Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where were you, Najib?

For once, it was such a relief that Najib did not turn up for the recent Christmas high tea gathering at the Subang Jaya Full Gospel Tabernacle.  At least, we didn't have to remove crosses, crucifixes or forbidding the choir from singing Christmas hymns.  It was such a different feel compared with the event last year, where everything was a put on to abide by the wishes of the prime minister.  This year, we have the presence of Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, and one can immediately feel the sincerity of the person when he went around shaking hands with well wishers.  I guess the Christians were glad that they were not once again  humiliated this year had he [Najib] turned up for the event.  Instead, to show the kind of respect of the church, he sent a third rate minister, Koh Tsu Koon, to represent him.  Would it had made any difference had he stayed at home?

[Pix courtesy of Malaysiakini]

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

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