Friday, September 28, 2012

Where are the BN MPs?

Again, another unbelievable sight.  On an important occasion such as the Budget Speech Day, how could so many of the BN MPs be absent?  I guess they must have told themselves not to waste their time sitting there and listening to the prime minister and his yadah yadah, or maybe they realise that this must be Najib's last budget show so why bother to turn up.

Don't look too good on Najib.  Poor chap.

[Pictures from Mkini]

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  1. What in the name of GOD, can a man in all names invoke the name of ALLAH, to justify the misdeeds and wrong-doings for the past 50 odd years of oppressive, dictatorial and tyrannical EVIL UMNO-BN regime, to CHEAT, beguile and live-off to feed on the poor working masses, literally sucking the miserable slaves blood for the next 10 generations, so that the Ruling-ELITES is able to monopolize the food-chain!

    GODDAMN! What a life! Barrack Obama, a black man of African descendents can be the President of America! Can a non-Malay be the PM one fine day in the near-distant future? Or maybe even a deputy PM for starters?

    One life man! Will we still desire for our children and the next generations to be taken for aride for the next coming 50 years?

    We ARE the cause of it all! Blame yourselves and your fore-fathers for being subservient and Bloody-Suckers for UMNO-BN's promises and LIES after LIES!

    Quote and Unquote Nazri Aziz: Typical abused, battered and still refuse to DEMAND for divorce wives!?

    YOU deserve the Govt YOU voted for! Serves YOU RIGHT!

    "Tolerance has it's limits - Played-Out Citizens!"