Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nostalgic Weekend - Happy 53rd Birthday, Malaysia

When Malaysia came into being in 1963, the music industry was deluged with music and songs by foreign artistes dedicated to the birth of our nation. The greatest contributors were none other than those from The Netherlands where singers like Anneke Gronloh [of the "Burong Kakak Tua" fame] and bands like Boy & His Rolling Kids; and The Jumping Jewels made their presence felt. In true Malaysian spirit certain pieces have become a pop national anthem during that period.

Midnight in Malaya. This piece by Boy & His Rolling Kids was released in early 1963.

Sunrise In Malaysia by Boy and His Rolling Kids, released just before Malaysia Day in 1963.

Oh Malaysia by Anneke Gronloh, released in 1963.

A Tribute To Malaysia by The Jumping Jewels. Although this EP is a collection of four Indonesian songs, nonetheless the group has dedicated them to Malaysia after their performance here in 1964 at the Pavilion Theatre.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia. We shall always remember the way you were.

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