Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a crying shame!

When I heard that 22 NGOs have made police report against Tony Pua for proposing that the bumi discounts for those purchasing high end properties be scrapped, I just have to shake my head. All I can say is that, empty barrels make the most noise. It is really a crying shame to see these Malay NGOs who are mainly UMNO supporters, already rich, some filthy rich, still want to enjoy discounts on the purchase of their mansions, bungalows and SemiDs. And who do you think is footing the bill for their discounts? The non-Bumis. Do you honestly think for one moment, the developers are going to absorb the discounts? Someone has to pay for it. So since it is not the Malays, then the non-Malays have to pick up the tab, and this is already a common knowledge. The non-Malays do not mind picking up the tabs for the poor Malays, but we definitely will not want to pick up the tabs for the rich UMNOputras. It is so sinful to see that their greed simply has no end, and all they have to do is quickly quote "Article 153" and their favourite slogan, "Don't play with fire". Really tak malu!

Read report here.

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