Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1Care, Liow and the indefensible

So our Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai says the rakyat is not taxed the mandatory 10% each month, but 3%, as the 10% will be shared by employers, employees and the government.  Read here.  He was upset claiming that the critics were manipulating the issue and thus confusing us simpletons.  The interesting thing is, this 1Care scheme had already been in the air for weeks, and only now did he make an effort to explain the tripartite involvement.  I presume this must be some kind of damage control on his part again, like the Tung Shin Hospital case, and similar to that incident, this is another indefensible case.

Assuming that a person is earning RM2,000.  His 3% deduction will amount to RM60 per month.  Multiple this figure by 12 months and this will give you RM720.  The entitlement is only 6 clinical visits a year which means the per visit cost is RM120.  This is still excessive, even for someone who is being treated for common cold, plus shots.

Good try, Liow.

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