Friday, August 10, 2012

Our National Day is an Islamic event?

The theme of the National Day celebrations this year, 'Janji Ditepati' (Pledges Fulfilled) is not a political rhetoric but based on the religious demand.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the theme was proof that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government was guided by the Quran and Sunnah in discharging its responsibilities to the people as a whole.

"The theme is based on religious principles. We (BN) struggle to fulfil our promises to the people.

"We will fulfil our pledges to give confidence to the people. We want to prove that our country is a model of an Islamic nation," he said at a breaking of fast with the people in Kampung Padang Nenas, here on Thursday.

Also present were Menteri Besar Ahmad Said and about 10,000 people.

Najib said that in Islam if any pledge was not fulfilled, it could be construed as being hypocritical.

"So as a government, we will fulfil the pledges. We are prepared to be rejected by the people if our pledges are not fulfilled," he said.

As such, he said, there was no need for anyone to be afraid about the theme of the National Day.

"Among the people, we too must meet the promises made. Even in business, we want to deal with people who fulfil their pledges and in terms of the government, we also want a government that fulfils its pledges," he said.

He said the people should be grateful for the blessing that they were living in a prosperous nation like Malaysia.

"During the fasting month, we can carry out our religious obligations properly unlike in some other countries.

"The BN has succeeded in looking after the welfare of the people through various programmes and hope that the people will continue to give their support to the BN," he said.

Najib later gave away Ramadan contributions to orphans, the handicapped, senior citizens and single mothers.

Later, he performed the Maghrib prayer at Masjid Kampung Padang Nenas and the terawih prayer at Masjid Wakaf Tembesu before returning to the federal capital.

[Source: MM]

Back in the 60s when I was in the secondary school and a member of the school's Boy Scout movement, I had the opportunity to participate in march pasts at the Merdeka Stadium.  The feeling that I experienced was most indescribable especially when orders were given for us to march out from the tunnels into the open arena of the stadium.  The sound, the sight was something to behold.  All this time, I took it as an event celebrated by all Malaysians from all walks of life.  But now, I am told it is an Islamic event.  I am in cognitive dissonance to say the least.  So since this is the case, I will not be participating even as a spectator as I am a Christian and with the recent rap by Ridhuan Tee about Christians, I would feel most unwanted and out of place.  The second issue is about looking after the welfare of the people (see paragraph marked in red).  What a liar and the following video will prove it!

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