Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The first 'casualty' of the World Cup; and Namewee

In his anger over Ghana's 1-0 victory over Serbia in a Group D World Cup match, a teenager kicked a ball towards a window which caused shards of glass to pierce his father's right ear in Ladang Chin Teck, last night.

The father, Rosli Mat Noor, 43, almost lost his ear after one of the main veins was severed by the glass.

Recounting the incident when met at the Gua Musang Hospital, Rosli said he was watching the 10pm game with his son, Mohd Rizal, 17.

"Suddenly, Mohd Rizal kicked the ball near his feet out of frustration and shattered our living-room window where I was sitting close to," he said.

Rosli said he did not realise he was bleeding until he felt a sting on his right ear and saw a lot of blood on his fingers after touching the ear.

"I called out to my wife for help and we got our neighbours to send us to hospital where I received three stitches," he said, adding his son who never thought his action would cause any harm, had apologised.

Rosli's wife Rosnani Daud, 49, said although there was excessive bleeding, she was glad her husband's ear was not damaged.

[Source: Bernama]

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