Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When a wife and a mistress meet .....

Okay, you married men. This is what happened when you decide to keep a SYT (sweet young thing) as your mistress.

Insiders said the motorists involved were the wife and a mistress of a man living in Suqian, Jiangsu province.

The incident happened in March when the wife - surnamed Zhang who is in her 40s - bumped into her husband's mistress - surnamed Chen, who is in her 20s - on the road.

From the clip, it is clearly seen that a blue car and a silver car meet head-on in the middle of a road.

None of the drivers were willing to give way.

Witnesses said the wife then alighted and walked over to Chen and tried to talk to her.

The wife kept scolding the younger woman and that she had destroyed her family but the latter just ignored her and turned up the volume of her radio, they said.

As Zhang headed back to her car, Chen, who was in the blue car, drove her vehicle into Zhang's twice.

She got out and tried to talk to her again but the mistress slammed into the car again, resulting in the wife falling onto the road.

When the wife stood up, the mistress drove straight towards her. However, Zhang moved to avoid the collision.

Then, the two cars disappeared from the CCTV view.

It is learnt that Chen was later arrested for intentional causing injuries to Zhang.

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