Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Sharizat is really getting on everyone's nerves

Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has challenged PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to have his wife meet his former good friend and Malaysian United Indian Party president, S Nallakaruppan.

NONEShahrizat (right) was reported in Utusan Malaysia as saying that if Anwar feels the meeting with the French Suaram lawyers and MPs on the Scorpene issue is important, than he should also arrange a meeting between his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail with Nallakaruppan.

"If Anwar can go to the extent of inviting foreigners to discuss our internal affairs, Wanita Umno also urges that Nallakaruppan and Wan Azizah be given an opportunity to meet each other and also the French lawyers.

"Besides discussing the country's affairs, the lawyers should also know of Anwar's other 'part-time activities'," she was quoted as saying.

Shahrizat said until today Anwar has failed to respond to the allegations on his other "part-time affairs".

"If he wants to invite foreign lawyers it is also worthwhile for the two lawyers to know Anwar in detail."

The Umno Wanita chief also said she feels that the request as the counsel need to know the issues the people have raised over Anwar.

The character of a RM250 Million lembu mind.

The former Minister of Women, Family and Community Development claims not to know anything about her own family, i.e. husband and children, activities in NFC, but yet she seems to know quite a bit about Wan Azizah's husband and his "part time" activities?  This is really incredible.

Is it not shocking and a shame ?

Now she wants to partner with a former director of a huge gambling den and then point fingers at Wan Azizah's husband.

Now, now we are reasonably good Malaysians - only interested on Malaysia's success and the development of it's people.

That is all that we are interested in and nothing else -
because we love MALAYSIA a land for us, our children and our children's children.

However, for sure we do not condone activities where our blood and sweat flows into another country so that she could purchase and live in condos there.

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  1. same breed as mamak mahatir though ancestors may be different. what do you expect from such mamaks? after the family had stole people's money, still has the thick face to sue,
    wonder what she does in bed with her husband. just having sex and dont even know what the family does? holy cow, she didnt even know her children were paid more than 30k a month for counting cows, mamak-style.