Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "SUDDEN" Syndrome

I believe someone mentioned this some time ago, but I thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves just in case a by-election is being held in your constituency.

1. Roads which have been left unattended for a long time are promptly tarred and potholes are also promptly filled.
2. No electricity for a long time despite calls made to your local ADUN and Tenaga? Not to worry. Just say, "Let there be light" and before you can utter, "Belacan", electrical cables are suddenly being laid and within, not days, but hours, electrical energy is already surging through these cables into your homes.
3. Party workers which you hardly see on normal days, suddenly appear at your doorsteps giving you the impression that you are the most sought-after person. Heck, where were they when we out there looking for them?
4. If a by-election involved a small town, I doubt our national leaders would even know where it is on the national map. But have no fear, the availability of GPS has made such issue non-existent, and before you know, these leaders who you only get to see on the small screen, will be able to find their way there, and before you know it, there they are in the flesh, smiling and shaking your hand. From a nobody, you are now suddenly a somebody!
5. Schools, especially the Chinese, suddenly received assurances that their long awaited grant would be approved, soon. To prove the sincerity on the part of the government, a press conference would be held with the presentation of a styrofoam mocked-up cheque. When the hard cash would be coming, it's anybody's guess.
6. Mandarin, a language that is being shunned by UMNO, suddenly becomes the second most popular language at all ceramahs, albeit the usage is confined to limited vocabulary. Well, what do you know. English has lost its status here. In any case, you sure don't hear those Malay rightists shouting 'blue murder' about the UMNO candidate using Mandarin instead of BM. Malays speaking Mandarin, what a sacrilege?
7. If speaking the Mandarin language is one sudden miracle, what about their sudden prowess in Chinese caligraphy? This is one art which I, as a Chinese, failed miserably.
8. Remember the late Sudirman Arshad who was 'crucified' by UMNO leaders for wearing a mandarin attire during one of his performances? Well, what do you know? Suddenly it okay to wear Chinese attire, even with Chinese characters written on it.

The list is not exhaustive, but it just leaves one to wonder. Before any election, where were these people anyway? The "No Do" suddently becomes "Can Do"? We certainly have to be smart come GE13.

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