Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nostalgic Weekend - Naomi and The Boys


Naomi Suriya endears her fans as the girl who always has to “say goodbye to her baby.” Her brother, Robert, composed several memorable hits for her with this undertone of tears all through.


The first lineup of The Boys consisted of Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Richards (organ), Moses Tay (rhythm), Henry Richards (bass), Jose Ahmad (drums). Naomi & The Boys released their first record with Philips in early 1965. An original composition, “It’s all over” quickly became No. 1 on the Singapore and Malaysia charts. The Boys then went through some changes. A new lineup emerged with Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Thomas (rhythm), Moses Tay (bass) and Alphonso Soosay (drums) which lasted until the end. With Naomi, their next record also produced another No. 1 hit with a cover version of “Happy happy birthday, baby!” Another original composition on the EP, “I know“, was also a smash hit. Robert’s song-writing machine continued to produce many more hits for Naomi & The Boys. They distinguished themselves as a local band with the confidence in themselves to sing and play their own original compositions. Naomi & The Boys were also credited with the first local Christmas EP.

It's all over

Happy Happy Birthday Baby [Live performance]!v=mpa7jfxUnsE&feature=related

As life goes one!v=-UFCsiEvH6Y&feature=related

Interview with Peter Thomas [Rhythm guitarist of The Boys]

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