Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another foul up by MCA

Ever since Chua Soi Lek and Najib have come out with subtle threats that the Chinese populace should vote for MCA or lose Chinese representation in the government, I have been posting comments in several blogs to state the following:
1. With or without MCA, does it really make any difference when UMNO is the one actually calling the shots?
2. Both Chua and Najib spoke about "representations" and I believe that is what MCA is, just representations with no decision-making strength. MCA, just like the other non-UMNO component parties in the BN, will just sit there at all BN meetings to just nod their heads and agree to whatever UMNO intends to bulldoze through with its policies.
3. I have repeatedly mentioned it in so many blogs and news portal, that should MCA want our vote, they must produce their GAME PLAN of the party for the next five years, and who and how are they going to monitor and implement the plans. No more rhetorics in their usual DAP and PAS bashing tactics. They don't work anymore. Even UMNO has already started to woo PAS, and there is even a proposal to approach DAP to join the BN. So, where does this put MCA? All I can say is, they have been have had, over and over again, and yet they are unable to extricate themselves from the BN quagmire. Perhaps, one strategy in the MCA GAME PLAN is to request for the return of the Finance portfolio which was initially held by the late Tun Tan Siew Sin. Will MCA have the guts to do it or continue to accept those nondescript portfolios in the government. Furthermore, I highlighted that there are 14 MCA leaders represented in the government. Will MCA be so kind enough to issue a report card on each of these "representatives", informing us of their performances to date. This is only a fair request since they want us to vote for them.

One person I know that is currently underperforming is none other than the Deputy Education Minister, Wee Ka Siong in relations to the current PSD scholarship fiasco. So, what do you know, he starts to blame the PSD staff for not following the ministry's directives. Next, he has the gall to tell DAP to buzz off when the latter joined in to protest the mishandling of the scholarship offers. Strangely, he did not do the same to MIC when the party (MIC) also joined int he chorus of protests. This is a big screw up as it involves the emotional well being of our bright students, and the rightful thing for Wee Ka Siong to do is to take responsibility and resign. He did not, and in most likelihood, will not.



  1. Hi Geronimo,

    I started to follow your blog just a couple of weeks ago. I must it is excellent. Am commenting for the first time.

    Porn actor's problem: no representation of Chinese in government.

    No problem lah!

    Simple Solution: All Chinese are to vote for Pakatan Rakyat's candidates of all races in all future general elections to ensure Pakatan form the next federal government. Then, there will be plenty of Chinese representation.


  2. Thanks, Anonymous (23/5 9:55am). Glad you enjoyed my blog postings. Please feel free to post your comments whenever, good or critical, so long as it helps to better this nation of ours.