Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, let's see the money first .... and after that we vote in the opposition

Sibu By-election : The Chinese want to see the cheques and it must be before tomorrow’s polls!

It’s a mad scramble to beat the clock here as government agencies rush to ensure that promised funds reach the schools and churches in Sibu.

A worker, who wants to be called Lee only, said officers from the education ministry had started calling up the school boards and church administrators to verify names and account numbers.

“They are telling us the cheque is ready; we ask can we come and pick it up… they tell us to please wait … we are saying give it to us before the election,” said Lee.

‘I cannot let you use my full name… but I can tell you that if you know how the BN works… promises are not enough… let's see the money, then we talk, “ he said, alluding to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s recent pledge to give RM18million to Sibu Chinese schools and some RM2 million to churches.

Declaring himself as being “born in the year Sarawak joined Malaysia” (1963), he said the Sibu community was savvy to the various tactics used by the federal administrators in the Peninsula.

“I know they make promises and only deliver partly.

“But the prime minister has asked for our trust; he said he will keep his word… we want to see promises delivered now and we cannot wait,” he said.

Does this mean the Chinese will vote for BN’s candidate Robert Lau Hui Yew?

“Let's see the money… first,” he said.

In its quest to retain the Sibu parliamentary seat, Najib has bent backwards in indulging the Chinese community’s wants much to the disgust of others, who have accused him of being ruthless.

Chinese make up 66.7% of the Sibu’s 54,659 votes and BN wants a majority of Chinese here to vote its candidate in.

A slim majority is not what BN wants. Despite its repeated stand that it has 38% of “fixed deposit” in the form of Malay/Melanau and Dayaks votes, it is still hell-bent on wooing the Chinese.

[Source: FMT]

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