Friday, August 13, 2010

It is unbelievable that Wee Ka Siong tried to sound righteous, when MCA itself is suffering from morality probelm

When I read Malaysia Chronicle's "When Jackasses bray, that's when you hear MCA's Wee K S", I told myself, here is a guy who is a nobody, trying to be somebody but ended being a nobody. This CCB [Chinese Chauvinistic Bloke] is not even aware that his party is currently kept alive by respiratory apparatus and come the 13GE, someone will just pull the plug to perform euthanasia.

As expected, MCA has joined the BN bandwagon attacking the DAP for putting on a show trial and letting Pandamaran assemblyman Ronnie Liu off the hook with just a stern reprimand and state Speaker Teng Chang Khim with just a warning.

But the arguments put forth by MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong failed to excite and could not stand the test of logic either.

“If you think that Ronnie Liu is innocent, why issue him a severe reprimand?” Malaysian Insider reported Wee as saying.

“If you sack Tee, meaning he is at fault, are you saying that Ronnie’s role and collaboration in the matter warrants a severe reprimand? These are unanswered questions.”

Some answers for Wee

Let's begin by answering Wee’s first statement with a question. Why shouldn't the DAP reprimand Ronnie even if he is innocent? What's wrong?

DAP disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai made it very clear on Thursday. The board could not find Ronnie guilty because there was no proof he was guilty. The relevant letters of support were not signed by him.

It was Klang councilor Tee Boon Hock who had accused Ronnie, saying that even if Ronnie did not sign those letters, he had full knowledge of what was going on. Yet at the board meeting, Tee could not raise the proof to back his claims and nail Ronnie.

Then why was Ronnie reprimanded then? Again, Kok Wai had stated this very clearly - because the DAP disciplinary board wanted to punish Ronnie for not being able to control his staff and his office well, resulting in his letterheads being abused and his signature forged.

The reprimand was for his poor management of his office and not for having issued support letters to help crony firms win state government contracts. Two separate issues here. Really, Wee must brush up on his counting skills.

It was Tee Boon Hock that DAP found guilty of having benefited from the support letters and it duly sacked him for it.

Savvy or not

“They have to walk the talk, they have to do as they preach. It is becoming the joke of the century, where no one seems to be interested on finding out the real culprit behind this mess,” was Wee’s next comment.

“If something like this had happened to Barisan Nasional, the culprit would have been fined at least RM2,000 or/and even jailed, in addition to losing his job.”

It is never pleasant to come under public scrutiny but the ‘letterheads Tee’ case is certainly not the stuff of drama and the amounts involved are a million or two ringgit – nothing in comparison with MCA's own RM12.5 billion PKFZ fiasco.

Still corruption is corruption and should be extinguished at all levels and for all amounts. The thing is … to describe it as “joke of the century” ... is way out of proportion. It makes the person who says it the real joker.

There is a way to oppose and a way to exaggerate, a time to be sarcastic and a time to be truthful. If Wee can’t get his pulse on when he should do what, he should try to attract less attention.

Otherwise, he will just come off sounding unimaginative, robotic, stodgy and unintelligent. Not to mention hypocritical.

He is the Youth chief of the MCA and if this is all the savvy he can muster, then OMG, no wonder MCA is in trouble!

His other comment that needs to be scrutinized is that if this happened in the Barisan Nasional, the culprit would have been fined at least RM2,000 or even jailed, in addition to losing his job.

If only DAP had the budget, it should straightaway take full-page advertisements in all the mainstream news;papers, especially the Mandarin ones, and publish this quote. The laughter that will follow will more than justify the cost.

So, Wee should really be a bit more careful with his statements - just like Teng. Don’t let it be said that when jackasses bray … that’s when you hear Wee Ka Siong’s voice!

Remember the saying, when one stays in a glass house, never throw at your neighbours.

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