Sunday, October 21, 2012

MCA, please SHUT UP on Hudud!

Following is a posting by blogger Warisan Tanah Melayu Kita.

Like in the rest of the Muslim world, Muslims in Malaysia are UNITED in condemning the producer of ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ film. And yesterday, they were UNITED in condemning statement made by the Perak DAP Chairman, Ngeh Koo Ham, who had ridiculed the Muslims for ‘wasting’ their time protesting against the film.

So much so, many may have overlooked a statement made by the MCA President, Chua Soi Lek, as published in THE STAR yesterday, warning the Chinese that Hudud will become a REALITY if Pakatan is voted to power in the coming PRU 13. According to Chua, upon being voted to power, PAS MPs would table a motion to implement Hudud, which would be supported by all Malay/Muslim MPs, including from UMNO. He cited the support by UMNO state assemblymen in Kelantan and Trengganu for the Hudud laws.

All this while, we thought it was DAP and their National Chairman Karpal Singh, who have been STAUNCHLY ANTI-HUDUD. Apparently, MCA and their President, Chua Soi Lek, are equally STAUNCHLY ANTI-HUDUD. Worse still, MCA is using Hudud as their main weapon to deter the Chinese from voting DAP/Pakatan, by using the logic that any vote for Pakatan would be a vote for PAS/Hudud. Even DAP are not using such line of argument.

It baffled me, WHY MCA is so opposed to Hudud. After all, any application of Hudud laws would involve the Muslims only. Even today, there are so many laws and regulations which are applied on Muslims only, and NOT on the non-Muslims. For example, if a Muslim couple are caught in ISOLATED PLACES, like in hotel rooms, and they are not husband and wife, they are charged under KHALWAT LAWS. Muslims are not allowed to enter casinos. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcoholic drink. Muslims are not allowed to frequent massage parlours, pubs, night-clubs and such places. All those regulations are NOT applied to the non-Muslims.

MCA is fully aware that the Muslims in Malaysia, including UMNO leaders, members and supporters ARE NOT OPPOSED TO Hudud. Hudud may have not featured in UMNO political agenda immediately after the country’s independence, or even decades after independence. But that does not mean that UMNO and their members are opposed to Hudud. To them, Hudud is part of Islamic syariah laws which need to be respected, adhered to and even implemented ON THE MUSLIMS when the situation in the country allows. In short, UMNO and their members are not opposed to ISLAMIC HUDUD LAWS, although they are not agreeable to PAS-VERSION HUDUD.
Its very possible that the non-Muslims in the country, including MCA leaders and the Chinese at large, are skeptical of Hudud laws much by the way PAS had politicised the issue over the decades, besides their MISGUIDED INTERPRETATION of Hudud laws, which could have given negative perception about the Islamic criminal laws.

Nevertheless, MCA should still be more careful in addressing the Hudud issue, so as not to hurt the feelings of the Muslims, in the same way the Muslims were offended by the ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ film. As a political party, MCA’s political relevancy and survival depends on how much the party and their candidates garner support from both the Chinese and Malay/Muslim voters.
Surely, MCA would not be wise to risk losing Malay/Muslim support in their efforts to win over the Chinese support from DAP….by keeping on making OFFENDING STATEMENTS on Hudud. There are so many other issues for MCA to live with….please leave Hudud alone….please SHUT UP on Hudud!!


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