Saturday, August 13, 2011

MCA, the opportunist

MCA is desperate as they know they will face oblivion come GE13. In order to shore up what little is left in them, they are constantly on the lookout, cherry picking the DAP on issues which they deem is detrimental to the Chinese community. Of recent times, the cherry picker was Tan Cheng Lian, former Chairman of the Penang Port Commission. Now comes Theng Book of Selangor MCA who has been lambasting the DAP on the JAIS raid. I wonder whether this bloke has done enough of his homework before opening his mouth, much to the chagrin of the Chinese community.

MCA is responsible for the present fiasco, period, and yet they prefer to blame others for the problems created by them.

There are four existing state Islamic legislation that give the authorities wide powers to act on religious matters, namely:

• Enakmen Jenayah Syariah (Selangor) 1995 (“Enakmen Jenayah”);
• Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Pengembangan di Kalangan Orang Islam) 1988 (“Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam”);
• Administration of the Religion of Islam (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003; and
• Syariah Criminal Procedure (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003.

Look at the dates. The Bills were all passed pre-2008, i.e. before the take over of the state by Pakatan. MCA was then part of the state government during the aforesaid period and they fully supported UMNO in passing the Bills. Now they have the audacity to put the blame on DAP? In fact the person who was most vocal on the passing of these bills was none other than the present speaker of the state assembly and DAP leader, Teng Chang Khim.

MCA = Make Christians Angry!

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