Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hasan Ali, you have been exposed!

A popular PAS-affiliated blogger has stripped former Selangor PAS chief, Hasan Ali, of his bluster to expose the real reason behind his recent attack on DAP.

Hasan, who was sacked from the party last month for undermining PAS’ leadership, recently warned that DAP would merge Malaysia with Singapore if the opposition takes over Putrajaya.
He also speculated that DAP would abolish Article 153 of the Federal Constitution on the Special Privileges for Malays.

But Abdul Rahman Talib, better known as Tulang Besi, pointed out that Hasan’s animosity with DAP was fresh and had begun when the latter was passed over for the position of Selangor Menteri Besar.
“Several months before the 2004 general election, Hasan had organised a secret meeting with DAP to discuss a collaboration between both sides,” he wrote on his blog, Malaysia Waves.

“At the time DAP had left Pakatan Rakyat and had no political affiliations with PAS. The meeting was attended by Hasan and a senior DAP leader.”

At the time Hasan was holding the post of PAS vice-president. According to Rahman, the agenda included an agreement for DAP and PAS not to compete with each other and to refrain from attacking the other in the media.

He added that the meeting was so secretive that it was held late at night and that Hasan had switched cars in Masjib Bulat in Section 14 before the meeting.

Rahman’s claim runs contrary to Hasan’s insistence that he had never conspired with DAP or PKR. But Rahman has a solid reason to stand by his statement.

“I’m privy to the details of this meeting because I was among its organisers,” Rahman said. “And today this same person (Hasan) is condemning and hurling baseless accusations at DAP.”
“It is obvious that he is no more than a liar whose only aim is to wrest position and ranking. Hopefully his hipocrisy will be revealed one by one.”

Hasan wanting to divide Pakatan
Rahman also pointed out that Article 152 of Singapore’s Constitution clearly states the Special Privileges of the Malays in Singapore.

He emphasised that although the People’s Action Party (PAP) had ruled over Singapore for more than 50 years, the party had never abolished these rights.

“So where is Hasan’s rationale that DAP would abolish Article 153?” he asked.

Rahman then proceeded to give Hasan another roasting for threatening to expose the “parasites” within PAS during his upcoming nationwide roadshow.

Hasan had claimed that a “group of parasites” had infiltrated the party, held various important positions and listened to the opinions of PKR and DAP.

Rahman, however, called to mind Hasan’s winding up speech when he stepped down from his vice-president’s post during which he openly attacked the party’s clerics.

Rahman quoted Hasan as hitting out at the clerics for keeping the powers of the Syura Council vague which would enable them to easily change party policies as they wished since they acted as the party’s top leadership.

“And now he is labelling certain individuals as parasites and accusing them of disrespecting the clerics for wanting to change the party’s policies,” he said.

“The fact of the matter is that Hasan has been sacked for not respecting the decision made at the PAS annual general assembly and is now striving to divide Pakatan Rakyat.”

[Sources: FMT]

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