I got your interest?

If you are inspired and want to be part of this, scroll down to the ‘how to’. If you are thinking that there is no hope and our efforts will only be futile in the end, I hope that you will see at the end of 2010 that you are indeed the minority and majority of us actually still have hope. If you are still unsure as most of you are, scroll down to the ‘how to’ and join us to look and see if this will actually work. Trust me, it’s going to be an exciting and entertaining ride whether we hit our target or not.


- Attach the ‘VOICE your CHOICE’ e-badge to your blog or website to show you are part of the EPIC for UNITY movement and please make sure to link it to our website or blog.
- Tell everyone about this, through your mouths, blogs, facebook, twitter and any other methods you can think of. The more the merrier.
- Keep updated with our blog so that you have accurate information.
- Let us know if you have any contacts that would be willing to be involved in the hands on work.
- If you know of any companies that would support our cause in terms of finance, products, services or people please introduce the cause and help us connect!

For more info please check out our blog at
Our email is
Please pass this message around.

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