Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nostalgic Weekend - The Crescendos, Singapore

In 1962, The Crescendos comprising of singer, Susan Lim; guitarists John Chee, Raymond Ho and Leslie Chia, was assigned to record with the Philips label in Singapore. Susan Lim, dubbed as the Connie Francis of Singapore released the group's debut hit single, "Frankie", a cover version made popular by that great American singer, Connie Francis.

Many hits followed such as Mr Twister, Beganwan Solo [English version], Lenggang Kangkong, The Boy Next Door, Besame Mucho, A Lover's Concerto, My Bonnie, Long Tall Sally. Waktu Fajar, Just a closer walk with thee and many more. Much to the delight of Malaysian fans, they even made appearances at KL's Stadium Negara to perform.

However, in 1970 tragedy struck the group when Susan Lim died in a drowning accident off the coast of Trengganu. Her body was never found. With her death, the group limbered on but without further success as the soul of the group was Susan herself.

Now as we remember the group as it was ....


Besame Mucho

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