Saturday, October 13, 2012

Najib and the figure '1'

Ever wondered why Najib kept on postponing the GE13 date?  Maybe, it has something to do with a number and this number is undoubtedly giving him endless sleepless nights.  No it is not the number '13' and neither is it '666' but a number so insignifcant to him [and the rest in UMNO] has of late, become a number he cannot afford to ignore.  Hence, he is too darn scared to call for the GE now despite all the so called confidence he has been showing to the rakyat of late.  In early May this year, during an UMNO rally, he even proudly said he felt like calling on the King then to dissolve Parliament.  Well, it is almost 6 months now, and we are still waiting for him to call on the King.

The number, my friends, is '1'.  Yes, '1' and to sum it up, here's an extract from an article in the Star Online in which I have taken the liberty to reproduce it here.

"A party or an alliance of parties standing as one group (e.g. the Labour party in Britain or the Barisan Nasional in Malaysia) may win an outright majority. This means that the party or group of parties has won more than 50% of all seats in parliament, which is at least 326/650 in Britain or 112/222 in Malaysia."

So, all it takes is for UMNO to lose by 1 seat, just a one seat difference and that would be enough for Pakatan to form the next government with a simple majority and UMNO will, as they would aptly put it, be in the 'shithouse'.  All the cards will come crumbling down and all the wrongs that UMNO has done will now be subject to scrutiny, review and investigations.  That sure doesn't look very promising for Najib and gang.

Anyway, after the new government has been formed, first order of the day will be for Pakatan to set up special committees to look into all corruption cases involving all the top leaders of the BN, and we do not need to  figure out the who's who will making frequent visits to the court houses all over the country.  Next, will be the judiciary, Election Commission and MACC which will undergo a total overhaul.  At this point, it will be nice to see Ambiga heading the EC for a change.

UMNO may try to cause social unrest via its agents like PERKASA, PERKIDA, etc but if Pakatan has what it takes to run country fairly and honestly for the next five years, UMNO is finished for good, cosigned to dustbin of history.

So, it is written and so it shall be.  Let it be '1'.

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