Sunday, May 16, 2010

DAP wins Sibu

From the word 'Go', the Opposition was already campaigning at a disadvantage. SUPP/BN had everything going for them. They have a candidate who comes from a wealthy family, millions of ringgit were spent bribing the poor people of Sibu by the federal government, the msm in their usual journalistic style spun their stories in favour of the incumbent, threats of invoking the ISA by the PDRM to the Opposition should they raise the 'Allah' issue, the presence of the PM and DPM with the former having to make three trips to cover ground for his candidate; and until the last moment of ballot counting the Election Commission was trying to find a loophole to ensure the victory goes to the SUPP fellow by delaying the postal count. And still the BN lost. Even if the Opposition had lost, it was still a remarkable feat bearing in mind that they only weapon they had was true grit till the very end.

Denying the BN the two-third majority in Parliament is still very much intact and I am sure Jibby and his men will be conducting a post-mortem soon to figure out why money doesn't sell anymore.

The margin of victory may be small, 398, but it is a start to forfeit the fixed deposit of the BN.

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